Cleansing Our Own Field

Yi Hao

PureInsight | August 9, 2010

[] Teacher said: “I'm Li Hongzhi's disciple, I don't want other arrangements or acknowledge them—then they won't dare to do that. So it can all be resolved.” (“Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”)

For a long time, I couldn't understand the inner meaning of this Fa. As I studied the Fa more deeply and sent forth righteous thoughts more, one day I suddenly understood its deeper meaning.

When we were in the upper realms, we saw the manifestation of the final destruction of the universe. In order to save sentient beings, we made arrangements to come down to the earth step by step. We made arrangements with predestined beings, including where we should be born, where our cultivation would begin, and so on. All the detailed arrangements were made very carefully, as in the upper realms we had very great wisdom and the abilities of gods. In the meantime, the old forces and gods throughout the universe had made even more detailed and comprehensive arrangements from beginning to end. They considered that they had made all the arrangements for the Fa-rectification. Of course, Teacher had also made use of the arrangements made by the old forces for the salvation of all beings in the most comprehensive, accurate and most beneficial manner to sentient beings.

Now I understand that our own arrangements, not only cannot complete our wish of saving sentient beings, they cannot even save ourselves. Without Teacher’s arduous salvation, we will perish along with the old universe. But the old arrangements of the old universe seem to be more detailed and comprehensive. In fact, even exhausting the entire old universe and the wisdom of the old gods, such arrangements still have loopholes and are not perfectly harmonious. It is because the old Fa lacks greater wisdom. Therefore, no matter how they had arranged it, the universe cannot reach the new standard of truthfulness, and all beings are destined to remain in selfishness. They are the lives of the old universe and are also the beings that are to be saved. So how would they be able to arrange the salvation of the vast universe if they themselves need to be saved? So they have become the largest interference to the Fa-rectification.

As I came to understand all this, I sent forth righteous thoughts to clean up my field and sent one thought: “Both my own arrangements made in the past and the arrangements made by all beings of the old universe are what Teacher refers to as the ‘other arrangements’ and I do not want them or recognize them. I only recognize the arrangements made for me by Teacher and accept only the salvation from Teacher.” As I sent out this thought, a lot of deviated material fell away from my body and many layers of my body were enhanced and purified. I was no longer subject to all the factors of the old universe. I felt I was standing outside of the old universe. My own field was filled with peace and benevolence, and I possessed all the wisdom and ability to curb the old universe. I recognized that my capabilities and wisdom were from the Fa-rectification and were all encompassing and left nothing out. I felt my own field was as big as the universe. I felt my own thoughts, knowledge, wisdom, and capability had achieved the standard. Everywhere my righteous thoughts had reached was assimilated instantly.

Teacher said: “Another thing is that from now on at group practice or when there's another big conference like this one of ours, our students can quiet their minds for five minutes, sitting with their hands in Jieyin and thinking about eliminating the bad thoughts, karma, bad notions, and external interference in their minds. As you're like this, think that they die, and then they will be eliminated. Five minutes will do” (Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference).

This is what Dafa practitioners must do when we send forth righteous thoughts. Now I realize the other meaning of this Fa. Although many of us have reached the standard of the Fa, the whole thing is not over, and Dafa disciples' main bodies are still in the ordinary people’s society. We are still saving sentient beings and we are bound to be eroded by bad things. In addition, in our thinking, many bad ideas could still reappear, so we always need to cleanse ourselves with our righteous thoughts. Now when I send forth righteous thoughts to clear my own field, I have the feeling of “Heaven is clear, the body transparent, the cosmos right” (“After Havoc,” Hong Yin).

When I cleanse my own field, I begin to clean the bad beings and elements of the Three Realms and the entire universe. Teacher said: “All matter, including the human body, exists simultaneously in connection with dimensional levels of the cosmic space” (Zhuan Falun). I thus send out Falun in all dimensions simultaneously, encompassing everything and leaving out nothing. The Faluns rotate rapidly so that all the evil beings and elements are being rectified by the Fa-rectification and all the good beings are saved.

My own understanding is that each time when we send forth righteous thoughts we need to cleanse our own field. Only when we cleanse our own field can we then eliminate evil and save sentient beings over a wider range.

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