Some Thoughts In Cultivation

A Particle of the Fa

PureInsight | July 2, 2001

 The more human attachment removed, the lighter the body, the greater the energy

 Not mindful of my Xinxing, and not paying attention to my words and deeds, am I not damaging the Dafa?

 How could a cultivator be interested in everyday people’s ideas and concepts? How could I comment on which concept is “more in keeping with the Dafa”?
Where am I headed in cultivation?

 I suppose “Bixie Bixiu” [compare and reference how others study Fa and cultivate] does not mean copying the acts of others, and does not mean cultivating according to what others have enlightened to. I have been paying too much attention to external, superficial level expression. I am protective of my standpoints and try very hard to save my face. The reason for slowness in upgrading my Xinxing is exactly my emphasis on things that are “external”!

 When not involved in worldly matters, one would not talk about worldly matters.

A well-cultivated heart will naturally lead to well-cultivated speech.
Why can’t I cultivate speech?

Often it is due to my inability to let go of human sentiments that caused me to say a few words in return.

The more said, the more misunderstanding, the more explanation; I end up speaking the whole day long.

 Only when maintaining a pure state of heart could my words and writings have “content”, otherwise there could only be “attachments”.

 If you have the ability to make use of “language and literature” in perfecting expressions, do it.

If you have the ability to express the human mind more precisely, why not use it?

Do not be afraid of using your literary skills; do not be afraid of expressing the mind. For the same reason why we should dress properly, Dafa disciples should always display our best.

 When the heart has stepped completely out of humanness, the external expression is in fact stepping into the human world.
My present state of being is that my heart remains human, though superficially I have stepped out of human society. Isn’t that just the opposite!?

 Letting go of the attachment to fame does not equal becoming anonymous. If names were given, wouldn’t that be more useful for the purpose of validating the Fa?

 I cannot treat fellow practitioners as colleagues or friends. What is connecting us is Fa, but not human sentiments.

 For the purpose of validating the Fa, I am doing certain things.

But doing certain things does not automatically mean that one is validating the Fa.

By the same token, not doing certain things does not automatically mean one is not validating the Fa.

What about the notion of “must not” do certain things?

Isn’t the path of cultivation arranged by Master?

 Thunder and rain poured last night as I was waiting for the bus in a bus station.

I lifted my head and saw numerous rain drops dancing in the wind, under the street light each little rain drop was shining with gold.

Descending from the sky, coming towards me, falling on the ground.

I was caught by such a wondrous scene and could not stop myself from uttering, “It is so beautiful!” My reaction surprised those around me.

Raindrops are water, flowing ultimately towards ocean.

When the sun comes out, it will return to the sky.

I suddenly was enlightened to another layer of meaning of the Fa Particles.

Feeling grateful in my heart for Master’s hint.

 No matter how much I do, it is in fact far from enough.

It already was a heavenly fortune to have had the opportunity to obtain the Fa.

The precious opportunity to do some work for Dafa is even harder to come by.

To be given the chance to participate in Fa-Rectification is moreover out of such enormous compassion of our Master.
Don’t think in my heart that this is all for myself, self is not the reason for cultivating Dafa, working for Dafa, nor is it the reason for participating in Fa-Rectification.

If such a heart exists, wouldn’t that be exploiting Dafa?

 It is hard to die for Dafa. It is also hard to live for Dafa.

Disregard life and death; true life is being formed within Fa-Rectification.

Every layer of me was of the standard of the old universe.

If Fa were not rectified, I’d rather disintegrate completely than to become a being in a new universe that is not up to standard.

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