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PureInsight | July 9, 2001

I think that expressing our views on current scientific issues and other phenomena that occur in society are very good and will help to clarify the truth of science to people so that mankind can begin development on the right path.

Yet I can also see a few problems.

We all know that our understanding of the universe and everything contained in it is provided to us by Teacher Li Hongzhi. That is Teacher has provided us with the Fa and we have enlightened to certain principles of the Fa. We would not have come to our current understanding of the universe without the teachings of Falun Dafa and we owe everything to Teacher Li Hongzhi.

So when we write articles to express our views on current issues in society and when we provide our views on phenomena we must realize that this is our own understanding of the Fa at a certain level and that it may or may not be the absolute truth, that is why we say “I understand it to be….” Or “This is my understanding” etc. to make sure that people realize that this is our own views. We must make sure that we don’t “steal” Teachers words and teachings and that we are able to quote Teacher to allow people to understand where our views come from. We must make sure that people know that it is through the teachings of Falun Dafa that we have been able to realize this point or come to this understanding on a particular issue. If we can quote Teacher then I think that we definitely should and that we should use quotes as much as possible and use them effectively where we can.

We must make sure that we don’t mistakenly use Teachers words as your own as this is unacceptable. We can only do this through studying the Fa well so that we know where we can find certain quotes and how we can incorporate these quotes into our articles. We must make sure that our idea is OUR idea and not something that Teacher has said. You may one day think “I’ve had a brilliant idea I must express it on Pure Insight”, this of course is great, yet we must be definite that we haven’t just recalled something from a Lecture or an Article and that you have forgotten where you have obtained this knowledge, and thus you take it as your own and effectively use Teachers wisdom as your own.

In fact I didn’t even need to write this article as I could have just quoted Teacher from Lecture Three in Zhuan Falun under, “How Should Falun Dafa Practitioners Spread The Practice” ,Teacher says: “This teaching of mine is taught by incorporating something very profound at high levels. Therefore, you are unable to teach this Fa. You are not allowed to say it, using my original words as yours, or else it is an act of plagiarizing the Fa. You can only use my original words to say it, adding that this is how Teacher says it or how it is written in the book. You can only say it this way. Why? Because when you say it this way, it will carry the power of Dafa. You cannot spread the things that you know as Falun Dafa. Otherwise, what you pass on is not Falun Dafa, and what you do is the same as undermining our Falun Dafa.”

I think that we must remember to make a clear distinction between our ideas and views and Teachers words. Yet we must also share our ideas and express our opinion’s as it can be very beneficial to a wide range of people. So we must be able to write clear articles to prevent this problem from occurring.

I wrote this article after reading “The Mysteries Of Levitation.” Xin Faming writes:
“The phenomenon of ‘levitation in broad daylight’ (bairi feisheng) was recorded in many ancient Chinese books on cultivation. A person in India has the ability to float in air. Cultivators who cultivate themselves in the mountains have been seen floating in the air as well. I personally have experienced levitation first-hand twice. How could a person float in the air? The reality is that a cultivator will be able to levitate once his “great heavenly circulation” is fully open. It is as simple as that. Why does the full opening of the “great heavenly circulation” enable a person to levitate? It has to do with how the human body is structured, the energy channels, and the different human bodies in different spatial dimensions.”
I think that this (bold writing) could have been written differently: quotes could have been used. It is as though he is teaching the reader by asking the question and then answering it. It is only “simple” once Master has taught you the Fa. This occurs again in the article. I thought that I should point this out.

Of course these are only my views and we should only take Masters words as the absolute truth.

Thanks for reading.

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