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PureInsight | July 9, 2001

Some thoughts whilst making a cup of tea

You add the water, teabag, milk and sugar and you have a cup of tea.
You ask someone:
“What does this cup contain?”
Someone says:
“Water, milk and a teabag. I know this as the density of the liquid is lower than that of milk so it must contain water. Yet the colour of the liquid is light so it must contain milk. I know that it contains a teabag as I can see it floating in the cup.”
Yet he has not tasted the tea and thus has not noticed the sugar. The sweetness.

You ask someone:
“What does this universe contain?”
Someone says:
“Galaxies, which contain planets which contain planets which contain life and many elements which allow the universe to be stable.”
Yet he has not read Zhuan Falun and has thus not noticed “the Buddha Fa”. The sweetness.

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