An Idea: The Sun is a Falun

A Practitioner From China

PureInsight | July 16, 2001

Recently, I read a short article that said more than ten Dafa practitioners living outside China all saw that the sun was actually a Falun. Upon hearing this, I enlightened to another layer of the Fa’s principles; namely, Dafa disciples are all Falun upon reaching consummation.

A month ago, while my son was playing outside, some other kids called him a “small Falun.” He told me about this when he came back home and I was very happy to hear it. I told him, “Being a Falun is a very good thing!” I inwardly thought it would be so nice if I was a Falun. But then I felt that I didn’t deserve to be one since I still wasn’t pure enough.

Master Li said: “This Falun emblem is the miniature of the universe. It also has its own form of existence and process of evolution in all other dimensions, so I call it a world” (Zhuan Falun). Those practitioners who reach consummation will each cultivate and form a Falun of their own—that’s the fruit of their labor. Isn’t the Falun a miniature of the Fa at your level? And isn’t that a physical manifestation of your level and attainment status?

Dafa has created all the heavenly bodies in the entire universe and Falun can automatically repair and give all the particles in the universe the ability to rotate—its wonders are endless.

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