A Cultivation Story: Rainbow in the Sea

Wang Haotian

PureInsight | August 18, 2011


One time I was working at a beach and as I stood behind a fence I saw a rainbow on the surface of the sea. I instinctively assumed it was an image of a rainbow in the sky and looked up. The sky however, was clear and sunny. With no rain, how could there be a rainbow?

Upon further reflection, I realized that it was my human notion that a rainbow can only appear in the sky and it only appears following rainfall. Therefore, without thinking I concluded that the rainbow on the sea surface was a reflection of a rainbow in the sky. These notions had manipulated me so deeply that I did not even notice them, and the whole thinking process appeared to be natural. Then, during the course of my cultivation, did I also have many other notions that blocked me from coming to know the truth?

This experience made me rethink many things. In the past, I always proudly told others that I was Falun Dafa practitioner and I had obtained Falun. Now that attitude seems to me a joy of possessing something. In reality, without the help and caring of high level divine beings, an ordinary person could achieve virtually nothing. On the surface, I seemed to have obtained something or acquired certain abilities during cultivation, while in fact they came from the mercy and capabilities of divine beings.

On the path of cultivation, we have been constantly enlightening to more Fa-principles. Now, I realize that Master bestowed them upon us, selflessly and compassionately, to save us. In the past, when thinking of terms like peacefulness, compassion, or wonderfulness, I simply treated them as descriptive words. Now, I have come to understand that behind these terms are divine beings' existence and status at their levels, with a corresponding purity and appearance. As practitioners continue to cultivate, the divine beings bestow some of their own qualities upon them to offer salvation. In other words, it is the characteristics of divine beings that we sometimes see manifested in cultivators.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/6/28/75481.html


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