Being Moved

A Dafa Practitioner in New York

PureInsight | December 19, 2011

[] In order to ensure the success of the Shen Yun performances at Lincoln Center in January, we began the preparative work in September. Fellow practitioners and I recently put up posters in Manhattan for three days and the following is my experience sharing.

Many people who saw the posters liked them. We told them there will be performances at Lincoln Center in January with brand new programs. People were glad to hear this and some said they would buy tickets to watch it. Most of them have not seen a Shen Yun performance in the past, but they were fascinated by the poster or the flyer and said they would buy tickets. Every day there were many touching stories and below are some of them.

In a restaurant near Lincoln Center, an elderly lady saw the Shen Yun flyer and with her eyes wide said, “It is so beautiful!” She said she used to be a ballerina and, from the flyer, the show must be very good. She said she would buy a ticket to watch. Her attentiveness and determination moved me. It seemed she had been waiting for this her whole life.

A person from Hong Kong had a restaurant in Manhattan. He not only allowed us to put up a large poster in his store, but also said he would watch the performance with his family as well as friends. In the end, he also invited us for coffee. I was moved.

There is a large restaurant with many windows facing the street. After the store manager agreed to let me put up a poster, I stood there and was not sure which window to use. Then the manager asked someone to tell me that the double-sided poster should be put up in the center window facing the street—the best location I could think of. I was moved.

In a gift store, the lower part of a window facing the street was occupied by another poster. I asked the manager for a stool to stand on so that I could put up the Shen Yun poster in the upper part of the window. The manager, about 6'4” tall, stopped what he was doing, took the poster and tape from me, and put up the poster. I was moved.

In a rehabilitation center, I showed a staff member the poster and asked if I could put it up somewhere. She was very happy and pointed to a bulletin board facing the main entrance. As I was taking out the tape from my bag, she took her tape and helped me put up the poster. I gave her several Shen Yun flyers. She took a look and asked for more so that she could put them on the counter for more people to take. I was moved.

A Chinese American had a restaurant and she was very happy at seeing the poster. She said she had watched the show in the past and liked it very much. She asked us to put the poster in the best location—inside a display board—and asked for more flyers. She said there were many visiting students and she would recommend the show to them. I was moved.

In a large gift store, there was a large window facing the street with merchandise displayed at the lower part. We were thinking of putting up a poster in the upper part of the window. When we showed the poster to the store owner, her eyes were wide and she was so glad to see it. At that moment I deeply felt the strong energy from the Shen Yun performance and the poster. After she calmed down a little bit, I asked if I could put up the poster somewhere. Without hesitation, she pointed to the display window and said, “Here.” As I turned around to put up the poster, she said she wanted to buy some tickets. Another practitioner who went with me continued to introduce the show to her while I was putting up the poster. In the end, she decided to buy 12 tickets. I was moved by this.

From these touching stories, I had a better understanding of Master's words from Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference, “You have to make a distinction: this is something huge—everyone is waiting to be saved!—so as long as you don’t overdo it, people will understand. We really do have some people who have done a great job, who have gone about things in a very natural and poised manner in upscale neighborhoods. And when they’ve spoken with people, they have been quite at ease. Instantly the other party has been delighted, just as if they’d been waiting for you. That really is the case. There has been a great deal of groundwork done in advance. All that’s missing is your carrying things out with righteous thoughts. Yet you haven’t had the righteous thoughts that it takes.”

By studying the Fa well and strengthening my righteous thoughts, I hope to do better in cultivation and promoting Shen Yun tickets.

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