Promoting Shen Yun: A Toronto Practitioner’s Experiences While Selling Tickets in the US

Yu Fei

PureInsight | February 23, 2012


1. Confidence
A practitioner who once stayed in a labor camp together with me immigrated to the US, and she asked me to come and help with Shen Yun promotions. After making arrangements for my par-ents-in-law, who had come to Toronto for a visit, I drove to the U.S. There were two shows scheduled for this practitioner’s city with a total of 5,800 tickets. She asked me how many prac-titioners were in my city and I said about 400. She was very happy upon hearing that, saying, “It must be very easy to do things with so many practitioners.” I asked how many practitioners lived in her city and she said four. I replied, “It must be very easy, then.” When she asked why, I said, “As we know, the ticket selling reflects the overall cultivation status. Which one is easier, for four practitioners to remain diligent or four hundred practitioners to remain diligent?”

When talking with local practitioners in this city, one of the topics often discussed was limited manpower. Everyone had daytime jobs and many of the promotional activities done in other cit-ies could not be done there. At first, they were very worried. Then they realized that Master must know their city only has four practitioners. There must be a way to sell these 5,800 tickets. On thinking it over, they found reaching out to various mainstream associations and organizations might be something suitable for them in light of their circumstances. They gained confidence and spent the following two months contacting these groups one by one.

On the first night after arriving in the U.S., I had a dream. Four ambulances with diamond orna-ments were waiting with their engines already running. In front of them was a major road. My understanding from that dream was that Master has already paved for us the path to save people. It is only up to us to walk it.

2. Harmony
Even with four practitioners in that city, they still needed some coordination. Practitioner A knew how to drive, but she didn’t speak English. Practitioner B spoke English, but she couldn’t drive. It was natural then for them to work as a team. Nonetheless, there were some different understandings between them and the effect was not good. Later, they realized that all four of them had to work together seamlessly in order to get things done. Dafa practitioners come from different worlds, each with unique characteristics. How can we expect everyone to be the same? The only solution was to focus on each other’s strengths. Plus, what they argued over in the past was quite trivial and not worth wasting time on.

After resolving the conflicts, the team of four became more harmonious and they also felt the power of the Fa. Practitioners A and B went out for one day. They said everything went smooth-ly and everything worked out well. They went to a senior centre, a downtown office building, a shopping mall, and two libraries. When looking back on the experience, practitioner A cried. She realized that in the past it was her slackness in cultivation that had hindered the progress of ticket selling. In Zhuan Falun, Master said, “Thus, it becomes that ‘the gong cultivates practitioners,’ which is also called ‘the Fa cultivates practitioners.’”

3. Journey
During my several days in that city, I drove around and took practitioner B to various places in-cluding art groups, universities, and high-end senior centers. At the university, we spoke with the chair of the dancing department and showed her video clips of the Shen Yun performance. She liked it very much and made many positive comments, “Look at the performers’ feet, very pro-fessional!” She immediately decided to buy tickets and volunteered to contact the university re-garding further activities to promote Shen Yun.

On the day I left, the practitioner and I went to a Christmas event in a wealthy town because we had booked a vendor table there. As we were driving, she said she felt like we were going to war. I asked her, “Do you know what Yue Fei said when leading his soldiers to war? He said, ‘Recover all the lost land, with no exceptions!’” She agreed. About eight hundred years ago, Master led us in creating traditional culture. Now, we should have a similar momentum in saving sentient beings. Yue Fei’s army was well-known for winning wars even in front of outnumbered armies. There was a war in which he led 800 soldiers to defeat an army of 100,000 soldiers. We had four practitioners to sell 5,800 tickets. Isn’t it a similar situation? Since we had done so in the past, we would be able to make it this time as well. The practitioner said, “Yes, and this time we are supported by Master’s Fa. We will be able to make it.”

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