Shen Yun Promotion: Every Ticket Sales Location is Precious

A Canadian practitioner

PureInsight | March 3, 2012

[] One Sunday, I attended a Shen Yun Performing Arts promotion activity with a practitioner who came out to sell Shen Yun tickets for the first time this year. At this stage of Fa-rectification, I was always feeling fortunate, regardless of whom I worked with to promote Shen Yun. This is because we may have waited for a long time for this moment to validate the Fa together.

On the way to the event, we shared the importance of practitioners understanding each other, instead of complaining. As long as we cultivate well and form one body, it will be natural for the ticket selling to go smoothly. In Zhuan Falun, Master said, “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.”

The following event occurred in a Chinese supermarket and we had been going there for several weekends. Many shoppers were coming and going, with various expressions and attitudes toward us. I reminded myself I was here to tell them about Shen Yun and I should not be influenced by their attitudes.

In The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa, Master said, “Be compassionate and assume a peaceful and serene countenance.” Thinking about this, I put a smile on my face. The other practitioner was holding a Shen Yun picture album and introduced Shen Yun to the store customers who stopped at our table. I could feel my righteous thoughts and those from that practitioner merge in other dimensions to help save sentient beings.

Not long after, two ladies came up and bought five tickets. The young one said they drove more than one hour to buy the tickets. The elder one said she missed the performance last year. When seeing us recently at the store, she decided to bring her family to buy the tickets. She also said she still cannot watch our show in January since she will travel abroad. We thus told her about the shows in Hamilton in late December. She immediately wrote down the date, saying her brother lives there and they may go to the show together.

I remember when we first came here, the supermarket manager said the customers were basically the same each week. He implied that we did not need to come every weekend, since it was a waste of time to repeatedly present the information to the same group of customers. I was a little hesitant when first hearing his words. After several weeks of promotion, especially after seeing these two ladies who bought tickets, my concerns were gone and I also gained some new understandings of our ticket sales location.

When a ticket sales location is launched in this dimension, Master is making arrangements for us to use it in saving sentient beings. As long as we participate in this with pure hearts, Master will help sentient beings come here even if that means travelling a long distance. Some of them may have been buried in this earthly world very deeply, and they need to receive Shen Yun information more than once before waking up. Therefore, we cannot restrict ourselves with human notions thinking it’s not worth promoting tickets to the same group of people repeatedly. As practitioners, our thoughts are powerful in this dimension. Once we have righteous thoughts, people may come here from various places. Therefore, we have to cherish every minute and every opportunity since they are precious.

As I was thinking this way, my mind became calm and determined. By then, someone stopped at the table, so I began to share information about Shen Yun with the help of the TV and a picture album. After a while, however, the TV signal stopped. It turned out that when the practitioners took fliers from the table, the flier holder leaned sideways and touched the TV buttons. The practitioner tried, but could not restore the TV signal. I felt a little uneasy since I got used to introducing Shen Yun with the help of TV. Then I realized I could not be disturbed by this, nor acknowledge any interference.

The practitioner tried again, the TV signal was still out. My thoughts became more determined and I continued to introduce Shen Yun to people as usual. Then a Caucasian father and daughter came by with the girl's mother—a Chinese lady. The mother dressed well and she asked to buy three tickets. She said they had watched the show last year and found it very good. That is why her family wanted to watch it again. When I was processing the ticket for them, I heard the mother show the picture album to her daughter saying, “This is genuine traditional Chinese culture.”

From this, I learned that even when encountering interference such as TV signal interruptions, as long as we remain positive and remain undisturbed, Master could still arrange opportunities for us to save people. That is, we need to have righteous thoughts all the time.

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