Learn the Fa Well and Walk the Dafa Disciples’ Road During the Fa-rectification Period

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland China

PureInsight | January 22, 2012


1. Learning Management From Studying the Fa

As a person in charge of a local Falun Gong assistance centre in Mainland China in 1995, I was required to do some management work. Since I did not have any experience in that area or in the coordination of personnel, I encountered great difficulties. I felt I was letting Master down. I could not sleep for seven nights because of the psychological burden. I needed to work during the day and take care of the housework. I felt exhausted. At that time, some fellow practitioners had certain opinions about me, and conveyed them to the Falun Dafa Association. They requested that I step down from my role. After I heard that, I really wished for the Association to carry out their request. I hoped I could be relieved of this burden as soon as possible. A week had passed, when Master’s law body emerged and told me, "Do not be afraid." When I heard that, I was surprised at first. Then I answered, "The situation is messy and chaotic, how do I not be afraid?" The issue of replacing me had been reflected to Master, however Master did not let it occur. I recognized I had to face my own responsibilities, and I needed study the Fa seriously. I should improve myself continuously despite any difficulties. I could not walk away from this burden. Since then, I began to study the Fa seriously. I started to study one lecture a day, then I changed to two lectures a day. Later on, it was three lectures a day. I spent three to four hours studying the Fa every day.

I found myself changing with studying the Fa in-depth. My irritable heart became quiet, and I could perform my role with more clarity and structure. After a year of studying the Fa in this way, I found myself improving and my heart becoming more pure. When I work on Dafa projects, the Fa naturally reflects in my mind. I recognize these reflections and use them as much as possible to guide my practice. This could inspire people to think deeply to understand the Fa in context. During that period of time, all practitioners at the practice sites who did not need to work after practice studied the Fa in group. They elevated overall rapidly. Those fellow practitioners spread the teachings of Dafa to each county of the province in just one year.

2. Breaking Through the Old Forces Boundaries

After July 20, 1999 I was illegally detained twice. I insisted that I would rather die than surrender, and I struggled with loss and gain and the trade-off between the practice groups and myself. I reflected really hard when I did not recognize the Fa well. I fell for not grasping the scale of the situation. I even held on to a deviant notion. After I returned home from illegal detention, I was more aware of the importance of continued study of the Fa and the importance of not holding onto notions. After continuous study of the Fa, the knots in my heart were opened one by one. I could recognize my errors clearly. Master brought me back to Dafa once again. I remember the night of my return I had a dream. I saw many people were locked up with me in a labor camp. At that time a car carrying a lot of soldiers came to the camp, and I took the opportunity to seize the car to escape. The people running away with me were all children. The soldiers were chasing us from behind. The car broke down when we were only halfway out of the labor camp. At that point I became so anxious I woke up from the dream.

I had another dream twenty days later. This dream was a continuation of the previous one. I saw that a few children and I were standing near the broken down vehicle, and the soldiers were approaching from behind. I became very anxious again, then a claret rose horse appeared out of nowhere with a carriage. It took us for a ride. The claret rose horse carrying us kept running. I did not know how long it had been running when suddenly a mountain appeared, blocking our way. The horse told me what we needed to do. I told the horse there were soldiers coming at us from behind, and there was no escape route. I told the horse we could only move forward. The horse ran continuously toward the foot of the mountain, and suddenly the mountain split down the middle. After the carriage ran through the mountain smoothly, the mountain closed up, blocking the soldiers from pursuing us further. The carriage moved forward, but it encountered a wall of cliffs. The horse asked me what to do, and I asked it to rush to the top of the hill. When it was struggling to the top of the hill, its whole body perspired. At this time the horse said to me, "I cannot go any further." I said, "Can I blindfold your eyes and escort you then?" The horse said, "No." I said, "Why not? I can repay your life." The horse asked, "What will you pay me?" I told the horse I could pay him with my life. The horse agreed to go further. I covered the horse's eyes first, and I carefully led the horse down from the steep slopes. After a difficult journey, the carriage came to a very large estate. The estate was empty. I scooped two bowls of water from the pool in the garden. I took a bowl of water to the horse, but it let us drink first. The horse told us, "You are more important than me." I said to the horse, "You worked too hard, and you should certainly drink this bowl of water. We drank the other bowl of water.” The horse agreed. At this time I was awoken from the dream by a burst of firecrackers. After a few days, I came back to the dream. After the burst of firecrackers, I came to the door of the estate. Three white horses carried a beautiful car to pick us up, and there was a group of children with me in the car. At this moment a small flying animal began to help pull the car, and I was wondering how he could move it. I saw the small animal did not hesitate; a bolt came out of his mouth and pulled the car forward. Then many mythical beasts all came over to pull the car. After I woke up, I thought of Master's words, “All beings, quickly come to! Traps have been planted in the heartland” (Hong Yin Vol. II, “Gods, Awaken”). The real salvation of sentient beings is only by the true Fa and Master. As living beings obtaining Dafa, we may not recognize the relationship between true Fa and the old Fa at the beginning. But by studying the Fa more we can break through the maze, and completely eliminate the obstacles arranged by the old forces.

3. Our Master Told Me to Come and Save You

I've seen Master once. It was in September 1997. When we were apart, I asked Master, “What did you remind me of?” Master said, "Understanding the Fa is based on the Fa." I remembered Master's words. 

When a fellow practitioner was illegally arrested in 2003, I went to the Police Department to locate this practitioner. I clarified the truth to the state security police. At that time, many police were hostile towards Dafa disciples. After they listened to what I told them a police officer asked me, "Why did you tell us this?" I replied, "In order to save you." He was very surprised and asked me, "Who told you to come and save us?" I answered, "Our Master." He asked, “Why?” I answered, "Because police officers are also precious lives." On the way home, I realized that Dafa has given me understandings of the Fa based on the Fa, and the ability to use those understandings to save people.

4. Don’t Suffer Great Losses

When my father died in 2004, we had a conversation. He said, "My second child, your temperament is straightforward, easy to lose, and needs to change." I replied, "Your daughter is not afraid to suffer loss, but not great loss." My father was very satisfied with my answer and laughed. I believe there are only two great losses. The first is that one cannot obtain Dafa; the second is that one does not treasure Dafa after obtaining it.

 A fellow practitioner shared their understanding. He said Master has left everything for his disciples to take and they can have whatever they take. I agreed with this understanding. Dafa is boundless. Those who gain the essence of the Budda Fa are the ones who are diligent in studying the Fa and are courageous and mature Dafa disciples. They are selfless and fearless Dafa disciples who do the three things well. I hope to be one of them. I have told myself not to miss this opportunity and not to suffer the great losses! 

The above is my own understanding. Please correct me if anything is not right.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/8/8/76532.html


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