The Law of the Universe is Everywhere

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | July 2, 2001

One of my coworkers came from southern Slovakia. He told me a story about seeing a friend six months before he came to Canada. This friend of his told him that he would move to Canada after six months and there he would have a son. This son would have a red dot on his right shoulder. At that time his wife was not pregnant. My coworker heard that his friend could see some things in the future, so he believed what she said.

Of course, six months later he came to Canada, and had a son that had a red dot on his right arm. My coworker also asked her about some subject that he cared about. He asked her whether she could see the winning number of the lottery. She said of course she could. So he asked her why she had never won the lottery. She said if she did that, she would die immediately. Some greedy people who knew of her powers came to see her, but every time they came, she always became seriously ill immediately. The only thing they could do was to take her to the hospital. So in the end these bad people stopped bothering her. She also told my coworker about what she would do in the next life and so on. My coworker asked me what that was about, so I told him to go read the book Zhuan Falun. The answers are all in there.

A distant relative of mine in China was a government official with quite a bit of power. He embezzled several million dollars, and had several houses. He looked very healthy. But in 1998 he went on a business trip to Beijing. After he took a shower in his hotel room, he sat down in a chair and died before he could put any clothes on. His widow had so much ill-gotten money that she was afraid to live by herself, so she asked the brother of her dead husband to marry her. Her brother-in-law refused, and she quickly married someone else. In the end, what did her dead husband gain? Others think that he died of illnesses. But I feel he suddenly died because he had obtained too many things that didn’t belong to him through illegal means, for which he used his life in exchange. People always want to control their own destiny, yet they don’t know that the law of the universe oversees everything. If you know the law of retribution for good and bad deeds, and that everything happens for a reason, then it can guide you as a person. If you want to find out the meaning of life and how to avoid the cycle of birth, age, illness then death, please read Zhuan Falun.

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