The Best Show and Fa-rectification

Zi Yun

PureInsight | April 1, 2012

[] After overcoming various difficulties, a Shen Yun performance was unveiled in Japan on February 14, 2012. The grand display of a 5000-year civilization, performed with ultimate compassion and purity, earned the respect and admiration of government officials and renowned artists. Many celebrities spoke or gave proclamations in advance, wishing the show success and expressing their appreciation.

The reason Shen Yun received such high profile popularity in Japan before the show even started is partially due to the recent battle between the righteous and the evil. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sent out spies and gangsters to interfere with the Shen Yun performance. They even ordered secret agents to contact the theater—pretending to be practitioners—to stir up problems. However, these attempts failed, as more and more people began to see through the CCP’s plots once practitioners clarified the truth. These people then decided to support the righteous. In the end, the theater contract was signed 72 hours before the performance began.

That is to say, the road was already cleared when the Shen Performing Arts group arrived in Japan. Nevertheless, many interfering factors remained, including economic recession, abnormal weather, and the short amount of time available to promote the show, etc. However, the full audience at the Shen Yun performance in Japan demonstrated that the purity and compassion, as well as the high artistic level of the performance, had earned the heart of the Japanese people. This is a testimony that the righteous will prevail, and that people are willing to support this.

It is a pity that in 2011, the Shen Yun performance scheduled for January was postponed to April 20 due to interference. Then, the earthquake in Sendai on March 11 deprived the Japanese people of their opportunity to watch the show altogether. This earthquake triggered a tsunami, fires, and a nuclear power plant leak, bringing great harm to the nation and even causing a worldwide panic. Because of the catastrophe, many people died. The advanced technology we have created not only failed to protect people but even became a threat to people’s lives as in the case of nuclear plant. As a result, many people began to rethink the existence of divine beings. Some of them may have realized that what Falun Gong practitioners have been talking about is real and that people will be saved once they choose good instead of evil. After the calamity, many people did good deeds for the community and their minds were almost rebuilt, just like the region that survived the disaster. Therefore, many people are simply hoping for a safe and peaceful future. Then came the Shen Yun performance.

When a person watches a Shen Yun performance, he learns not only history and culture but also the origin of mankind as well as the spiritual journey of human beings. What Shen Yun imparts to people is divine culture and a sense of the life mankind should be living. Through this, it rectifies people's minds and leads them to a better future. This is critical because a person can survive calamities only when his mind is uplifted, and Shen Yun is here to play such a role. When a person is watching the show for two and a half hours, his mind is purified and he will be protected by divine beings. The last program in the 2011 season of Shen Yun was about a calamity that was stopped by divine beings. Some people may consider it a legend, but we only have one life to live after all, so we do have to take it seriously.

In fact, many unusual phenomena were observed during the past few months in Japan, ranging from snow thawing earlier in the season, to the smoking Mount Fuji volcano, to the discovery of unknown water springs in the summer. Several days before the Shen Yun performance, a few minor earthquakes took place, making news media very worried about potential disasters. Despite this chaotic situation as well as interference from the CCP, local Falun Gong practitioners were not disturbed. They calmly dealt with the situation together with practitioners from all over the world. We all know that Dafa practitioners should save people in all regions and Japan is no exception.

As Dafa disciples, we should have faith in the Fa and fully support Dafa activities. Therefore, after hearing that the theater had not been finalized even though the performance date was approaching, I decided to postpone other things at hand and concentrate on sending forth righteous thoughts to fully support the upcoming show in Japan. Then the next day, we heard that the theater contract had been signed. After, I decided to continue sending forth righteous thoughts till the show was over, however, some interference arose including visits from family and friends. Nonetheless, I did my best and later heard 90 percent of the tickets had been sold.

As I look back, we should have done better to ensure all seats were occupied. As we know, nothing is accidental and wherever there’s an empty seat, it means that is one place that we did not do well enough.

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