Experience Posting Shen Yun Posters [Part II]

Kuang Ci

PureInsight | May 10, 2012

[PureInsight.org] Here I won't repeat the details in my previous article, which talked about how to use phrases to explode the iron gates arranged by the old forces so that we could post the posters to places where they were rejected in the past. This article focuses on posting posters. It also serves as a memo for me, reminding me of what to do when I go to a new city to promote the New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts. Meanwhile, other practitioners can learn from my experiences and hopefully it could save them time and unnecessary effort.

Don't Wait in Line Inside Stores
When you hold a couple of flyers and posters of A2 size and wait at the end of a line, it is very eye-catching. They would immediately know you are not a customer. There is no need for you to wait in the long line. They would tell you where to put the posters or flyers. After some days, you can go back to the store to see if you need to post more.

There is No Time or Place Restriction for Good Performance
Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I posted posters in the city where I live. The shop owners were surprised: “The theatre for the show is so far away, more than 300 kilometers. I won't go.” Then I said: “A lot of audiences cried tears during the show. Many programs are based on ancient myths or philosophic stories. It re-manifests the ancient scenes of gods. The dances, lyrics, 400 costume pieces, and backdrops are all originals from the performing arts company.”

“The Opera Festival is held in this city. Doesn’t the audience come from all over the world? When the performance is so great, does the location or time matter?” Whenever I said this, they didn't argue any longer but agreed with me. Then they also allowed me to post the posters and flyers. Sometimes when I emphasized that this show was in a city 300 kilometers away, they were not surprised at all because they knew well that people from all over the world come to this city to watch the Opera Festival. They were so proud of this.

We All Hope Traditional Morals Return
After I introduced the show, many shop owners said: "We all hope traditional morals will return. But it seems a long way to go."

Valuable History and Traditional Lesson
At some Chinese shops, I always tell them that many parents said this was the best history lesson overseas. The essence of 5000-years of traditional culture is condensed into the two-hour show. It's really worth the money. Many Chinese said they had never seen such a good show in China. They didn't know ancient China was so great and powerful.

There Are Many Media Companies in Pedestrian Streets and Commercial Streets
Ask the managers in charge to put the posters and flyers into the cafeteria. Usually they say they would put posters in the cafeterias and put flyers in the lounge. The environment is generally quiet inside those media outlets. They are able to take their time to listen to us to the end.

Remember the Expiration Date of Some Posters
Some posters have expiration dates. We should revisit them. After two weeks, some shops might clean up the posters. So we need to post them again. In some Asian grocery stores, some bad people even remove our posters. We should go there and post them again. After all, the period while the poster is there is much longer than the period when it is not there. Moreover, those bad people usually remove the posters at night, since they dare not do it in public. So when we repost them during the daytime, sentient beings will see them.

Of course the best solution is to clarify the truth to the shop owners well. After they understand the truth, they would wake up and provide a better place for the posters and flyers and then they would be kept for longer times.

Many Small Shops Didn't Provide Elegant Places to Post Posters
The space at some small shops was very limited. Their bathrooms were usually in the basement and the posters were only allowed to be posted there. I always told the owner without hesitation that the programs of the show were inspired from divine stories, much of the music was related with gods; when audiences watched the show, they cried tears. The posters shouldn't be put in the basement or near the bathroom. Usually the owners could find a better and more suitable place. Or we could suggest to not put up posters but only flyers.

Asking Staff to Convey the Message to the Owners Doesn't Work
Very often when the secretary at clinic, bank, law office, medical clinic or shop asked the owner whether the posters could be posted, the result was no. That's because only Dafa disciples can wake up the owners, not their staff. Ninety percent of these cases were not successful. The mighty virtue was left for Dafa disciples, unless you clarified the truth to the employees very well or the owner was very interested in traditional culture. Sometimes the staff said they could make the decision for the boss. Don't believe that fully. Because we had many cases that the staff said no to us, but when we talked with the boss, the boss immediately liked the posters and said yes.

The Understanding of Hail and Rain
This area was very much controlled by the old forces. Every day when we stepped out at 9am, invariably it was raining. But you shouldn't mind it. In the afternoon, the sun would come out. Once when it was hailing and thundering, I promoted Shen Yun door to door, and lots of owners no longer said no to me.

It was like the Opera Festival every year when the divine beings were angry. Ordinary people understood the truth better, and showed more respect to those Dafa disciples who woke them up, who helped them to reawaken their memories and told them the truth of today's world. Actually in Hong Yin III, all the lyrics are to wake up ordinary people. Ordinary people also signed vows, but they have forgotten. Posting posters is not the goal, and buying tickets was not either. When we touch them, make friends with them, we wake them so that they can position themselves correctly. That is what is most important.

Hand Out the Flyers First
Today, I went to a street where there were many branches on the street. I posted thirteen A2 sized posters in total. Many shops were small but they looked luxurious. I didn't wait in the long holiday shopping line but stood upfront. The staff greeted me first.
If you hand out a flyer before they talk, that would help because when one reads the flyer, he comes to know how magnificent the Shen Yun show is. Then he would pay more attention when you talk about Shen Yun with him.

This Play is Real
Before I promoted Shen Yun, I liked watching Korean TV plays very much. After I started to promote Shen Yun, my computer no longer could connect to the internet. So I made use of the time to write cultivation enlightenment articles. One day, I suddenly realized this was the real play; the stories in the TV shows were not real. They fabricated many stories on top of the base storyline. Every hour, the story on TV show didn't progress much. But, every hour and minute we promoted Shen Yun to shop owners, was the moment the righteous fought against the evil to save people. You could feel it in the other dimension. When a phone call interrupted our conversation, the thunder got angry but the field of saving people turned the rain to sunshine. In that field, when people saw the poster, they would buy the tickets. Some shop owners initially didn't provide us a good place to post the posters. After we clarified the truth to them, they provided a decent place. Wasn't this a real war occurring? Wasn't I writing the TV play every day? Master also mentioned that in the other dimension everything is videotaped.

Why not grasp the time to write the play in which I write and act? Why spend the time watching Korean TV plays online? My play is real. Every minute is to save people to my world. It includes your attitude, your fatigue, and the simple phrases you use to wake people. You would see results immediately from their reactions. This was such an interesting play, a cultivation process. There is so much to write during 35 days of Shen Yun promotions, not to mention that we hadn’t written anything about Fa study, nor the preparation process before promoting Shen Yun.

One practitioner shared that the old forces want to destroy people while we want to save them. Every day when we promoted Shen Yun, there was a war against the old forces. This is the real play that changes history. Isn’t everything Dafa disciples have done during the Fa rectification period part of the universal play that Master has been leading? Whoever you haven’t saved will probably be destroyed forever. Every day when you introduce Shen Yun to people, those who wake up and buy the tickets are indeed saved.

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2012/1/2/79659.html

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