The Best Gift in the World

A Dafa practitioner in Canada

PureInsight | March 24, 2012

[] This is the peak season of the year for shopping now. Yesterday, we had a great feeling about the tickets sold at a shopping mall in Hamilton—they were arranged by Master. People were arranged to obtain the best gift in the world. Thank you Master!

The Best Gift for My Husband
A woman was passing by in a hurry. When a practitioner greeted her gently, she came back. The practitioner opened the album and talked to her using only a few pages. She said firmly, "I must see this show." When she saw the show times in Hamilton, she realized it would be her time away on vacation, and she was a little disappointed. Once she knew the show times in Mississauga however, she pointed to the center of the seating chart and said she wanted two tickets.

She pulled out a credit card, and then put it back. She got cash instead and said, “I cannot let my husband know about me buying these tickets today. I want to surprise him with the best gift." She also said, "I don’t know why, but when I saw the album open, I wanted to cry." In fact, when I thought of the scene at that time, I would cry too.

The Best Gift for My Wife
When we introduced the show to men, most of them said they needed to go discuss it with their wives first. A man named Rick was very assertive. He bought two tickets and said, "My wife and I are having a competition to buy what's best for each other every year, and I have not found anything. I believe I have found it today." People who are married in this life may have been arranged to marry a long time ago before coming here… Whoever is fortunate enough to encounter, "Lord Buddha’s mercy" should not miss it. It is our only hope. Sentient beings have risked everything to come to this dangerous place and be saved.

The Best Gift for a Child's Father
A young mother was pushing a three-month old baby. The baby behaved very quietly and waited while the mother was listening to our introduction. The young mother said, “Our child's father’s birthday is on the 29th, I bought tickets for the show on the 27th to give him as a surprise.”

The Best Gift for Parents
A 20-year-old young woman bought two tickets in the centre seating area. She said, "I want to buy these for my parents as Christmas presents." She said, “My parents saw the promotion of this show at another mall. After they listened to the introduction, they went home and discussed it the whole day. I could see that they liked it, so I wanted to come to buy these gifts for them. I think they will be very pleasantly surprised." We commended her saying, "You are really good to your parents," and asked her to go too. She said, "I have plans for this year, so I’ll let my parents see it first." Their lives have confidence in Dafa, even their children are helping because they have such a blessing and fate. They may actually have this kind of virtue.

The Best Gift for My Son’s In-laws
A western couple bought two tickets and said, "Our daughter-in-law is Chinese. The two tickets are for our son’s in-laws. We are sure they will definitely be their favorite gifts."

The Best Gift for the Family
A woman has been coming to Canada with her family from the United States for a short period of time. She said she has seen a lot of shows in the United States but not in Canada yet. She had got a Shen Yun flyer at one of our events, and researched it on the Internet for a long time. She decided to buy tickets for the whole family today. Her three children are aged 6 to 15 years. She wanted to buy $90 tickets for her family of five in the beginning, but finally she decided to buy five of the highest priced tickets. She said, "Today I bought the best Christmas presents for the whole family."

There was a customer who bought tickets for his granddaughter. A husband bought tickets for his wife on their anniversary, etc. These are sentient beings who are waiting for the world's best gifts.

A Mother Gave the Best Gift to Her Little Dafa Disciple
Yesterday was a fellow disciple’s young child’s (little Dafa disciple) birthday. His mother promised to give him a birthday party with Minghui School students. The mother has been selling tickets in Manhattan and got home late at night for a few days. He asked her mother the night before, “Why don’t you help me write those invitation cards?“ The mother asked, “What? Tomorrow is your birthday?” He said, “Yes. December 16th.” Since the mother had to leave home early the next morning, she did not have time to prepare things for her son. She was in a difficult situation. Her husband suggested that their son could celebrate his birthday with his cousins together two days later.

The fellow practitioner wrote to me a little experience sharing on the matter on Friday night as follows:

"Today I have found something about myself that still exists. Even though it is weak, I can realize it after it appears. However, I will correct myself in the Fa. After I got home, I thought I would be busy for a while taking care of my child. I did not expect that he had slept, so I was very quiet when studying one lecture of the Fa. It was a very good day, not because of the number of tickets sold, but the elevation in practice. On my child's birthday, there was no birthday cake and no song to sing happy birthday! But I still think this is the best, it is because of all the sentient beings that will be saved from buying tickets, and this is the very best gift he could receive from his mother! It was very interesting. I thought that when I got home, my husband would say something to me. I thought to myself when I was on my way home that I would not be moved whatever he said. I did not expect that he did not blame me for not being around for our son’s birthday. For an ordinary person, I know how hard it must have been for him to bear. I believe he will have the best [future].”

When I was reading her experience sharing, I was tearing up…

Thank you fellow practitioners!

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