Miracles Seen After Righteous Thoughts

Mu Chun

PureInsight | July 6, 2012

[PureInsight.org] I always feel fortunate to practice Falun Dafa. In the past, I had a bad temper and many illnesses. By following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I improved significantly both physically and mentally. Through my experience, I learned the importance of Fa-study as well as following the Fa. Master is also helping us all the time.

Both my wife and I began to practice in 1997 at the age of 70. One month later, my wife’s curved back, which had been arched more than 20 degrees, became straight and my illnesses disappeared. We enjoyed our life with no illnesses. However, because I slacked off in cultivation, my Fa-study was poor and my understanding of the Fa was shallow.

One day in late 1998, my right leg became painful, and the pain got worse and worse. I should have known it was due to illness karma and should have overcome this with righteous thoughts. However, my mind was not righteous and one day I lost all movement in my right leg. With one leg paralyzed, I could not do the exercises. My child, who was not a practitioner, sent me to the hospital.

A hospital examination revealed a foreign substance in my backbone and a small piece of tumor was removed in surgery. Although I regained movement in my right leg, it was powerless. I also had a cramping feeling in my right arm. In addition, my chest was burning and my back was in pain. The doctor said my stomach had moved upward to a similar level as my lungs. I could no longer lie on my back in bed; otherwise, I could not breathe.

At that time, the persecution had started and the peaceful cultivation environment no longer existed. I could not find other practitioners and felt lost. One day, when taking a rest in a nearby park, Master helped me come across another practitioner. Through discussion I learned all Dafa disciples insisted on studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and clarifying the truth to people. As long as we had faith in Master and followed the cultivation path, there would be no difficulty that we could not overcome.

My wife and I resumed Fa-study and continued to do the exercises. However, mistakenly I still considered my symptoms an illness and thought Master would help remove it as long as I continued to practice. I passively endured the symptoms over the past 12 years. It was indeed painful, but I continued to practice and kept doing the three things.

On March 26 earlier this year, my husband and I were reading an experience-sharing article in Minghui Weekly. In the article, the practitioner cited Master's words in “Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland,” “For example, some people know that healing is not Falun Gong’s purpose, so they think: “Then I won’t do it to get healed. I understand that the purpose isn’t to heal my ailments, and I won’t mention healing. I won’t ask for healing either.” Yet in their minds they’re still thinking, “As long as I do the exercises, Master is sure to clear out my ailments.” You see, in their minds they’re still thinking, “As long as I do the exercises, Master will surely clear out my ailments.” That bit of thought is still there, buried deep in their minds. They still want me to resolve their health problems, which is to say, they’re still attached to their ailments.” My wife said, “Aren’t you experiencing the same situation?” I thought about it for a while and agreed with her. I decided to completely let go of the remaining attachment and walk my path well during the final steps of Fa-rectification.

With that pure thought, a miracle happened. During the night on March 28, I felt things in my chest moving. Finally I was able to lie down on my back in bed and breathe easily. Then two days later during sleep, I heard people talking as if one person was working with several others to pull and stretch my body. Then I felt the constraint on my chest was released. The pain in my chest, along with the cramping feeling, was gone. My right leg could move at will. I was very grateful for Master’s help. So many years had passed. Had I understood this issue sooner, I would not have taken such a long detour. It was my own problem that Master had suffered for over so many years.

As an 86-year-old practitioner, I highly recommend Falun Dafa to everyone. It will benefit all of us. Please cherish this opportunity.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/81977

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