Don’t Be Left in Total Regret

A Dafa disciple in Mainland China

PureInsight | September 1, 2012

[] Every Dafa practitioner knows that there is not much time left. I’d like to share with everyone the following dream that one fellow practitioner from my Fa study group recently had. The practitioner kept having the same dream for three nights, so I want to reveal it to the public. It might help practitioners to enlighten somewhat.

In the dream, the fellow practitioner saw a high-rise mountain floating above a vast sea. The mountain was called Detachment Mountain. Yet, still higher was another floating mountain called Rising Mountain.

There was an enlightened being living on Detachment Mountain who was busy welcoming all Dafa practitioners flying over to the mountain from all around the world. However, not every practitioner could lift off from the ground. There was still a small fraction of practitioners who simply couldn’t fly up. Also, some flew up only a few meters high and then fell back down to the ground. Some who were flying stopped when they heard their close relatives calling for them. They fell to the ground as well.

The enlightened being smiled at all the practitioners who had made it to Detachment Mountain and pointing towards Rising Mountain above, he said: “Look, that is Rising Mountain; it’s much higher than here. Once you get there, there will be no return. If you think you’ve got unsettled business at home, you can hurry back and get the business settled. So, please decide wisely.” As soon as the enlightened being stopped talking, some Dafa practitioners immediately returned home. But after they arrived back, they found they were unable to fly anymore and started to cry out loudly, regretting what they had just done.

In the end, only a few Dafa practitioners were left behind at Detachment Mountain and soon started to fly towards Rising Mountain. Some practitioners fell to the sea during their flight. As a result, even fewer made it to Rising Mountain. Those who reached Rising Mountain immediately revealed themselves in the forms of Buddhas, Taos, or Deities. At that time, Honorable Master showed up at the summit of the mountain, sitting on a huge golden Falun. The universe, the Milky Way galaxy, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the three Chinese characters, “Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance,” were all rotating around shooting out myriads of golden shining light. Numerous fairy maidens, angels and all kinds of celestial beings, including dragons, phoenixes and divine beasts were dancing merrily. Fairy flowers and fairy music were everywhere. It was utterly grandiose and beautiful, simply impossible to describe in human words. Enlightened beings from all the universes and celestial realms appeared, and they warmly welcomed the Dafa practitioners who had made it to Rising Mountain, thus completing their worldly cultivation. All the Dafa practitioners had become a Buddha, Tao or one of various Deities. The Dafa disciples then made a heshi gesture to Honorable Master and followed the enlightened beings back to their respective heavenly worlds.

Every human being on the ground witnessed the scene. Everyone was in ultimate awe and complete reverence. All the people on earth started to worship and shout out: “Falun Dafa is good…”

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