Be More Serious About Cultivation

Zi Jing, a practitioner in Shandong Province

PureInsight | August 29, 2012

[] My mother started to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. Recently, she went to visit my aunt, who began to practice in 2008, and stayed there for a few days. She took Master’s framed picture with her, but there was no appropriate place to put the picture. So she put the picture on the cabinet together with other images of my aunt’s family.

One day, somebody came to visit my aunt and my mother put away Master’s picture. On the next day, another person came to visit. Mother was in a hurry, so she placed Master’s picture against another image of my aunt’s family, with the back of the frame facing outwards. After the visitor left, mother sat in the bed studying the Fa while my aunt studied the Fa on a couch. Suddenly, there was very loud sound “bang!” They were frightened and then found that the front glass panel of the cabinet was broken, with one side smashed and another side in a straight line, as if someone had cut it. Mother began to look within and realized it was wrong to place Master’s picture together with images of my aunt’s family. And even more seriously, she placed Master’s picture against one image with the back of the picture facing outwards. She then put Master’s picture in an appropriate place and apologized.

When my uncle came back home, he was also surprised at how such a thick glass panel could break for no obvious reason. He had hesitation towards Dafa in the past, and now he believes in it.

After my mother came back yesterday, she told me about this and we shared our understandings with each other. Right now, at the final steps of Fa-rectification cultivation, elements of the old forces do not give up easily and they are examining practitioners closely. The tests are very strict and serious. We must pay attention to each thought and action. We have to remain faithful in the Fa and Master, and we have to respect Master. Otherwise, it will result in severe regrets.

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