Some Reflections on a Car Accident

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | September 15, 2012

[] Recently, a practitioner’s kid was involved in a serious car accident. Prior to this incident, the practitioner told me that her mother-in-law had been crying for some time, worrying about the practitioner’s two young kids, asking the practitioner what to do to the kids when the practitioner was about to reach consummation in cultivation.

Nothing is accidental in my opinion. I looked inside myself and asked myself why I had heard the practitioner’s story about her mother-in-law. I then realized that I was also a very sentimental person. I had a very strong tie to my parents. I was the only child in the family; my parents had had a tough life bringing me up. Now, my parents had grown old, I couldn’t help but feeling concerned about them every now and then. This was actually just a manifestation of human sentimentality.

As a cultivator, I understand that everyone has his/her own fate. As long as we cultivate ourselves well, everything will be properly taken care of by our Honorable Master, how our family and relatives manage their lives should not be our concerns. However, I had developed strong sentiment towards my parents before. I wanted to do something to help my parents, and as a result, the evil forces took advantage of my attachment to sentiment. Right after I got married, I asked my parents to live together with my family so that I could take care of them. My wife was extremely unhappy with such an arrangement and did lots of despicable things to my parents. I knew at that time that this was my own fault. Later on, we got a divorce. I had been illegally detained for almost one year, and my mother would come to visit me twice each month. I learnt from my mother’s visit that my father had injured himself falling from his bike, and he almost lost his life. The apartment that my parents rented didn’t have running water and the rooms were damp. Even though the living conditions gradually improved with my mother’s incessant sending forth righteous thoughts, one can still imagine the hardships that my parents must have lived through.

What is genuine cultivation? In my opinion, a genuine cultivator will cultivate himself/herself under any circumstances. I don’t think I had been cultivating myself with regards to my parents. My attachment to my parents was obvious but I didn’t try hard to get rid of it. If I had tried to eliminate my attachment, I don’t think my parents would have had to undergo such tribulations. It seems that all those sufferings were direct consequences arising from my own human attachment to sentimentality.

As we are Fa rectification practitioners during this historical Fa rectification period in the human world, we shoulder tremendous duties and responsibilities. It is a very serious matter to try to cultivate well and get rid of one’s various attachments. As the evil forces are still exerting their influences, we must discipline ourselves even more strictly. Don’t let the evil forces destroy sentient beings due to our own shortcomings. Don’t let the evil forces use any excuses to try to force us to improve. We need to proactively elevate ourselves on the basis of the Fa. Let’s complete our missions without any regrets.

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