First Steps Into the Great Law

A French Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | September 19, 2012

Experience Sharing at the 2011 European Fa Conference

[] I am a French Dafa practitioner. My husband and I have been practicing Falun Gong for two years now. Before practicing Dafa, we were already following our inner guidance. At one point my inner voice told me I was ready to empty myself of Qi and to receive higher energy. I could sense it was a powerful white energy; it was very pure compared to Qi, which seemed very dirty.

My husband checked on the internet to see if what I had enlightened to was real. The only person who talked about Gong in such a way was Master Li. We immediately watched the nine lectures.

When listening to the Fa everything became clear. My heart was finally at peace as I had found what I had been looking for since I was a child. We then learned the exercises on our own by watching the videos on the internet, and we studied Zhuan Falun.

When I practiced the first exercise, I nearly fainted, then vomited many times. I knew the Fa was really powerful, and it was cleansing my body and mind, but what struck us the most was the protection that Master’s Law bodies gave us. Before Dafa, we were aware of different dimensions and entities and some of them had attacked us very violently.

When we first received the Fa, we could sense the red dragons and bad entities that did not want us to practice. However, what is said in Zhuan Falun and what Master conveys is so righteous that it was obvious to us that it was the Great way we had been looking for.

We were already familiar with the process of looking within, but Dafa made it so much easier. The peace and harmony in our minds and hearts stabilized our lives. My husband used to get angry easily; he is now more self-tempered and gentle. I used to be very controlling but now it is a lot easier for me to let go of things.

Clarifying the truth

Whenever we can, we talk about Dafa, distribute flyers in our town, and participate in different projects. For example, if we buy something on Ebay from a Chinese person, we always tell them the truth about Dafa and they thank us. What I like most is clarifying the facts when the Celestial Marching Band is marching down the streets. The energy is so powerful and I feel I am like a king delivering the good news that Dafa is here to save people. When I talk to people with an open heart I can see right through them and they are always grateful for the heart to heart exchange. I never think that the people belong to me; I only wish for them all to awaken and go to their rightful places according to the Fa.

Some personal experiences and enlightenments

I sometimes don’t understand practitioners’ behavior or way of thinking. Recently, when I was practicing in the park, I came to understand that no matter how hard it is to get on well with a person, be it a practitioner or an ordinary person, I should always be compassionate. The more horrible somebody seems, the more I should be kind hearted.

When thinking about that, I saw that I was turning into a beautiful white lotus flower, which then led me to understand that I should never criticize anybody’s idea, as it was as if I was preventing a seed from blooming. As soon as I enlightened to this new understanding, I could feel all the dead seeds in my belly blossom. In the past, my attachments, emotions, and notions had prevented those seeds from growing. Now there were so many little white lotus flowers blossoming everywhere within the different layers and dimensions of who I am. I could feel the Fa rectifying me and helping me to open up to a higher truth. I became aware of how much I had restrained myself and others. A practitioner is here to free people and help them awaken to their inner beauty. To be able to accomplish such a task, we need to respect ourselves and others.

The following is a passage from “Dafa disciples must study the Fa:” “I’ve told you before that when a god creates something, one thought is all it takes and immediately it will be done. With the highest gods, even when creating universes, one thought is all it takes for it to immediately be done. That’s because such is the height of their wisdom and the strength of their power, and there exists such a huge field within their realm, and so many planes of particles are within that field. If the particles spanning each and every single plane from big to small are indeed alive, then think about it, as soon as [that god] forms some intention in his mind, all of those molecules, all of that strength, and all of those particles are alive, and all of them, however large or miniscule, at the same instant do their part and carry out whatever the command is.”

I came to understand that the same principle was true on earth with Dafa practitioners. We all belong to Master. Whenever He has an intention, we are like His little molecules that should make His wish come true. The more we study the Great Law, the purer we get and the easier it is for Master to use us. Things are put together without too much effort or coordination, as we are guided.

When we don’t study the Fa well, and don’t look within for shortcomings, we are useless. As Master said in “Dafa disciples must study the Fa:” “If you don’t cultivate yourself, how are you to help me rectify the Fa? How am I to make use of you?”

As I see it, a Dafa practitioner is righteous and effective when strength comes from deep within and pushes him forward through all dimensions and space-time. To truly assimilate to the Fa, it can only spring from within our heart and soul. In this state, we can rectify whatever needs to be rectified, be it people, situations, objects, or things from other dimensions.

Let me tell you about something I experienced not so long ago. I was about to use a new mouthwash. I was wondering if it was a good thing to do when suddenly, my inner voice said to me: “Do you think this mouthwash is going to rectify you? Well, let me tell you, you are a Falun Dafa practitioner, you are the one who will rectify this mouthwash!” As I had the liquid in my mouth I could feel all the molecules, worlds, and entities that composed the mouthwash and I was indeed rectifying them. I realized I was saving and rectifying the entities in other dimensions that were linked to the objects which are in my house and around me wherever I go!

I understood long ago that the key to broaden our understandings and eliminate shortcomings is to think in a multidimensional way. The more we align and assimilate to a human way of thinking the more we are like ordinary people, whereas the more we open up to a multidimensional perspective, the more we come to understand how things are related to one another and the causes and effects of different situations. The key is the Fa, as the more we study the more we elevate and the clearer the picture gets. But without sincerity of heart and a systematic and righteous introspection, it’s very hard to be efficient and fulfill our duty as Dafa practitioners.

Everything is limitation and illusion. As I was thinking about how I keep on going from one state to another, it felt that there was no end to it. I said to myself: “I keep reproducing the same pattern on and on...” reminding myself that even compassion was an attachment at a Tathagata level. I was wondering how I could get out of that. The answer enlightened my heart: meditation is the way to wu wei, emptiness, a land of no forms, no notions, just Zhen Shan Ren in its pure vibration.

Saving people is so important

The message in my heart is that a Dafa practitioner should never get attached to anything. When we are this way people will come to us since we are fully assimilated to the Fa. I once experienced hearing the souls of ordinary people and other different entities calling for us to save them. It was really dreadful and sad; I cried that day. We can’t let them down, we are here to save them, and for this reason as a Dafa practitioner, it is of utmost necessity to let go of oneself and unconditionally abide by the three universal principles. It is the only way we can do well and fulfill our vows.

This Law is so precious that words are far too small to give it tribute. Each of us is part of the Falun Dafa body. If we all bloom together like a lotus flower, we will make such a wonderful pond that no evil will dare to persecute Dafa or Dafa practitioners. Ordinary people will start blooming from within and nobody will be able to stop such a powerful transformation. I understand that Master is waiting for us to accomplish such a task, and that is the only reason we came down to assist our dear and beloved Master.

This is a part of my experiences and understandings so far as a Falun Dafa practitioner.

Thank you Master, thank you everyone.

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