My Understandings on Mouth Rot

A practitioner in China

PureInsight | September 19, 2012

[] I had mouth rot recently. The area in my mouth turned white and it was painful whenever I was eating. The pain became more severe day after day. During that time, I looked within to see where I had done wrong, but there was no improvement. One day, the pain was gone and below is my explanation of what happened.

I found a new job about one month ago. After some time I noticed that I had mouth rot. In the beginning, I thought it was due to pressure at my workplace. Later, the rot became worse and worse, and I even had difficulty in eating. I realized it was not right and began to think about what I might have done wrong. Since it was related to my mouth, it could be because I had not cultivated my speech, I spent too little effort in clarifying the truth, or was too attached to eating. But I was unsure of which one was the main reason.

One day, I had a dream in which I saw the cook from my previous workplace. In the dream, I was saying bad words about him, a man who was nearly 60 years old. In fact, I had spoken bad words of him in the past. When waking up, I realized the mouth rot was due to bad words of others. For example, I often said bad words about other practitioners from time to time and said bad words about my coworkers at my workplace. I knew this was a bad habit and I had to correct it. But several days had passed and it still did not improve.

At the time when I did not know what to do, Master gave me a hint. One day when reading an experience-sharing article in Minghui Weekly, I had some new understandings. Stopping saying bad words of others is not enough; I need to let go of negative thoughts towards others in my mind.

Then the next morning, my mouth was no longer painful when eating, although I still had some uncomfortable feelings. On the following day, however, even the uncomfortable feeling was gone, as if nothing had happened. I am very grateful to Master and the practitioner who wrote the experience-sharing article.

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