The Consequences of Human Notions

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | October 14, 2012

[] Today I went to visit an elderly practitioner and found her sleeping while holding Zhuan Falun. I woke her up and saw a big bruise on her arm. When I asked her why she had the bruise, the practitioner told me what had happened.

The practitioner’s son had purchased a house in a nearby village to renovate. One day when the renovation was completed, he stayed in the house because it was too dark to come back to his mother’s house. The practitioner was afraid his son might get too cold at night and thought about going there to give him a quilt. Her husband tried to stop her, saying that it was too dark and that their son would be just fine. The practitioner hesitated but then still decided to go.

When she was almost there, a car came by and hit her as well as a motorcycle. She was knocked down and when she tried to stand up she was unable to. Finally she was able to get up, and picked up the quilt and carried on to her son’s house. When she arrived at the house, she felt dizzy and had a bump on her head, but it was not painful. Her son was surprised to see her looking like this and asked her what had happened. He wanted to go and find the driver of the car and call the police. But she stopped him, saying she was just fine. Her son then sent her back home on a motorcycle.

After getting back home, she was very thankful to Master for helping her during the accident. She also realized why this happened. Her son had begun to renovate the house a while ago and she was involved in helping him and was unable to keep up in doing the exercises. She hardly sent forth righteous thoughts four times a day, especially around noon time. She also felt sleepy when studying the Fa, and instead spent time watching TV. Because of these human notions, the old forces took advantage of her gaps and caused this tribulation.

After hearing this practitioner’s sharing, I agreed with her that we need to remain diligent and stay away from TV programs made by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She said she was not attached to the TV programs, but often joined her family members watching them. I shared my understanding that Fa-study was the most important.

When we studied the Fa together afterwards, we read the following paragraph: “Furthermore, I am telling you that because you are Falun Dafa disciples, I will tell you these words: ‘Never read those crooked qigong books.’ I am not referring to the foregoing classic texts, but to those sham qigong books written by people today. You should not even open them. If the idea flashes in your mind that ‘well, this sentence seems reasonable,’ with this, the possessing spirits or animals in the book will attach to your body.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

The TV programs made by the CCP have lots of party culture elements and other bad substances that can interfere with us. We need to spend more time studying the Fa, cultivating ourselves, and doing the Three Things well.

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