The Nine Grand Competitions: Good or Evil Is Judged Only by People’s Hearts

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | November 2, 2012

[] As the August 18, 2012 International Classical Chinese Dance Competition drew closer, the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] employed a most evil tactic to interfere by preventing dancers from mainland China from entering the competition. However, the news headlines generated from this around the world had the opposite effect of promoting the dance competition, resulting in even more people becoming eager to see Shen Yun Performing Arts showcase ancient Chinese traditional music and dance in more than 100 cities on four continents. The contestants from China can now clearly see the true nature of the evil CCP—a regime that opposes compassion and justice and loses the faith and hope of its citizens.

When the CCP refused to give the Chinese contestants a visa and even banned them from leaving the country, people’s opinions about of the CCP were ruined. How chilling it is to live under a regime that leads its people from general disappointment to complete hopelessness. The more you believe it, the more you’re harmed. The more you adapt to its control, the more your path is blocked. Besides the lies, there is flagrant corruption and moral degradation. On the surface the CCP appears as a dignified and upright organisation, but in private it is utterly inhumane. While taking citizens’ hard-earned money to in turn persecute them, the regime calls itself a public servant. Such “servants” have been deceiving their hosts—the Chinese people—for over sixty years. As the saying goes, “fooled once, never forgotten.”

A family having been fooled for generations should accept punishment. Evil is born and nourished from selfishness and greed—one who lives this way gives one’s life to evil. That little bit of gained vested interest has no way of making up for the drained and empty feeling left on one’s soul. The CCP has made China into a nation, which has lost its faith; other than further indulging in desire to satisfy greed, it doesn’t know what it truly wants, other than money, power, and material gain. It doesn’t know that a higher faith can lead one’s soul to its true home. A higher spiritual life is the source of true happiness for one’s soul.

In mainland China poverty is laughed at, while prostitution is not. Under the false notion that everything is gained by money, everyday people’s greed helps sustain the evil system of the regime. The so-called “Nationwide System” is nothing but depraved mayhem, numbing the consciences of citizens, disregarding the truth, persecuting dissidents, and attacking good people who refuse to be led down an evil path. Everyone is sacrificing their consciences to meet the needs of a small party, just to be part of a superficial privileged class. In the degeneration of humanity, everyone is competing—competing to see whose heart is darker, greedier, and more promiscuous. The crueller the CCP gang leader, the harsher their methods. They shout and tear at each other for power and reveal each other’s flaws. In their infighting they shatter the hope of the “Rise of a Great Country.” Everyday people can clearly see that the CCP leaders espouse nothing but lies and evil, and what they have lost is the country’s hope for the future. More and more people are awakening to the truth and no longer believing the CCP’s lies. They’ve learned how to view things righteously.

Believing the exact opposite of what the evil CCP says is the only way to avoid being fooled. Learning how to see through its lies is the only way to know the truth. What the CCP officials strongly advocate for is certain to be the most pointless thing, and what they forbid is certain to be good. When they attack something they are certain to have a hidden agenda. What the fear and forbid is certain to be what should be done, because everything compassionate does the most harm to the CCP. Its enemy is conscience; the awakening of humanity weakens the party and disintegrates the evil. Human nature is compassionate, which is aligned with the universe’s nature of Zhen, Shan, Ren. The evil spirits attack compassion and rebel against human society and the universe.

One of the most common words used on China’s internet today is “bei” (a passive form of “to be”), ie to be represented, to be equalized, to have committed suicide. The widespread use of this trivial word “bei” reveals the tyranny of the CCP’s party system. But as long as you can still use your own brain to think and distinguish compassion and goodness from evil, you can uplift your heart and make correct choices. Today, the aspiring Nine Grand Competitions contestants from mainland China face the test of being chosen. The CCP also knows that force cannot change one’s heart. They can’t confine them to China for their entire lives, there are many ways to leave. Today’s rising Shen Yun Performing Arts’ tours are bringing true Chinese culture and spirit onto the world stage, receiving recognition and praise everywhere. Once the CCP seized this divine land, they used Marxism to destroy and bring shame to Chinese culture, and they used the communist culture to destroy traditional culture.

By contrast, it’s like the donkey’s head doesn’t match the horse’s mouth. When their lying tactics fail, they can’t even protest. They’re so scared that they can only do things discretely to cause trouble, making unfounded counter charges. Under pressure, they thought of another stupid tactic: trying to outperform Shen Yun. They wanted to offer a large sum of money to contestants in order to make a dance troupe similar to the Shen Yun Performing Arts. While facing threats and temptation, we must first be clear about what we lose. Do we really want to take this money, knowing what we will lose in return?

This tactic has revealed much about the CCP’s culture. Studying hard in China doesn’t guarantee a future. You must have connections in the CCP’s evil system in order to gain a footing. What is gained however can never replenish the losses. Furthermore, there aren’t many performing artists who want to sacrifice themselves to help the CCP. Many citizens don’t dare to ponder the possibility of going abroad; much less do they have the economic means to compete against the second generation of high-ranking officials in the field of performing arts. Under dictatorship, their hard work and efforts reap no rewards and their hopes disintegrate, leaving everyone cynical and dejected. However, the CCP wants to sabotage Shen Yun by forcing contestants to join their organization. They conceal their goal of stopping New Tang Dynasty’s global revival of traditional culture and use evil methods to confuse awakened people who want to learn about their ancient Chinese culture.

With righteous thoughts and actions one can have the stage to fulfil one’s dream, relying on one’s own strengths and seizing opportunities with dignity. This is essentially creating a new path for the performing arts community. As long as you aspire to compete in the New Tang Dynasty International Classical Chinese Dance competition, your efforts won’t be wasted. As long as you use righteous thoughts to understand Shen Yun and have the courage to sign up, even if you can’t leave the country, you’ll have a job. It’s at least better than being frustrated about learning useless things and it also has dignity because you will have played a positive role. The lying CCP that disregards its citizens will only bow down to China’s citizens in the face of the righteous, awe-inspiring Nine Grand Competitions. From ancient times to modern day, evil has never conquered righteousness. Every time the CCP tries to cause trouble, it only promotes the Nine Grand Competitions. No matter what evil tactics it uses, righteous power will always cause it to backfire and harm itself.

So even though the CCP has the audacity to sabotage Shen Yun, the outcome is that it helps promote the Nine Grand Competitions as well as NTDTV and Shen Yun. The poor powerless Chinese citizens have been persecuted for too long, yet they still understand the survival technique of attacking the weak, instead of the strong. The seemingly powerful CCP has revealed its fatal weakness, giving the citizens an opportunity they can’t pass up. Regardless of the outcome, they should take a shot at it. An international competition isn’t something everyone will encounter. Striving for oneself is definitely worthwhile, not to mention that one will learn the truth in the process and come to experience levels and levels of unseen worlds. The simple act of inserting a CD into a computer will allow the viewing of NTDTV, opening a window to the world without even having to step out the door. One will be able to watch the true news of mainland China, understand their own true living environments, and know how to detect lies. Not being fooled is the way to save one’s life. The sound of righteousness is the sound of hope. Knowing the truth will enable you to integrate your pure innate nature with the universe’s truths, and to revive your soul by breaking away from evil and embracing righteousness.

NTDTV was created by a group of people who believe in Zhen, Shan, Ren. Not only are they advocates of Zhen, Shan, Ren, they are also implementers of it, using truth and compassion to deliver the truth to tens of thousands of households, attracting global attention. They are responsible to every audience member. We don’t oppose people with power, but we do oppose evil because evil will kidnap one’s life for death. So where there is evil, there will be righteous voices to expose the lies and destroy evil spirits to save people who’ve been taken down the wrong path. As long as people exercise compassion and change their hearts, their lives will also change. They will be able to avoid adversity and enter a beautiful future. Truth can revive one’s life and return you to your original true self.

Miracles are right in front of you. New Tang Dynasty’s rise is a miracle in and of itself because it is the righteous platform of conscience and compassion for all awakened people. It is the world’s window; opening this window will allow you to walk into the real world, walk out of the lies, and return to your true self.

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