Nine Competitions Series: Elimination of Evil Spirits

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 12, 2012

[] The NTDTV Chinese Dancing Competition Preliminaries successfully kicked
off in Hong Kong on August 18, 2012, achieving the glorious feat of opening the southern gate of China to NTDTV. The soul stirring process was thought provoking. At 9:00 a.m. before the competition started, members of the Youth Caring Association of Hong Kong gathered at the entrance of the venue, making noise and chaos to try to prevent the judges of the competition from entering. In the end however, good prevailed over evil and the judges entered the venue under the convoy of security personnel.

The Youth Caring Association, which is part of the Political and Judiciary Commission of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), playing out this farce before the competition could start not only made the police who were present sigh with disappointment, but also showed the world the so-called “Chinese Characteristics,” a self-manifestation of the gang nature of the CCP. All degrading means were employed by the CCP, like trying to provoke people with insulting words and behaving arrogantly and despotically. This is what the real, lie covered, status quo of China is like. Daring to be so evil in the public eye of Hong Kong, we can see how civil citizens are trampled and oppressed by the despotic CCP. Those cruelly injured, suppressed souls are yearning so much for freedom that it is imperative to eliminate the evil CCP and save sentient beings as the violent culture of the CCP has already infiltrated into Hong Kong. It is thus clear that our righteous actions have far-reaching effects.

The ugly farce imposed by the CCP has incited yet another positive thought among people and has generated a question asked by people around the world: Why are Chinese people against Chinese culture? Is it that the essence of five thousand years of Chinese culture can be negated just because there is a Falun Gong background involved in the competitions?

In fact, it’s not important as to what orthodox culture possesses what background; art and culture intrinsically have nothing to do with politics. Rather, what matters is putting forward perfect art and real things of human beings; the world would accept this no matter which group does it. The feelings of beauty are the same though there are so many different countries, nations, languages, and beliefs. As long as it’s a representation of goodness and light, art can open up people’s hearts, communicate and resonate with their souls, become a source of replenishment for spiritual energy, and extract wisdom and remodel one’s life with the best and brightest outlook. The notion of abandoning evil and embracing good is a common language and belief of human beings. It can awake the long dust-laden human nature, lead people to gods, nourish spiritual vitality, fend off all disasters, help people breach their inner darkness, and ignite the power to change towards goodness, defeat evil, uphold justice, rectify human society and help people face the future with energy and confidence. Artistic appeal is not only spiritual interaction, but also an infusion of pure energy; thus orthodox arts are able to change people’s perceptions, purify their hearts and souls, and improve morality; no evil can block people’s hearts from seeking what is good, which has already been proven by Shen Yun.

Pure goodness and beauty are common yearnings of human beings, which everybody is entitled to explore, discover, and then present to others to benefit them. But the CCP cannot stand others doing this even though they themselves cannot. Falun Gong has put forward what can lead people’s spirits back to the right way. Regaining the national culture of the Divine Land of China is equal to exposing the evil party’s hypocrisy, dismantling its camp, and restoring a true China. The specter of Marxism and Leninism in China can only destroy traditions, mutate cultures, erase true culture from people’s minds, lead the Chinese nationality down a heretic way, cause demonic transformation in people’s hearts, and cause morality to slip downwards at a tremendous speed. Who can tackle the degeneration of the world and save people’s spirits at this moment? Facts have proven that only the Falun Dafa cultivation group which has risen with pure souls amidst being persecuted relentlessly by the CCP can shoulder this important responsibility.

As the heir of divinity, the Chinese nationalities’ ancestral home is where gods are; to believe in atheism is equal to being self-expelled from our native home. How can a person be saved by gods if he throws in his lot with the enemy, destroying ancient traditions, denying his ancestral origins, and denying the existence of gods? Those who believe in the hearsay of Marxism and Leninism have only the lineage, but not the spirit of Chinese people. It was because their souls were controlled by the evil spirit of communism that they perpetrated such ugly wrong doings as defying saints, their ancestors, and opposing Chinese culture. Is slandering good people, violence, attacking the police and undermining the law the way that the Caring Association of the CCP expresses its care for the public? China had always been a state of etiquette and ritual in ancient times, but the CCP stole the appearance of Chinese culture and at the same time systematically destroyed traditional morality. Saying one thing and doing another with both hidden and open intrigues, the CCP’s behavior is like acute schizophrenia. They are Chinese people, yet they are so afraid of Chinese culture; this can only be taken as proof that their souls have been extinguished by the evil spirit of communism. Their souls being lost, their bodies being possessed by the evil communist spirit, and the extent of their madness is analogous to being brain dead. Is it justified to confuse right and wrong and attack the culture that originally belonged to oneself just because one is in power? Are the values of good and evil determined by power?

These unreasonable people controlled by the evil spirit of communism are the real victims; they are tools of the CCP though they have outer forms of Chinese people. It’s not that there is no way for us to deal with their disruptions—commentators of NTDTV all have silver tongues and can air a live show to expose these evil doers thoroughly. For instance, two commentators could be assigned to give improvisational narrations, just like watching a ball game, to expose this farce to the world and make records of these people’s ignoble acts. These people cannot hide themselves wherever they go, and the CCP would definitely not pay them for their actions after exploiting them; conversely, it would shirk accountability and act as if it is humane. Nobody would like to go down in history as a symbol of infamy just for a small sum of blood money, and the CCP can hardly bribe people anymore. Its evil nature can surely be thoroughly disclosed. The whole world would come to understand that anyone could be the next victim if people do not take a righteous stand and appease evil doings; this would be like a demon sleeping just beside one’s bed.

The really extremely wretched people are after all only very few. Most of the people being used by the CCP are just common people deceived by lies. Among them there are students who are doing jobs during their summer breaks—they may not buy into the CCP, it’s just that they sell their conscience for survival and sell their souls for the sake of selfishness. Everything a person does wrong has to be paid for. Human principles may be unfair but Heaven’s principles are always fair; lack of faith in Gods and not believing in the retribution of good and evil does not mean that one can escape bad consequences caused by oneself and not be held accountable for one’s own actions. People destroy themselves when they do evil things. We try our best to save them and hope that they can have a moment of clarity to understand the truth. Atheism is just self-deception that is exploited by the CCP to dupe people to work themselves to their bones for it. It is just because the evil spirit of communism forcibly occupied the Divine Land of China, kidnapped Gods’ people and persecuted the populace that we have the mission of clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. Every life is treasurable and as long as one still has a ray of conscience, we will make every effort to strike sparks to illuminate your life and help you get rid of the evil communist spirit, find your true self, return to your forefathers, and go back to your true home.

Therefore, sentient beings can block their own way, but cultivators with great virtue and forbearance can never give up on the predestined. Be it a good cause or a bad cause, we will settle them all with benevolent solutions. Even if in this special time you cannot be awakened, we would not define you as an evil being and deprive you of your opportunity of being saved; rather we would give you hope. Where there are Dafa disciples, there is limitless hope for you to shun the evil, and to follow what is good and go back to a human way of life. It’s not important if you did something wrong to Dafa disciples because both good things and bad things that happen are all part of the cultivation process of cultivators, which can give rise to them having minds of great benevolence and forbearance. But you must be responsible to your own life because moral corruption is a manifestation of the kalpa’s end time, and chances are really not that many. It’s as if a gust of wind or just a shower may cause many people to die now. People are drowning in floods where there should not be any floods. Even Zhongnanhai, the CCP’s den, was inundated by flood water. The victims of disasters are delayed help by corrupt officials’ poor performance and total disregard for people’s safety. The CCP regards saving face as far more important than saving people’s lives; what it cares about is not the death toll, but instead covering up its sins as fast as it can. Due to corruption, man-made calamities are far more serious than natural calamities. A hollow conscience makes the CCP show off its “greatness, glory, and correctness” instead of saving people. So even if natural calamities are not fatal, the last sense of hope would be extinguished in man-made calamities; lives would pass away in cheating lies like a gust of smoke, leaving no sign of even a statistical number or an opportunity to alert others. Believing in the CCP may cost you your life.

In fact it’s not that the wind and rain would kill people, but that human beings’ vitality in the kalpa’s end has already been depleted by the evil CCP spirit. During moral degeneration, people are satisfying their selfish desires while exhausting their lives. What’s more, anomalies appear frequently nowadays, with natural and man-made disasters everywhere; there are also many continually updated special ways of killing people invented by the CCP. In the near future, maybe just sleeping or going outdoors will become dangerous. Actually, such things have already happened now. It’s not safe even if you just stay at home. All these are manifestations of the weakened vitalities of human beings in the period of kalpa’s end. Just think about it: facing reality, what I have said is not alarmist, but a description of real things happening around you. Think about “The three withdrawals guarantee safety” told by Dafa disciples. While the Red Terror of the evil party still prevails in mainland China, every true word the persecuted Dafa disciples tell you is them risking their lives for you. Letting go of life and death completely for other people’s benefit, these are words from the bottom of their hearts spoken to you regardless of the safety of their own lives. Can’t this solemn display of selflessness and altruism be worth your deep consideration before making the right choice?

Understand the truth, find your true self, and return to orthodox ways—it’s the only hope of reviving your life. Believe in Gods, act according to their will, and Gods will take care of you and breathe ever-lasting life into you.

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