Using Wisdom and Compassion to Clarify the Truth and Save Sentient Beings

A Dafa Practitioner from Mainland China

PureInsight | February 26, 2013

[] In the past ten years of cultivation, I went from an ordinary person who did not understand what cultivation or “consummation” was to a particle of Dafa through continuous Fa study and help from compassionate fellow practitioners. For this I feel extremely honored, and I thank Master for his compassionate and arduous salvation.

I began cultivation in 1998 but didn’t take it seriously. When the persecution began in 1999, I walked back into Dafa. I gradually became clearer about my own path through opposing the persecution and have been closely following Master’s Fa rectification process. I will next share some truth clarification experiences.

In the beginning of 2002, I started clarifying the truth face to face. Whether it was at work, with neighbors, at the farmer’s market, or with friends and family, I always clarified the truth to predestined people by telling them about my personal persecution experiences, telling them the beauty of Dafa, and telling them about the evil of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Once the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published in January of 2004, I was very excited: “Great! There’s finally been someone who exposed the evil party.” By then I had already learned to use the Internet, so I called my neighbors over to read the Nine Commentaries. Fellow practitioners also helped me print a few books to give to my neighbors. When a local materials center later gave me actual books, I went from house to house, delivering them to my friends and my boss. When I asked them what they thought a few days later, they all responded positively, so I urged them to quit the CCP. My boss told me, “You know my name. Why don’t you help me quit?” A few of my friends gave me the names of twenty of their family members to quit the CCP.

In 2005 I moved to a place far away from my previous workplace. I thought it would be difficult to pay a visit. But lots of my former colleagues hadn’t heard the truth yet! Thus I brought truth clarification materials to my old workplace which had about twenty people and met them in a conference room. When they saw me, they greeted me and asked what I was doing. I told them I was here to save them. When my colleagues heard this, they all laughed. I clarified the truth to them one by one, and twenty people quit the CCP.

On December 6, 2005, my father died of an illness. Although I was sad, I thought about using this as an opportunity to clarify the truth and get others to quit the CCP. I put truth clarification materials and my Falun amulet in a backpack and clarified the truth whenever I sat down to eat. I clarified the truth to about ten of my sister’s friends at the table, telling them how the CCP’s power wouldn’t last long. I told them that the CCP killed over 80 million Chinese citizens and that even we are still suffering now. We grew up without much to eat, but somehow I managed to find a job in the city, and now we’re all laid off and we’ve got elders and younger people to take care of. This evoked a sympathetic response from everyone. I told them that the CCP has committed so many sins that the heavens will surely punish it and that we shouldn’t follow it to the grave. We need to save ourselves and seek security and peace. They all agreed and said, “Sister, the day the CCP falls will be the day we drink to celebrate!” That day 31 people quit the CCP.

In the process of convincing people to quit the CCP, I maintained the attitude of, “If you quit I won’t get excited; if you don’t quit I also won’t feel discouraged.” Each time I was gaining experience for the next time. To sum it up in one sentence: “Clarifying the truth without any human notions, only a notion to save sentient beings.”

In 2006 I moved to a new place. I remembered Master said that Dafa disciples are sentient beings’ sole hope for salvation, so I decided to open up truth clarification in a new location. Because I moved in to the district first, when my neighbors moved in, I always paid a visit, telling them to come see me if they needed anything. We lived together because of our karmic relationships. Making closer relationships would facilitate the truth clarification process. The neighbors above and below me all quit the CCP. We lived in a new neighborhood, simultaneously developing it and advertising it. I frequently sat outside the advertising booth, clarifying the truth to predestined passersby. Lots of workers quit the CCP. There was also a square table with four chairs outside frequently occupied by people where I also clarified the truth.

One day the development manager also sat down, so I seized the chance and said, “Hey manager, you’re one of the most humane bosses I’ve had. Being humane is quite different from having the CCP’s spirit. The more party spirit you have, the less humane you become.” He laughed and said, “You’re right sister.” I then followed up with specifics about quitting the CCP and seeking security and peace. After listening he responded, “I believe you. Quit the CCP for me.” A few days later as I sat in the yard enjoying the shade, the manager drove by and said, “Sister, you’re a good person. You’re very compassionate.” When he saw his employees nearby, he called them over and told me to tell them the good news. They all quit the CCP. Several people who heard me explain quitting the CCP and seeking security and peace also helped their family members quit. This sort of situation occurred frequently in my neighborhood. Usually I clarified the truth to someone over the table, convincing them to quit the CCP. Once they quit, they’d call over someone else and say, “Hurry up and listen to what good news sister has to offer. Sister, he also joined the CCP, hurry up and make him quit too.”

The security guards in our small district all came from outside the area. Whenever I buy fruits, I share them with them. During the Dragon Boat Festival, I shared dumplings and eggs and managed to create a closer relationship. When I clarified the truth to them, many of the security guards quit the CCP. As time progressed, the neighbors all called me “Fa sister.” Even the security guards like the fact that there is a “Falun auntie” in the neighborhood.

In October 2008, I received a phone call from a colleague about a reunion. I immediately accepted, thinking I couldn’t even find this sort of opportunity if I tried. Thus I prepared in advance. I bought gift bags and filled them with truth clarification materials, letters, photos of the hidden character stone in Guizhou [a 270 million year old stone with Chinese characters engraved in it saying “Chinese communist party collapse” that was discovered in 2002], and Falun amulets. I sent forth righteous thoughts every day, asking Master to strengthen me to “save my old colleagues.” On the day of the reunion, I sang “Awakening” for everyone and then clarified the truth one by one, giving everyone a gift bag. Everyone was very happy, and 68 people quit the CCP that day.

My experience in the past few years with truth clarification has essentially been studying lots of Fa and constantly eliminating my own attachments. For instance when I was meditating one day, I heard the words, “Fill the heart with compassion. Assume a peaceful and serene expression on the face” (Exercise Instruction for the Fifth Exercise of Falun Dafa), and my heart shook. I realized that that was how I should act when clarifying the truth. Thus I began doing so whenever I clarified the truth, and the results were good. Another thing is to continuously clarify and summarize what you are saying. It is best to shorten your words so that just a few can clarify the truth. While clarifying the truth, it is best to be relaxed, natural, and humorous so the other person feels that you’re truly doing what’s best for them. Another thing is when you’re clarifying the truth and start talking about the evil of the CCP, ask these two questions: 1. Do you support the CCP’s current actions?, and 2. When the CCP is punished, would you want to accompany it to the grave? Most people would answer no to both, and you follow up by telling them that if they remember “Falun Dafa is good; Zhen, Shan, Ren is good,” that they will find security and peace.

Besides studying the Fa, my improvement in cultivation in these past few years also comes from the Clearwisdom website. I find time every day to read Clearwisdom, the Epoch Times, and Renminbao. I usually read articles involving truth clarification, taking notes on good examples and wording and memorize them after a few reads. Doing so expanded my arsenal of truth clarification techniques, allowing me to clarify the truth differently depending on the other person’s attachments. The effect on quitting the CCP is also positive. Through clarifying the truth these few years, my deepest insight is that as long as you put your heart into it without a single human attachment, Master has already arranged everything perfectly. It is just up to you to do it.

Master said, “If you haven’t done things well you should seize the day. You don’t need anyone to affirm you, and you don’t need to do things to show anyone. When you are able to live up to your conscience, Master sees it” (“Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”).

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