Always Maintain Righteous Thoughts to Avoid Interference

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland China

PureInsight | January 28, 2013

[] A Dafa disciple will not run into anything by accident. When something happens suddenly it is to test whether a practitioner’s cultivation of mind-nature (xinxing) is solid or not. One morning on the way to my workplace, I was walking with a family member who is also a fellow practitioner. This family member glanced at a member of the opposite sex who walked by. I clearly spotted it from the corner of my eye and my mind was disturbed. I told my family member that a practitioner should not be attached to desire for the opposite sex. My family member became furious, but we both calmed down quickly. I then looked inside and saw my own attachments to sexual desire and competition. I realized I also had poor character in this regard, otherwise, why was I disturbed? I was upset with myself for not keeping good xinxing when encountering tribulations. I sent forth righteous thoughts to clear myself of these human thoughts and attachments.

Master taught us in “Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference:” “At present, it is a given that you need to do well the three things and cultivate yourselves well. Have strong righteous thoughts. When you cultivate yourself well, your righteous thoughts will of course be strong.” “A human being is like a container. If he is filled with Fa, he will—this being the Fa of the cosmos—naturally have righteous thoughts and play a positive role. That’s for sure.”

Lately, I have been going through both mental and physical tribulations. After pains in my shoulder went away I suffered heart problems for three days. It was so painful that I was unable to sleep. My family member asked whether I needed to go to a hospital, but I insisted on studying Fa and practicing the exercises. I listened to the audio Fa lectures at night because I was unable to sleep. When my heart problems disappeared, pain in my abdomen and lower back started. The pain was so severe that I felt as if my lower back and abdomen were torn to pieces. I had the thought that I was a Dafa disciple who only followed Master’s teachings and I could overcome what I needed to. I would not acknowledge any persecution and interference and would eliminate them. I must try my best to do the three things well.

After a week, my lower back and abdomen recovered. I realized the tribulations I had been suffering were nothing because our great Master had helped me overcome it. I held the greatest gratitude toward Master from the bottom of my heart. I understood that as long as I improved my xinxing and wholeheartedly believed in Master and Dafa, I was able to overcome tribulations. Master taught us in Hong Yin, “Tempering the Will” that: “Physical pains count little as suffering. Indeed, cultivating mind is hardest.” Only by putting down our attachments and human mindsets can we overcome the tribulations.

I studied the paragraph of Master’s lecture “Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference:”

Disciple: When I was clarifying the truth I encountered ordinary people who said that they knew such-and-such Dafa disciple and how he’s not even as good as your average non-practitioner, and though his words sound really good, his conduct is really poor.

Master: I’ve heard such things too. If what you do is not befitting a Dafa disciple, then you are playing the role that the old forces would like to see, and it is dangerous. But that said, I hope that those of you who happen to hear people say such words will think about how it might relate to you. Do you understand what I just said?”

When I studied the above paragraph, I thought that it referred to other practitioners, not to me. In fact, I knew some practitioners who were the ones Master referred to in the lecture.

In the past, I talked too much and did not perform well enough. I was bogged down by my human opinions and attachments. My performance was not up to the standard of a Dafa disciple. I was also wondering whether my family member had realized his own attachment or not. During Fa study, I suddenly realized that Master was referring to me. When I stayed with fellow practitioners, I talked a lot. I have since come to understand that I was interfered with by my own human attachments and stuck in the frame of human thinking. I thought I put in a lot of effort and did lots of things to clarify the truth, but in fact I was misunderstood and not trusted. I felt that I had been suffering injustices, and my attachment of jealousy emerged with this feeling. I was neither being able to fall asleep nor being able to eat well. My mind was full of complaint, and I did not behave like a practitioner or use righteous thoughts to consider things that I came across.

Master told us in the lecture “Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference:” “You have all seen that in today’s society negative things abound, and they spur on people’s attachments and affect their minds and souls, continually dragging the world’s people downwards. It is terrifying. Dafa disciples are human cultivators, not gods that cultivate, and so as people who cultivate, they will be interfered with to some extent. If they cannot handle themselves well, then they are just like ordinary people; and when interfered with, their behavior will be much like that of ordinary people.”

Being Dafa disciples, we must restrain ourselves and break through human concepts and attachments as much as we can. My cultivation of mind-nature has improved after constant Fa study, sending forth righteous thoughts, and with help from fellow practitioners. I had been interfered with because I hadn’t cultivated solidly in the past. Here, I would like to thank Master’s compassionate teaching which has saved me. I cannot imagine what I would become if I hadn’t practiced Dafa. Therefore, I understand that we must focus on cultivating ourselves, reinforcing our main consciousness, and constantly look inside and do the three things well. We must walk the path that Master has arranged for us.

The above is my personal understanding. Please point out anything I have not understood correctly.

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