Miraculous Stories of My Cultivation Experiences

A Dafa Disciple in Nei Meng Gu, China

PureInsight | January 24, 2013

[PureInsight.org] The following stories are some of my experiences from practicing cultivation in Falun Dafa. These miracles have taken place throughout my cultivation process, proving that Dafa is genuine. I’ve written them down for later generations to bear in mind that Dafa disciples faced difficulties and obstacles during this period of time, yet believed in Master and Dafa, leaving behind glory and examples of miracles.

1. Obtaining the Fa and Exhibiting Supernatural Powers

A. I am definitely learning Falun Gong

I remember when I just obtained the Fa, someone who practiced other Qigong exercises wanted to learn Falun Gong, so I told her, “You need to cleanse your house first before I play my Master’s audiotape lectures.” She told me that she had already cleansed it and for me to go the next day. That night I dreamt that the mess her family worshipped had not been cleaned out; she had just stowed them away in a little warehouse. I saw everything very clearly. The next day when she came to look for me, I immediately told her, “You didn’t cleanse your house. You’re trying to fool me. They’re all in a little warehouse.” She was very surprised when she heard me say this and said, “How long have you practiced? Falun Dafa is this miraculous?” I told her that I had only been learning for two months. She said, “You’ve only been learning for two months and you can tell when I lie? I am definitely learning Falun Gong.” Once she returned home, she threw out all the bad things in her house and became a true Dafa disciple.
A few days later, when she got to the fourth lecture of Master’s audiotape lectures, she saw something furry like a bear in another dimension; it had its two claws on her shoulders and was nose to nose with her. She asked it, “What kind of being are you? I practice Falun Gong now. If you don’t leave now, I won’t be merciful!” The monster then disappeared.

B. Monsters are suddenly destroyed

A few days after I began practicing I knew that this practice is the best. Whenever anyone else brought up another practice, I would immediately reject it. I had a dream that a crowd of people who practiced messy things had surrounded me, saying that their practice was good and that Dafa wasn’t. I told them that Falun Gong was good. They couldn’t argue with me, so they revealed their ferocious faces. When I looked again, I saw they weren’t even human! It was a crowd of foxes, weasels, ghosts, snakes, and other lowly creatures. Just when I felt helpless, a door suddenly opened in my abdomen area, pouring out a ray of light. When I looked again at those creatures, they had long been destroyed. The scene was very clear. I later realized that it was the Falun that Master gave me, automatically destroying demons.

C. A golden Falun propped me up

When I went to the countryside to spread the Fa, I lived with a family that worshipped some sort of wolf immortal. They had pictures of it in their house, and I pulled them all down and threw them away. That night I had a dream that a pack of wolves surrounded me; their bloodthirsty jaws were wide open, wanting to eat me. There was no way for me to escape. At the critical moment, a golden Falun appeared out of nowhere and flew under my feet. I stood on the Falun and it flew me away from the pack of wolves. However, one wolf had also managed to get on the Falun; its jaws were open, ready to bite me. I looked at the wolf with no sense of fear. The more I looked at the wolf, the smaller it became until it was only about thirty centimetres long. It still had its jaws open wanting to bite me, which seemed ridiculous. I grabbed its upper jaw with one hand and its lower jaw with my other hand and split it open right through the middle and threw it on the ground. It then became two big pieces of meat, the smaller one about two meters in length. I then thought of Master’s words: “Big deal if they’ve cultivated almost 1,000 years, a pinky is more than enough to crush them” (Zhuan Falun, “The Third Talk”).

D. A closed door moves like a person

Around winter time, my son had just turned a month old. I stood on a kang bed-stove rocking my son back and forth in my arms, trying to put him to sleep. I accidentally stepped in midair holding my son and fell towards the ground. My son’s head was heading for the door. At that very moment, I saw the door moves on its own, getting out of the way by a good half meter. At the time the door was closed, and the door normally opened towards the inside. In other words, it was impossible to open the door outwards; pushing would only close it even more. However I clearly saw that the door open towards the outside. If the door didn’t get out of the way, my son would have probably died from hitting the door with that much force.

This strengthened my understanding of a section in the “Seventh Talk” of Master’s Zhuan Falun: “When your third eye reaches the Law Vision level, you’ll discover that stones, walls, or whatever will all talk to you and greet you.” Everything is alive. We’ve been poisoned by the evil communist party’s atheism and materialism for many years, viewing everything as either inorganic or organic, with small molecules composing bigger molecules; it’s nothing more than the synthesis and transformation of proteins. Actually all matter has spirit; everything is alive. It’s no wonder that if a monk in a temple broke a bowl, he would read a Buddha scripture to it to free the bowl’s soul from misery. Master’s words are absolutely true.

E. Pyramid

For a period of time my situation was very difficult. It was very tense inside and outside the house. When I went to my eighth aunt’s house to deliver the “Minghui Weekly,” not only did she not want it, she started insulting me and pushing me out the door. When I went to deliver the “Minghui Weekly” to my oldest aunt, she also ignored me, even when I stood behind her as she fed the cows. My father-in-law didn’t understand why I was always around practitioners and scolded me for a good hour. My fellow practitioners also had issues with me saying that I misinterpreted the Fa. Some directly said that I had Qigong psychosis, that I was breeding demons in my own mind, and that I was misleading other practitioners in the area. One time four practitioners all came at me, taking turns saying things one after the other, making me feel very bad inside. Although I put a lot of effort into studying the Fa, I did so with attachments and didn’t get anything out of it; the knot was still there. One night I had a dream; someone threw lots of manure on our land. I thought that it was a good thing that there was manure on our land. However when I went over to take a closer look, I found that there were actually many golden pyramids, each about twenty centimetres long. I stacked all the little pyramids on top of each other to make a large pyramid at least two meters in height.

Through that dream I realized that Master was giving me a hint. The laws of the three realms are reversed. Bad things are actually good. Thinking about my situation like this freed all the knots inside me. I was no longer deluded by the false appearances in the human world. For example, when my older sister scolded me for over two hours, I wasn’t moved at all. Later, whenever my older sister brought this up, she would say, “Master Li is really very very powerful. He is able to change the personality of our family’s second eldest daughter. In the past whenever I said something about her, she’d have eight things to say in reply. Now, when I scold her for two hours, she says nothing.” She would always remember to add “Falun Dafa is really good.”

2. Miraculous Experiences Throughout the Fa Rectification Period

A. Telling the mountains, water, flowers, birds, and trees that Falun Dafa is good

In 2006, five practitioners and I drove a car to the Alps while in Europe to distribute materials. We repeatedly recited Master’s poem on the way there: “A hundred thousand miles this vehicle travels; Racing to slay evil, brandishing swords; The hand, erect, props up the falling sky; Fa-rectification averts the brewing tragedy” (Hong Yin Volume II: “Eliminating Evil”). I am very proud to be a Dafa disciple. We stayed at a small hotel in the Alps. We finished everything during the day and planned to go home the next day. That night I dreamt that there was a three to four foot deep pit of poisonous snakes hiding in the “San Cha” valley, a tourist site. I realized that all the evil demons and ghosts had gathered there to wait for us to leave before coming back out. We thus decided to stay. We bought tickets to tour the Scenic Area; each ticket cost over one hundred dollars. We began sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil as soon as we entered the area. After thirty minutes, we wrote “Falun Dafa is good! Zhen, Shan, Ren is good!” on every birch tree we saw. Writing on the smooth birch bark with red ink was very eye-catching. We also shouted “Falun Dafa is good” in the mountains, telling the mountains, water, flowers, birds, and trees that they’re all here for the Fa and that if they remember that Falun Dafa is good, they will be saved and have an auspicious future. We went to all the important tourist sites, spreading the beauty of Dafa to tens of thousands of sentient beings.

B. The evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the root of all calamity

When four practitioners including myself went to Wu Lan Hao Te (a city name) to spread the Fa, three of us were arrested and sent to detention centers. In the detention centers, I meditated and sent forth righteous thoughts (SFRT). I saw that Wu Lan Hao Te’s sky was covered with dense black matter and evil spirits and light couldn’t penetrate through. While SFRT, I channelled all the practitioners’ abilities to eliminate the evil matter in the sky. I saw a fellow practitioner and myself each dragging one side of an enormous net that covered the entire sky of Wu Lan Hao Te, capturing all the evil beings. It was really like Master’s poem “The Net is Tightening” in Hong Yin Volume Two: “How much longer can the ferocious evil run wild? A chill is already felt in the autumn wind. The rotten demons, shaken at the core. Face their final days without a sliver of hope.” Fellow practitioners and I SFRT together, completely eliminating all the evil within the net.

Five days later, which was August 13 on the lunar calendar, Wu Lan Hao Te had an extremely rare case of frost, which killed many crops. The state-controlled media reported on it, but the CCP used this calamity to lie to the people and make themselves look better, saying that the CCP’s officers really care about the citizens’ suffering. What the citizens don’t know is that the CCP is destroying compassion, and that heaven is warning mankind that the CCP is the root of all calamity.

C. Shining golden light everywhere

In 2006 while I was held at the Wu Lan Hao Te detention center and doing the sitting meditation, my soul left my body. I saw that everywhere I went turned to gold. The rocks, flowers, trees, dirt, sand, and even the mountains were all exuding golden light. I picked three golden flowers, thinking that I’d use them to light the way once the golden light vanished. However, no matter where I walked all matter became gold. Once I came out of concentration, I thought of what Master said in “The Ninth Talk” of Zhuan Falun: “In the Western Paradise the trees are gold, the ground is gold, birds are gold, flowers are gold, houses are also gold, and even Buddha’s body is golden and shining, right? Well, you can’t find even one piece of stone there, and word has it they use stones as money. Now that guy wouldn’t haul a chunk of rock over there, but he did reveal a truth, and ordinary people can’t get it.” I knew that although I was in a demon den, I was on the divine path to paradise. Although there were thousands of dangers and hardships, the path laid out by Buddha Fa shines like gold.

D. A telephone pole that was slim and graceful and different from the rest

One time when I was walking on the street, I saw that the telephone poles had red paint that read “Falun Dafa is good.” I was very happy when I saw this. I stood next to a telephone pole and said to it, “You must protect Dafa’s message. You will be saved in the future.” A few days later, the slogans on the telephone poles were all covered over in red paint by the CCP. However, the telephone pole I exchanged thoughts with still had the words “Falun Dafa is good” prominently written on it. As a result, this telephone pole stood more gracefully and was different from the rest. As a result of this event, no matter what sort of truth clarification I did, I’d always tell the objects involved, “Protect Dafa’s material. You will be saved.”

E. The cloth on my body transformed into a robe

Once I had a dream that I went into the heavens and saw Master, who was wearing a cassock, had curly blue hair, and stood very tall. Master’s solemnity couldn’t be described using human language. Practitioners wearing different colored cassocks were lined up in rainbow color order and were waiting for Master to pick them up. I realized that no practitioners from our area had cassocks, so I decided to make some for them. I used to buy lots of cloth and was once a tailor, so I would use those pieces of cloth to make them cassocks. I returned to the human realm, went to the market, and ordered seven big bundles of cloth, each a color of the rainbow. Just as I was preparing to bring them home, an enormous gust of wind blew all the shops and merchandise away. The entire city was quiet as I lie atop the bundles of cloth. I brought them home and began making the cassocks by hand, one by one. However, I realized it would take far too long to make cassocks for every practitioner. Once I had this notion, as soon as I lightly folded the cloth, a robe would be complete. Once I completed all the cassocks, including one for myself, a young disciple came up to me and said, “Aunt! My mother is also a Dafa disciple, but she doesn’t have a cassock yet.” I gave her the one that I had made for myself and had only a two meter long piece of cloth left. I knew this wasn’t enough cloth to make another cassock, so I just put it over my back, and we all flew away. Once we arrived in the heavens, the cloth on my body became a transparent golden cassock as beautiful as I wanted it to be.

F. I made a purple shirt inlayed with “Falun Dafa is good”

Because I was frequently persecuted by the CCP’s police and my house was frequently searched, my husband put all my Dafa books in a tool box in the machinery repair shop to protect them. They’ve been there for over ten years. In 2006 I had a dream while in the demon den of a female detention center. I dreamt that I went to my husband’s machinery repair shop. The yard was filled with plum blossoms. The plum tree trunks were at least as thick as a bowl. The flowers were purple and red, and the entire yard was filled with a wonderful fragrance. There was also a ladder that extended into the heavens. The ladder was covered with booby traps; stepping on it would cause mines to explode. I saw that people who stepped on it exploded into smithereens. I wasn’t moved by any of these scenes and recklessly began climbing towards the top. When I reached the highest level, I began to hear the mines exploding beneath me. I also saw another level of heaven and earth. Between heaven and earth were many celestial beings who wore different ancient outfits. From close up, they were walking in tiny steps; from far away, they were flying. There were even more at higher levels. The heavenly ladders were all interconnected; every level of heaven was connected to the previous one. I continuously went up several levels, each more beautiful than the previous one. At every level, I greeted many people who wore different ancient outfits. Because I wasn’t wearing anything at the time, I wanted to get some clothes from them. They led me to a room with brilliant golden walls and many clothes, one of which had the words “Falun Dafa is good” printed on it. I felt that this one was mine, so I took it and put it on.

After I had this dream, I made a purple shirt that had “Falun Dafa is good” written across the chest just like the one in my dream. Master said “If a lot of people around the world, including the people in mainland China, all wore T-shirts with ‘Falun Dafa is Great’ on them, I’d say the vile CCP would really be at a loss for what to do” (“Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles”). I frequently wear this shirt to weddings. Many people have said that this shirt is really beautiful and often ask “Where did you buy it?”

G. The train windows rolled up with just my touch

In the spring of 2006, I took the train to Beijing to obtain some computer supplies for fellow practitioners to use. After I had purchased the supplies, I went to catch the train back home; I had a total of three crates, each weighing over eighty pounds. I carried the crates from the safety tunnel to the platform. I wanted to put my stuff on the train, but before the carriage doors could open, my hands touched the train’s window by accident and it automatically opened (it is worth mentioning that the window was completely sealed shut; it was impossible to open it from the outside). I put a crate through the window onto a seat. Because I’m over five feet eight inches tall so I could easily reach. After I put the other two crates onto the seat as well, I went to get tickets. I didn’t buy seated tickets and had to stand. Luckily, the seat with my crates was an empty seat. A man sitting across from me seemed to have the aura of an officer. We started talking and soon the conversation turned towards truth clarification. I told him that the persecution of Falun Gong was caused by Jiang Zemin out of jealousy and that they also fabricated the Tiananmen self-immolation incident, lying to all of China’s citizens. He said, “I was classmates with Chen Xi Tong, who was also persecuted by Jiang. Jiang is fabricating everything. Jiang is a downright base person.” When I started talking about the CCP’s live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners, he lamentingly said: “The CCP really is doomed. It is willing to commit any wicked act.” He was very convinced.

H. A police captain is saved

One day in 2002 as I sat meditating, I saw a crowd of Chinese police chasing me through a blizzard. As I ran down a slope, I thought that something wasn’t right. I’m a Dafa disciple taught personally by the Lord Buddha of the Universe. How could I fear the CCP’s police? The police were still relentlessly chasing me. I sat on a lotus flower and flew into the sky. Just as they were about to catch me, I thought, “I can’t let them get to me.” With this thought, the lotus flower seat gave off a fiery light like a machine gun, and a large number of police fell. When I went down to have a look, other than a police captain from our city, all the other police had died. As I looked at the pitiful and imploring look on the captain’s face, I knew I had some sort of karmic relationship with him. This was Master giving me a hint to save him. That afternoon I purposefully went to his supermarket and told this story in all sincerity to the police captain. I then told him that he is a sentient being that deserves to be saved; if he stops persecuting Dafa, he will have a good future. He listened very carefully and attentively without interrupting and believed everything I said. Just before I left he said, “Let me escort you out.” When he opened the door, he accidentally knocked over an egg crate next to the door. A whole crate of eggs cracked on the ground, with yolk splattering everywhere. He kept going as if nothing had happened. I didn’t say anything. Just then I felt that a being who knew that he was saved would look at hundreds of millions of gold pieces as if they were dirt. He drove me home in his car all the way to my front step. From then on, whenever the evil CCP police planned a secret operation to persecute Dafa disciples, he would use various means to protect and warn Dafa disciples of what the police were planning. Later, he voluntarily transferred out of the police headquarters, completely ceasing all actions related to persecuting Dafa disciples.

I. Summoning wind and rain

In June of 2004, I had just gotten out of the female detention center after being incarcerated for three years. The weather was mildly hot. There hadn’t been a single drop of rain since spring. The grass and trees were all withered, and the crops had all died from drought. I stood on the balcony and saw that all the grass in the distance had become yellow. Everything looked depressed as if doomsday had come. I felt quite bad inside. I sighed towards the skies: “God, let it rain! The evil CCP is filled with sin, so punish the CCP! Everything else is innocent, give the ground some green and let it rain!” In less than four hours, the wind began to blow and there was indeed a rainstorm. After that event, I more deeply understood Master’s Fa: “Dafa disciples’ Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful.” However, you must have righteous thoughts.

J. My body is filled with little people sitting on lotus flowers

One day when I was meditating, I saw that my entire body was filled with little people, some as small as fingernails. The biggest were only five or six inches. My arms, feet, legs, palms, and fingers all had them. All these little people were meditating just like me. The only difference was they all sat on lotus flower seats. Master said that the human body is a small universe. This time I saw that our small universes have countless beings. The lives that fill the cosmic firmament are really multitudinous. They all meditated with me. Whatever I did, they did. I realized that we must cultivate ourselves well in order to not disappoint the multitudinous beings in our universes.

K. My house is filled with floating lotus flowers

My son’s school once hosted a so-called “singing competition.” My son brought back many songs from school to play at home. Most were evil CCP songs and modern day songs about sentimentality and lust. When I came home from outside and opened the door, I saw bugs, mosquitoes, mayflies, moths, and a variety of other strange black evil insects fly out of the speakers and fill the room. It was difficult to breathe with all these dirty things in the house. My chest felt stuffed, so I quickly told my son “Son, we shouldn’t play these things. Every note is an insect. We should play Dafa music instead.” My son is also a Dafa disciple, and once he heard me say this, he immediately stopped the bad music, and put on Dafa music. As soon as the voices of the world renowned Dafa disciple singers sounded, the entire room immediately changed. Lotus flowers of different sizes and colors filled the entire room. Some were single layered while others were multilayered. All the dirty insects and mosquitoes vanished. Some were trying to hide in the floorboard cracks; they were instantly reduced to ashes. The previously stinky room became fragrant and beautiful. It isn’t hard to understand why so many ordinary people who are ill improve their health so quickly after listening to Dafa music.

L. I kicked out the senior monk with one foot

Once I dreamt that I was walking on a road and a fork in the road suddenly appeared. One was black and the other was a narrow path leading to a monastery. I thought that I might as well go and visit the monks in the monastery; I absentmindedly thought that this place looked familiar. It was as if I had lived here previously, and that it had just been a long time since then. I flew to the top of the monastery and saw the senior monk sitting on the roof. He sat on several lotus flower seats. A group of monks were kneeling on the ground. They tearfully told me, “Ever since you left (I then realized that I was once the presiding monk of the monastery), no one has taken care of us. He (pointing to the senior monk on the roof) came and stole our lotus flower seats. He also frequently insults us.” I looked at those sad monks like children without their mother. My sense of responsibility immediately rose. I reached out towards the senior monk and kicked him. He flipped a few times before falling. There were a total of 37 lotus flower seats; I threw them down one at a time, distributing one to each and every monk. The monk whom I kicked down also knelt down, so I threw the last lotus flower seat to him; he then thanked me tens of thousands of times, continuously kowtowing. All the monks in the monastery uniformly cheered.

M. Being a king in an ancient time

On one occasion, I dreamt that I was carrying a knapsack. The knapsack had scriptures at one end and various flowers, grasses, fruits, and grain seeds at the other. After walking for several thousand miles, I came to a grassland. The land there was barren. Instead of mountains and water, there were only dead trees and strange rocks. Just when I put down my knapsack, I saw a group of people wearing ancient outfits with long Mongolian sleeves and belts. They all looked poor with rude customs and impolite mannerisms. They stole everything in my knapsack, kidnapped me, and took me to a courtyard in one of their residences. Adults and children all curiously came to see me. The courtyard had many houses, and was surrounded by wood. The middle of the courtyard had a few wooden shelves. Among these people, there were some of my present day relatives and friends; however none of them knew who I was. I told them that I wanted to see their King. They told me that there was no King in the area and that they were a group of children with no leader. One of the older people wanted me to stay and become their King. I decided to stay. They looked rather happy having their wish fulfilled. They sang and danced to welcome me. I knew how to do everything, so I taught them everything I knew. They learned how to cook, sew, and plant grains, fruits, and pretty flowers. I also taught them how to write and behave politely. I would teach them anything they didn’t know. I completely changed their lives and removed many of their bad, unhealthy lifestyles and habits. I sincerely treated them kindly, and in return they sincerely called me their King and were very respectful and loving. Not long after my arrival, this barren land became lush, fertile, and covered with crops. The citizens were lively and happy in their work. All areas of the community were thriving. Staying there consumed an entire one of my lifetimes.

N. I will even save ghosts

In His lecture “Teaching the Fa at the Assistants’ Fa Conference in Changchun,” Master said: “It’s because in another dimension, in a place everyday people call ‘the netherworld,’ there are as many lives as in our world. At night when we go to sleep it is daytime over there. When it’s night time for us here, it is daytime for them; when it’s our daytime, it is night time over there. When you’re asleep at night it’s the time for them to come out. Older people used to say, ‘Don’t go out at night!’ They had their reasons. That’s because more of those things are out at night. They rest during our daytime.”

One spring, five of us practitioners went to the countryside to distribute materials. With two in a group, there were two groups of two, so I volunteered to go alone. When it was nearly midnight, I was almost out of materials. As I walked back, I felt as if the sky had started brightening. It wasn’t actually daytime, but it also wasn’t dark. It was just gray. All the stars disappeared. Before long, I came upon a village. Everyone was mourning with their faces down, encircling a huge coffin. I stopped walking and wondered what was wrong. Just as I began to ponder, I suddenly understood. Had I met ghosts in the netherworld? It was barren, and I was a little afraid. I immediately thought of Master’s poem “Benevolent Might”: “A great Arhat walks the earth, Gods and demons fear with awe” (Hong Yin, Translation Version A). I said to the beings: “Regardless of whether you are people or ghosts, I am Master Li Hongzhi’s disciple, and I will save you all. Please repeat ‘Falun Dafa is good; Zhen, Shan, Ren is good!’ With this thought, the scene before my eyes immediately disappeared. The stars became visible once again in the night sky. When I looked again, there was no village, crowd of people, or coffin. There were just three dilapitated houses.

3. Regarding Some Animals
In “Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles,” Master said: “Didn’t I tell you a cultivation story before? I said that there was a Buddhist monk who was preaching from the scriptures in a temple, and he saw two birds perched on the windowsill, unwilling to leave. So he said to them, ‘If you two want to listen to the Buddhist scriptures, reincarnate as human beings and then come and listen.’ The two birds then suddenly took flight, hit a tree trunk outside the temple, and died. (Teacher smiles) Twenty years later, two young men came and wanted to become monks. (Teacher smiles) I am only making a point here. When a being knows he can go to a heavenly kingdom, nothing can compare to that, and he would rather die for it.”

A. A flock of birds chirps at my right ear

For about three months, I heard a flock of birds chirping at my right ear daily except when I was SFRT. As soon as I quietened down, they would start chirping. Although the sound was clear and crisp, it got annoying after a while. Sometimes I thought they were interfering with me, so I wanted to eliminate them with righteous thoughts. However, I tried twice, and it didn’t work; they just continued to chirp. Then I thought, why should I eliminate them? Perhaps they have some karmic relationship with me, perhaps they come from a vast world. Furthermore, they aren’t really even interfering with me; am I not compassionate enough? With these thoughts, I decided to let things happen naturally. After two days, a voice penetrated through my ear to my brain and asked, “Do you think the waterfall birds cultivate better or the forest birds?” I instantly replied, “Of course the waterfall birds cultivate better because they can calmly cultivate even under the perilous waves. That’s really outstanding.” After I replied to the voice, I never heard the birds chirping again. Perhaps the birds chirping at my ear were the forest birds who decided to go back and really cultivate after hearing my words.

B. Nine big roosters collapse

In the winter of 2005, I returned to my hometown. My father owned nine big roosters and wanted to kill a few for me to eat. My mother is also a Dafa disciple, but my father isn’t, so my mother told him not to kill the roosters. My father then decided against killing the roosters, saying that because my mother didn’t want to commit a sin by killing, he wouldn’t either. The two of them then began to argue. When I heard them arguing, I came into the chicken coop and asked the roosters, “Do you want to become sentient beings in my universe? If you do, I will save you today.” As soon as my voice ended, one big rooster collapsed on the spot, falling headfirst into the chicken coop just as if there had been a chicken plague. I took it out of the chicken coop and my father said, “This chicken’s going to die. Just kill it.” Then he killed it. There immediately followed a miracle. The rest of the roosters all collapsed in the chicken coop. Just like that, a flock of lively roosters all fell to the ground. Seeing the ground full of dead chickens, my older sister exclaimed, “Chicken plague! Chicken plague!” My father dragged the other eight roosters out.

C. Eight large Mongolian dogs surround me

In the spring of 2008, I went to the Mongolian region to distribute truth clarification materials. While in the wild, I saw a house standing alone on the grasslands. I thought to myself that I couldn’t leave behind anyone that had karmic relationships with me. The fact that I saw them meant that we had a karmic relationship. I started running towards the house but efore I reached their yard, a pack of big Mongolian dogs rushed towards me. The dogs raised by Mongolian herdsmen are all very large, about as big as a small calf. They are also very intimidating. Even the wild wolves of the grasslands fear them. They can devour a small pig in a few bites. If you drive a car there, the dogs will jump on and start biting the car.

When they surrounded me closely, I wasn’t afraid at the time and thought to myself, “I’m here to save your owners. Don’t bite me. I’m also here to save you as well. Don’t be watchdogs anymore, instead come to my universe to be sentient beings.” After I thought this, seven of the eight dogs retreated, leaving one large dog still facing me. I then told it, “I tried saving you once, but that didn’t work. I’ll give you another chance then.” This dog then also retreated. A year later when I came back, the family told me that once I left, seven of the eight dogs went missing. The other dog just recently died. I thought to myself that once these beings know the truth and have the word of a Dafa disciple, they will go in search of their final resting place.

D. A cat leaves

Once I went to visit a fellow practitioner in the countryside who owned a cat. Master told us that when it comes to animals, we should neither kill nor own them. When we went to do the exercises, this practitioner would put the cat under a bowl. While I was meditating, the cat came out from under the bowl and clung onto one of my arms. I thought to it, “Do you want me to save you? If yes, then I will save you. Come to my universe to be a sentient being.” A while later that practitioner called me and said, “Once you left, the cat went missing.”

E. Locusts have eyes

The cropland in our area was infected with locusts. No one knows where they came from, but they filled the sky in waves. Everywhere they landed—the fields, gardens, crops, trees, flowers, and grass were all wiped out. The evil CCP’s television channel, using a heavy tone of “class struggle,” broadcasted that they would especially put a lot of emphasis on this issue and wage a war of annihilation against the locusts, using the opportunity to promote the followers of the CCP. They racked their brains for large-scale ways to exterminate the locusts. However, the more locusts they exterminated the more there were. Locusts also began inhabiting Dafa disciples’ homes. Instead of using the CCP’s evil methods of extermination, practitioners used Master’s Fa to reach a benevolent resolution with the locusts. How did they reach a benevolent resolution? All matter has Buddha nature. Practitioners said to the locusts, “I am a Dafa cultivator. I wish to save you and reach a benevolent resolution. Please make your own decision.” With this true thought, the next day there was a thick sheet of dead locusts on the ground. Locusts that came afterwards seemed to know what to do and flew away from Dafa disciples’ land. There was an extreme contrast; all land was desolate and barren except the land of Dafa disciples, which was a lush dark green.

4. On the Topic of My Family Members

In “Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan” Master said, “As a result of your having cultivated successfully here in this setting, your family and relatives—as well as your forebears—will benefit. Conversely, the forebears of those who persecute Dafa disciples and interfere with Fa-rectification will be charged with a sin and be sent to hell.”

A. My grandmother says “Please give me a true body”

In 1997, a short period of time after I obtained the Fa, I had a dream one night. I dreamt that my deceased grandmother came back to life. She stood before me and said, “Give me a true body.” I didn’t know what a true body was and casually said, “I don’t have a true body. How could I give you one?” My grandmother said, “My true body is under Master’s Fa image. Just take it out and burn it.” I awoke with a start and jumped out of bed. I turned on the lights, wanting to verify the dream I just had. Then I saw it. Under Master’s picture was a piece of broken glass on top of my grandmother’s photo. I woke up my mother, who is also a practitioner and told her of the dream I just had. She told me to do as my grandmother wished. Thus, my mother and I burned my grandmother’s portrait.

B. My grandfather flies into the heavens while meditating

The second year after I obtained the Fa, I saw a robust yellow cow on a green hilltop. When I was sixty to seventy meters away from the cow, it raised its head to look at me and then immediately fell on the ground and died. Out from the cow’s body flew an image of my grandfather. The cow disappeared, leaving behind only my grandfather. My grandfather was handsome, had thick eyebrows, big eyes, and wore the clothes that he wore when he was younger. He seemed very energetic. He didn’t greet me, and instead began meditating on the grass, with both hands conjoined and an air of true happiness soaking his entire body. I felt that every single one of his cells was soaked in joy, happiness, and peace. As he was meditating with his two hands conjoined in Jieyin (a fixed position when Falun Gong practitioners do the exercises), he began flying directly towards the heavens, disappearing among the clouds. My grandfather had killed many big cows in his lifetime, accumulating enormous karma. Even someone like this was saved by Master and sent to the heavens. No wonder my grandfather was so happy. “One person cultivates, and the entire family benefits.” Elders used to say: “If one attains success, nine tribes would ascend to the heavens.” I cultivate Dafa, so I understood and verified this saying.

C. My fourth grandfather’s eyes regain vision

In the spring of 2003, I went to my hometown to clarify the truth. I went to my fourth grandfather’s home. That year he was in his sixties. He has been a cattle herdsman his entire life. One day, one of his big yellow cows was giving birth to a calf, so my fourth grandfather went to help deliver the calf. However, the cow poked my fourth grandfather’s eyes with its horns, which bled profusely and then became blind. When I saw my grandfather (who had some trouble hearing), I leaned close to his ears and said, “Fourth grandfather, repeat ‘Falun Dafa is good,’ and your eyes will get better.” After a few times he memorized the phrase and began repeating it out loud. He later regained his vision.

D. Don’t do this if you want to be a part of my family

Before my younger brother and his wife got married they opened a karaoke bar. Once, my brother invited me to his karaoke bar for dinner. Ordinary people like showing off, so before I even entered the bar, I saw that the people who were singing and dancing were all possessed by snakes, foxes, and weasels. They had long tails and wore human clothes and hats and looked extremely repulsive and ugly. They deluded and bewitched the humans. Those who didn’t have righteous thoughts and instead had promiscuous conduct were possessed the most tightly. I feared that my brother’s wife would misbehave in this huge dye vat, so I told her very seriously, “If you want to be a part of my family, don’t do this.” My brother is usually very respectful towards me and follows my advice. A few days later he shut down the karaoke bar. Under my guidance, my brother and his wife later both obtained the Fa and became true practitioners.

5. The story of the boat

Willow boat: When I just entered cultivation, I’d always dream of a willow boat. I made it myself but didn’t know how to operate it. I floated into the midst of many willow boats, all withstanding the wind and waves. I realized that this was my personal cultivation period.

The large boat an eon old: I saw a huge boat an eon old, stuck between two large mountains. No one could move the boat. Once I got on board, I felt that I was the owner of this large boat. I used Buddha Law’s divine power to start up the boat, which then immediately moved through the water. Everyone on the boat began thunderously cheering. They were overjoyed.

Princess: I was operating a massive boat named “Princess.” The boat had this name for eons. I sailed it on the endless oceans, unable to see any land. Fierce winds and storms constantly struck the Princess. I wasn’t afraid. I went wherever I saw someone stranded and told them to all come aboard. I sailed the boat everywhere, saving countless people. I came to a place with waters so shallow that the Princess couldn’t cross. However there were many people waiting anxiously on the other side. I wanted to save them, but neither I nor they could cross. As I thought about this, a large row of cars appeared, paving a bridge connecting the people to the Princess. Many people then came aboard. I realized that this was cultivation during the Fa Rectification period and saving sentient beings.

Sitting on the same ship as Master: This ship is so enormous that there is no way to describe it. However big the heavens are was how big this ship was. Master stood extremely solemnly at the head of the ship. Countless people sat on the ship and were extremely happy. The ship began to move, carrying all matter of the heavens and the earth as well as all Dafa disciples. The great Fa ship converged with the cosmos to form an even bigger ship accompanied by countless beings’ cheering and gratitude and heavenly music, flying to the most beautiful place.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/113004

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