Cultivate Together Diligently

Ruo Xi

PureInsight | May 7, 2013

[] Upon returning home one weekend, I found my apartment messy. Instead of going to distribute truth clarification materials in a student complex as planned earlier, I decided to first clean up my home. I started with all the desks and tables as well as the shrine.

In the next morning when I continued to clean the room, my husband began to criticize me saying, I should have spent the time on something more important. I was upset and irrationally argued with him: “I spent so much time on cleaning and was unable to do the things I had planned. How could you treat me like this?”

After he left, I cried and was still thinking about it. Something similar had happened several months ago. At that time, I planned to write an experience sharing article that would summarize my cultivation over the past year. Because time was tight, I had to give up in the end. Following my husband’s suggestions, I spent two entire days cleaning the apartment. However when he returned home, he was still very unhappy.

Now it was time to really calm down and think this over. In order to take care of the family and the apartment, I sacrificed a lot of time that could have been spent on Fa study and truth-clarification. So, why did this lead to such strong and undesirable consequences?

I remember that in one song in Shen Yun 2013 performance. The lyrics were: “be diligent together and cultivate together”. When thinking about my own situation, I realized that I did not have the correct mindset in the past. Both my husband and I are practitioners, thus our family should be a platform for us to cultivate and to improve together. In contrast, both of us had indulged in sentimentality after marriage and we failed to look within when issues came up. As a result, our problems became more and more complicated, causing us to be both mentally and physically exhausted. Also, because I was always thinking of being a good wife, I paid too much attention to his needs which caused me to neglect doing truth clarification work.

At the final stages of Fa-rectification, we need to let go of all our attachments especially to lust, jealousy and competitive mentality. By maintaining a calm and rational mindset, we will be able to handle all sorts of situation well and always put validating the Fa as the top priority.

By doing so we will be able to remain undisturbed by various interferences and advance diligently on the cultivation path.

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