Eradicate Fear and Walk out from Humanness; Assemble as a Whole to Save Sentient Beings

Hui Fang

PureInsight | May 14, 2013

[] This year I am close to 50-year-old and I am a veteran practitioner who obtained the Fa over 10 years ago. After I obtained the Fa, I have benefited both my body and mind. Many kinds of illnesses disappeared without a trace. However, after July 20th, I staggered along the road of cultivation. I underwent many hardships and a lot of mental trauma. Because I was clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings, I was framed by the evil. I’d been illegally kidnapped, falsely sentenced and suffered through persecution in a labor camp. After I was released, my eldest daughter lost her life in a freak car accident. It really was one disaster after another which burdened me to the point where it was difficult to breath.

Due to being persecuted in the labor camp, the scars and fears that were buried deep inside my heart would periodically surface. Anytime I heard that nearby practitioners were either arrested, had their houses’ searched or were disturbed in any kind of way, my attachment of fear would resurface. I seldom interacted or communicated with fellow practitioners. It even got to the point that when other practitioners voluntarily came to visit me for whatever reasons, I would get uncontrollably scared. I stayed hidden in my home and I cultivated solely on my own. After a long period of time, I became indulgent and lacked concentration when studying the Fa. Unable to conjure up righteous thoughts, my attachment of fear became stronger and stronger. I became entangled in trivial family matters, attachment to fame and material benefits as well as sentiment towards my sons and daughters. Basically, I mixed up myself with ordinary people.

Seeing that the elimination of my attachment of fear was long overdue, Master gave me a hint me during my dream. I dreamt that I came to a stretch of open countryside that was parallel to a big river. There I met an old neighbor from my hometown. He was handicapped and lame. His face was ghostly white and he was lying on the ground in a state of unbearable pain. He was trying to commit suicide in the river by drowning. I hastily advanced forward to rescue him, urging him not to do so and at the end, saved his life. At that moment, from the side came four husky guys. Giving no explanation, they picked me up and began to carry me away. I struggled frantically with my arms and legs but to no avail. As they were carrying me further away and as I was facing the matter of life and death, I remembered Dafa. I immediately shouted: “Falun Dafa is good!” After they heard this, they all panicked, shouting “Oh, this is a Falun Gong practitioner!” Then, they put me down and left without a trace.

After I awoke up, I enlightened to the fact that it was merciful Master who was enlightening me through this dream. Master was helping me to let go of the attachment of fear, in order for me to quickly go out and save people. I am a cultivator of Dafa, therefore, I shoulder the task of saving sentient beings and assist Master in the divine mission of Fa Rectification. Yet, I am undetermined and controlled by the attachment of fear. I really am unworthy of Master’s compassionate salvation. The dream was very enlightening. By studying the Fa, I was finally able to locate and unravel the knot. Master said, “Fear can cause one to make mistakes, and fear can cause one to lose a predestined opportunity. Fear is a death trap on a human being's journey toward divinity.” (“Pass the Deadly Test”). “If you don't take action to save sentient beings, you will not have fulfilled your responsibility as a Dafa disciple and your cultivation will amount to nothing, for your becoming a Dafa disciple was not for the sake of your own Consummation. This means that you shoulder a monumental mission.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference”). After studying the Fa and looking inward, I was determined to break the shackles of fear. Thus, I have to use powerful righteous thoughts to eradicate interference and the persecution of evil, as well as use compassionate thoughts to save sentient beings, and I have to use the wisdom obtained from Dafa cultivation to validate Dafa.

From then on, I willingly cooperated with fellow practitioners in the various projects to save people. As long as it’s something fellow practitioners needed, I was there to help. By completely letting go of self and by using various methods to validate the Fa, such as clarifying the truth face-to-face, passing out truth clarification flyers or using the truth- clarification-currency to save predestined people, after some time, the concept of fear was eliminated from my head. Merciful Master saw that I truly wanted to cultivate myself – with a heart of compassion having reached the standard to rescue the world’s people. Thus the attachment of fear was completely disposed of. I truly enlightened to the power of the Fa principle: “When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond” in Hong Yin Volume II). From today on, I will surely be even more diligent in doing the three things well, and I will eventually be worthy of the divine title of Fa Rectification Dafa Disciple.

Thank you Master for guidance and compassionate salvation! Heshi to disciples!

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