Set About Doing Small Things


PureInsight | July 2, 2001

A lady spends all her time studying Fa and practicing the movements; her husband starts to get angry and misunderstands Dafa. A practitioner who loves his family uses all his time studying and promoting the Fa, while neglecting contact with his family members. Harmony and perfection in his family life are gone. A student throws himself into Dafa work, devoting every day to clarifying the truth and letting people know about Falun Dafa by arousing their intuitive knowledge. His neighbour stamps with fury at the disruption in his daily life. Two students used to understand each other and cooperate very well. Now, because of a bit of miscommunication, they cannot get the usual results in their work; a major setback causes suffering for both sides.

Although it seems that instances like these should never have occurred, sometimes they do. We expect people to understand the truth with the use of their good side, but the opposite also happens. We want to advise people in society to be good, but we find that it’s hard to change the people immediately around us. We certainly cannot see the cause and effect behind this matter. It also relates to conflicts and tests that arise during cultivation. But, as practitioners in the process of improving ourselves and helping Teacher rectify the Fa, we should increase our vigilance to see if we have tried our best to do things perfectly. This is a basic point of Dafa.

Teacher told us to practice in accordance with ordinary people’s situations as much as possible. What we want is to become better people while practicing Dafa. So, if we put others in front of ourselves, thinking of others in all respects, then how can we have conflicts arising between looking after others and practicing Dafa?! Only if we walk on the righteous road can every step lead to improvement. Every step can help the great law of the universe (Falun Dafa), which has enabled numerous beings to cultivate successfully to enlightenment, manifest perfectly in the ordinary peoples realm. In this way, people will feel the great essence of Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance). We can have big things in mind, while at the same time setting about doing small things, like thinking more about other people’s feelings. Every minute and second spent, even on others, is the cultivation environment that Master has arranged for us on the level of ordinary people. Only if we set our minds at rest, laying down all notions that are too drastic or too modest, devoting ourselves to everything we do, treating others with goodness while treating ourselves with goodness, can we do our work of promoting Dafa better. Thus can we truly fulfil our responsibilities as Dafa disciples.

This is my personal understanding; please do not hesitate to correct it.

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