Write Down True Insights

Shi Ren

PureInsight | July 2, 2001

The 'Buddha Fa' is the true science! It is the highest-level science. Therefore, the methods by which it manipulates and operates depend on cultivation of xinxing. Actually the simpler the methods the better...

We should tell people what the true science is and point them in the right direction rather than deny science itself. Today, most human beings have lost their true natures and characteristics. When talking about morality one cannot look at them. People desire to live a lucky life, don't they? Then let them know how to get true, eternal luck. Tell them the principles you have enlightened to from the Fa, and make examples...

Face all the warped things; apply our true insight. I feel this kind job is not difficult, one only needs to do it step by step. If Dafa disciples all figure out the importance of 'true insight,' a wonder will happen.

All of human society is reversed. Open any ordinary people’s book, and you will see that all of those realizations are wrong, as they did not mention the essential part. We have the treasure to recognize everything: the 'Buddha Fa.'

Standing at the surface to talk about the surface; staying in distortion to explain the distortion; utilizing science to analyze science; staying in the realm of human beings to explain human beings; things can never be clarified. Everyday people are just everyday people. We, the true cultivators, have the highest science—the “Buddha Fa.” We should expose all the mutations, including all and leaving out none, and reverse them back to their original states. Write down your true insights to help our Teacher rectify the Fa, for the future people and the future cosmos. Be an example.

Actually, this process is not difficult either. Finding a suitable topic is the key point at which to begin; start from one insight or one point.

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