Moving Heaven and Earth: the Battle between Good and Evil

An Overseas Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | August 17, 2013

[] My relative, Yuan Cheng, was persecuted in a northeastern jail for seven years and finally escaped the jail on April 20, 2013. A scene that moved heaven and earth happened in front of the jail doors.

At 4:00 AM that day, Yuan Cheng’s relatives drove and parked in front of the jail door. The evil Chinese Communist Party had built this jail quite large. The two doors were separated for quite some distance. Since they didn’t know from which door Yuan Cheng would come out, they ran back and forth between the two doors. There were many people within the doors. There were many cars from different regions arriving. Yuan Cheng’s older sister did not know who these people were. The police department where Yuan Cheng was held also sent two vehicles with approximately five to six people in an attempt to send Yuan Cheng to a brainwashing camp.

At 6:00 AM, he came out. His sisters hugged him while crying, pulling him to leave before the police. Suddenly, many people surrounded him to protect him. The people pulled apart the two sisters, and took Yuan Cheng away. One sister’s high heel was squeezed off, and his brother stumbled backwards. His sister took his little brothers hand while screaming, “What are you guys doing?” Within a few seconds, Yuan Cheng was quickly dragged into a vehicle, and someone shouted, “We are saving him! You do not need to worry about his food, clothing, and shelter,” then they drove the car away. The police who arrested Yuan Cheng regained his strength and said, “Quickly chase them.” However, their cars were blockaded by a solid wall of layers of people! On the other hand, the car that rescued Yuan Cheng had already escaped without a trace.

The entire process took less than two minutes - efficiently rescuing their fellow practitioner, defeating the evil and touching bystanders and relatives. Yuan Cheng’s sisters had no idea how it had happened because since morning, they had not seen any cars following them. From where did all these cars suddenly come from? What a miracle. On the way back, his sister was moved from the bottom of her heart and shed tears. “How moving! They are even more caring than our sisters and brothers. Rest assured.” His brother was also shocked by the sudden rescue scene. When he realized what was going on, he began shouting, “Good! Good! Freedom!”

At that time, another fellow practitioner (from another city) was also rescued.

During the rescue, there were flowers and firecrackers. The police at the jail wanted to arrest the practitioners, threatening, “Where do you think you are?!” The fellow practitioners calmly responded, “Our loved one has escaped. Can’t we celebrate?” Shouting voices of “Falun Dafa is Good” echoed throughout the jail, shocking police and completely disintegrating the evil elements in other dimensions that persecuted Dafa.

The illegal arrest failed. Police even asked Yuan Cheng’s sister, “What is happening?” His sister responded, “I was going to ask you the same question. If you were not involved, would this happen? We have already booked the restaurant.”

When they returned home, to find the police had arrived, and said, “Tell your little brother to come back. We won’t take him away. We’d arranged a job for him.” His relatives replied, “You think we don’t know what you’re up to? We would never rescue our little brother from a large cell to be put into your small cell. Where could we find him then?”

Approximately 200 people were at the rescue scene. Fellow practitioners came from various regions. Some fellow practitioners stayed there the entire night sending forth righteous thoughts.

It is Master’s compassionate care that prevented Yuan Cheng from being illegally arrested again. Everything Dafa disciples have is given by Master. What Master has given disciples is definitely the best. Escaping from the demon den immediately allows reintegration into the the Fa-rectification current. Is there anything better than this? Master’s compassion can never be repaid. We must be more diligent together, do the three things well, and save more sentient beings.

It was Dafa disciples’ righteous thoughts and actions, cooperation, and strict yet lofty preparations. It was justice defeating the evil, forever leaving behind this splendid and magnificent scene of defeating evil in the cosmos!

I shed tears for the sacred karmic relationship between Master and Dafa disciples created over tens of millions of years, for the endless compassion of us as a body disintegrating evil, for the great glory of us “validating the Fa with Gods on Earth.”

I feel sorrow for those police for committing crimes against Dafa, who until today are still acting as the evil’s scapegoats in this persecution. They are truly the most pitiful people. It is our responsibility to save them.

Let all us Dafa disciples walking on a divine path leave behind miracles in assisting Master in Fa-rectification and validating the Fa.

Finally, let us use “Following Master” in Master’s Hong Ying (III) as mutual encouragement.

Massive, powerful figures,

they gathered for the Great Current

Assuming different social statuses,

and different occupations

Dafa disciples are one body

Following Master in Fa-rectification,

working against sinister tides.



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