A Dream of the Prelude to the Massive Elimination (Two Stories)

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | September 22, 2013


1. Regarding Morning Practice

Today my older sister Chen came over to converse. I was distressed about not being able to wake up early in the mornings to practice the exercises. I said, “Over the years I have developed the habit of not going to sleep until late at night and not waking up early in the mornings. I always sleep for six to seven hours.”

My sister Chen emotionally said, “How many people can obtain the good things Master gives?” Chen has been cultivating with her Third Eye open. She only sleeps approximately four hours a day and is very diligent. Last year in our righteous thoughts group she saw Master transmitting energy to fellow practitioners through a conduit. “When practitioners around the world practice the exercises in the morning, Master gives us so many gems, diamonds and many, many other good things. Did you know that?” Chen motioned with her hands as she said this.

Master said excessive comfort will accumulate karma. In order to cultivate Daoism, people in the past had to find tribulations to endure. However today, we have obtained this golden Dafa. Can we not break through this small tribulation? When Chen said this, I became even more determined to overcome the attachment to self and break through the test of not wanting to wake up in the mornings.

I strengthened my master consciousness. Before sleeping, I lied down on my bed and silently told myself many times, “Sleeping is not good at all. Waking up in the morning and practicing the exercises is best. I will get out of bed as soon as the alarm clock sounds. I will not think about anything else. I will get out of bed.” From that day on, I broke through the problem of not being able to wake up in the mornings, and I persisted in practicing the exercises in the mornings.

2. A Dream of the Prelude to the Massive Elimination

After sending forth righteous thoughts at 6 A.M. on the 23rd morning, I was a bit tired, so I went back to sleep. While in a vaguely conscious state, I was discussing a project with some other practitioners in a higher level room. Holding a few manuscripts, I said, “Look at this article. Sentient beings are anxiously waiting to be saved.” At this time, a male fellow practitioner entered the room and mournfully said, “Many, many people died outside. They are all over the place.”

Several people looked at him with surprise. After he came into the room, I said, “When I sent off my sister, the ground surface sunk and caved in with every step. I was cautioning her to remember to shout the two life-saving sentences at a time of grave danger.” Before I finished my sentence, I heard a loud noise outside. I jerked my head to look and saw all the buildings suddenly collapse. Dust and debris were everywhere. However, there was one tall building still standing in the distance. A telepathic thought came through: that tall building also had Dafa disciples in it.

A fellow practitioner sorrowfully said, “The massive elimination has begun.”

Seeing the terrifying scene outside, I began sobbing loudly. “Master… so many people are now all gone.”

I woke up while crying. I felt that everything in the dream was indeed happening. I was infinitely emotional and could not calm myself for a while. This was all real; it just had not reached the human dimension. Fortunately we still have some time to save people.

At that time, I even more deeply understood what Master said, that we are fighting the old forces for people! Save people! Fellow practitioners, we must race against time to save people before the massive calamity! Time is really tight.




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