Doing the “Three Things” as a Form of Happiness

A Chinese Practitioner

PureInsight | October 11, 2013

[] After reading a fellow practitioner’s article “Forgetting consummation” (, August 10, 2013), I was deeply moved. The article talked about a Taoist cultivator who through the guidance of Taoist immortals, let go of all attachments and consummated. The story tells us a principle: cultivators should not be attached to time or consummation. Cultivators should only focus on cultivating one’s heart and doing things for the sake of others, regarding everything as a form of happiness. A being’s manifestation is apparently this way. Only by reaching this realm of great compassion and selflessness can the standard of a god be satisfied, in which case consummation will then naturally occur.

After thinking it over, I realized that while doing the three things in the past few years, I still subconsciously had a heart of seeking: “I’ve studied the Fa well and have clarified the truth amply. I’ve also done plenty of Dafa work. How come Master keeps talking about the end, and yet it never ends?” Just like that Taoist cultivator, I had strong intentions in doing things. After that Taoist cultivator invested so much of himself in his cultivation, if he still didn’t see the dawn of consummation, wouldn’t he then be in a state of despair? Although, through the guidance of Taoist immortals, he later got rid of the heart of “seeking consummation”; in regards to a cultivator, this kind of seeking – whether intentional or unintentional, is very dangerous. It’s the same when we do the three things. Do we do them with a pure heart? Or, do we intentionally or otherwise think about time or consummation? There is a distance between heaven and earth – just like the difference between humans and gods. It is also very dangerous to think of these things.

Although the principle is understood, human attachments must be thoroughly removed through real effort. Though there is only that little bit of surface matter left, in regards to a cultivator, the distance that it covers maybe actually be as remote as heaven and earth. With such a heart, one may look garish and, by all means, still a human. Only without this human attachment is there purity – only this is a god. What I’ve experienced is this: Once you no longer carry the attachment of “consummation”, your heart will be one of emptiness and peace. No matter what you see, you will not take it seriously. You will be relaxed and joyful.

Master once again said: “It looks to me like the persecution and your validating the Fa amidst it have come to the latter stages. Time is running out, and those of you who haven't done well should think about it” (Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference). My shallow understanding is that we should remove our intermittent human attachments to time and consummation while continuing to do the three things in a merry and relaxed manner, free of seeking and attachments. In other words, besides doing the three things well, we shouldn’t think about anything. We ought to regard doing the three things as our obligation and responsibility. “I am this kind of being and I exhibit myself in this way. Everything I do is for myself and is what I ought to do.” Only this meets the requirement and behaviour of a being of the new universe.

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