Fellow Practitioner, What Can I Do for You?

Shan Xiu

PureInsight | October 11, 2013


It was sometime last summer when I read an experience sharing by a fellow practitioner reflecting upon a local illegal arrest. I was very touched. In these many years, I have frequently been in an isolated state with minimal discussion and interaction with local practitioners, and I only had a very vague awareness of the body as a whole. After reading the article, I was very deeply shocked and moved by the author’s sincere heart to be responsible for, and to uphold the body as a whole, as well as Dafa. At the same time while reflecting upon my own cultivation state, I realized that I am very busy everyday outside of work studying the Fa, practicing the exercises, making materials, clarifying the truth and writing articles. However in reality, I very rarely considered that I was a particle of Dafa or what I could do for the body as a whole.

Once this article was finally published after many twists and turns and repeated editing, I developed a new understanding for the concept of the body as a whole. I thank my fellow practitioner! From then on when I read Zhuan Falun, I had a new realization and understanding of Master’s words, “…of improving your whole self, of elevating your whole self”. Afterwards, I read several experience sharing articles by fellow practitioners about improving as a whole. I realized that I must dissolve into the Fa-validation current of local Dafa disciples as a whole. I first needed to change my notions. Why did I need to find practitioners that I could “get along with” to study the Fa? Was the attachment to self-hidden there? Once I became clear about the problem, I decided to start by taking the initiative to attend group Fa-study at a practitioner’s home, and I began to make needed materials in a more timely fashion to ensure that there would be enough truth clarification materials each week for saving people.

Thinking back about my previous state in attending group Fa-study, I was always passively driven by the number practitioners in attendance. However, this time my mindset changed, and my state of studying the Fa also made a breakthrough. Aside from attending the group Fa-study at one practitioner’s home, I also began attending Fa study with a new group. Thus, I felt that my vision and heart gradually broadened; the capacity of my heart expanded. Also, every time I studied the Fa and communicated with other practitioners, I felt suddenly enlightened. Through candid conversations with fellow practitioners, my attachments to self, being too engrossed, showing off, lust and jealousy were all exposed. I knew that by being exposed, they were also being eliminated.

In the past when I was in my own little circle, I felt that I was performing well in all aspects, especially in clarifying the truth. I would go out every day to distribute materials and clarify the truth face-to-face. As time passed, my experience grew, and the effect was quite good. I would unconsciously become engrossed, even to the point of complacently thinking, “I am really doing quite well. Among the young practitioners, how many are as firm as I am?”

When I picked up my pen to write articles to validate the Fa, sometimes fellow practitioners would read them and suggest different viewpoints. However, I never really took their words to heart and often disagreed with them, continuing to write with my own train of thought. When I saw other fellow practitioners helping to organize lengthy experience sharing articles with scattered content that were written by elderly practitioners, I thought to myself, “Please do not let me have to help organize these kinds of articles; that would waste so much of my time!”

------However, nowadays every time I see busy fellow practitioners, I frequently have the notion, “Fellow practitioner, what can I do for you?” In last year’s two large-scale persecutions, many coordinating and skilled practitioners were illegally jailed. I thought, “Who would take care of their previous jobs?” My mood would become increasingly heavy especially when I thought about the skilled practitioners being persecuted. I was determined to break away from my reliance upon the skilled practitioners, thus, I decide to learn the needed skills, so that I could improve and take some of the responsibility related to computers and other professional skills. Also, I helped the surrounding elderly fellow practitioners solve some practical problems so that other skilled practitioners could have more time to study the Fa and to truly cultivate.

One time, while at a fellow practitioner’s home, one practitioner had a very pained expression on her face during our discussion. It turned out that a coordinating practitioner had left a box of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other truth clarification materials at her house before going out of town. I could feel their pressure, so I decided to take some of the accumulated Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party home. However, when we opened the box, we found that the truth clarification newspapers were overdue, and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party were printed with terrible quality. It seemed as if the ink was running out while printing some of chapters; the words were light and uneven. A practitioner, who has experience printing books, flipped through them and said that the quality was bad and he put the books back. After repeatedly checking and browsing through the books, I thought that the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party were decently printed after all. Most of the chapters were fine, and the covers were packaged quite exquisitely, so I took home twenty copies. I also took home all the overdue truth clarification materials. I meticulously sorted them and then, I inserted them between the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and the brochures. I prepared to take the time to deliver them to predestined people. I would put a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in my bag every day before I went out. While walking on the road, I would ask people walking towards me, “Hello! Have you read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party?” While distributing them, I would always sense people’s longing for the truth. I quickly handed out all twenty copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

Sometimes when my family members, who are also practitioners, brought back other practitioners’ experience sharing articles, I would help edit and organize them. Some practitioners, who live nearby and specialize in writing, so I would send them links to Minghui experience sharing articles that I read so that we could learn from them together. When fellow practitioners’ articles were published, I sincerely felt joy for their cultivation improvement. The call for articles for the tenth Mainland China Dafa Disciple Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference has begun. I found the fellow practitioner who is responsible for organizing the articles from my region and volunteered to help.

In Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference, Master mentions, “Chinese people themselves are aware now that anytime you have Chinese people together, wherever it may be, they’ll fight with each other. Many people from other nationalities wonder why Chinese people don’t have a sense of ‘unity.’ There are in fact profound reasons behind this. The old forces wanted to foul things up intentionally, to foul them up to this extent. And having made such a mess of things, then they’ll see how you cultivate. With your origins being so high, with you representing so many lives, and with your celestial rank at Consummation being so great, they decided to make China into the mess it is today. [Their thinking was,] ‘We will only recognize you if you can cultivate out of a situation like this. If you can’t succeed at cultivating this way, then it means your character is lacking. We only recognize those who succeed in cultivation in such an evil setting.’”

In the past, considering that we are all Dafa disciples, I questioned why local practitioners’ barriers and misunderstandings were so deep. After recently studying Master’s Fa, I developed a new understanding. It was the old forces that created these barriers among fellow practitioners to prevent Dafa disciples from forming an indestructible body as a whole. However, as long as we Dafa disciples have righteous thoughts “of improving your whole self, of elevating your whole self,” do not accept the barriers that the old forces forced upon fellow practitioners and deny the old forces’ plans, we will not let them exploit our loopholes. This is definitely not something to just say; it is crucial to have the mentality of the body as a whole, to consciously be aware that fellow practitioners are a whole body and that only under the body’s collective improvement can one improve oneself faster and play a bigger role in validating the Fa. Through the process of cooperating as a whole body, we must constantly improve, ascend and help other fellow practitioners in order to walk each step in the Fa-validation path with more determination and power.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/120039



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