Eradicating the Evil Brainwashing Camps

A practitioner from Liaoning, China

PureInsight | October 11, 2013

[] On August 23rd and 24th of 2013, successive news of the kidnapping of Dafa disciples arrived from the Shenyang, Dalian, Huludao, Xingcheng, etc., prefectures of Liaoning province. At this time, the kidnapping of Dafa disciples is characterised by kidnapping from one’s home, as well as the illegal searching and confiscation of one’s home.

Half a year ago, news arrived that the evil Masanjia and Huludao forced labor camps were on the verge of collapse. However, the evil in Liaoning had planned in advance to establish in Huludao prefecture, a Liaoning province Dafa disciple brainwashing camp. The practitioners throughout the province then got together to send forth righteous thoughts and eradicate the evil’s plot, extinguishing to the greatest extent all of the evil in other dimensions controlling the 610 office, public security authorities etc., who are persecuting Dafa disciples.

However, the evil is currently still in the process of frantically and illegally kidnapping Dafa disciples. While we were saddened, at the same time we looked within and strengthened our vigor in sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. We simultaneously urged overseas Dafa disciples to strengthen their vigor in making telephone calls to the sentient beings in the Mainland.

Under the pressure of international condemnation, the illegal re-education through labor mechanism established by the wicked communist party in mainland China is currently heading towards collapse. However, the illegal brainwashing camps established by the wicked party in every part of the country still exist as before. In Liaoning, preparations are currently still being made. This type of brainwashing camp is getting more wicked than before. Dafa disciples are arrested in their homes, at their jobs, or even on the street and kidnapped into brainwashing camps to undergo forced brainwashing persecution at will. The methods of the camps are cruel and merciless - all manners of crimes are committed! This is the most evil behavior that exists in the world today. A call on the entire world to denounce and condemn it! It is also suggested that in the future, overseas Dafa disciples publish the evil behavior of the wicked communist party’s wicked brainwashing camps on every major media, thoroughly exposing the evil. A call on all foreign governments to denounce and condemn the evil party and eradicate the brainwashing camps!

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