Dissolve into the One Entity

A Dafa Disciple in Liaoning Province

PureInsight | January 26, 2014

[PureInsight.org] In the past, when studying Master’s Fa to “cooperate as one entity”, I always thought I did okay. I participated in truth clarification projects of Dafa, and I wasn’t a coordinator, so it seemed as if there was no problem for me there. Later on, when running into the matter of accessing the internet on the computer, I was made clear that as Dafa disciples everybody has the problem of letting go of ego and cooperate as a whole.

It was a night when I was taking a fellow practitioner’s computer from the countryside to a fellow practitioner to install some programs. Three technical fellow practitioners tested the computer’s function of accessing the internet while I watched. Since I did not know how to use the computer, I cleansed my dimensional field in the outer room. I felt I was seizing time in cultivation. Consequently, it lasted to 11 o’clock into the night, but they hadn’t succeeded. The three fellow practitioners didn’t know what was wrong. They said the computer was okay to browse the internet, but it wouldn’t. We all went home after that.

A few days later, when I met one of the technical fellow practitioners, she said that night after we left she kept trying to access the internet and succeeded! I looked within: to see why the browsing could not be done while I was there but succeeded once I had left? I searched deeply within going through my words and actions while waiting for the computer in her home. In the other room, they continued to work on the computer. I was a spectator in my heart—there was curiosity, attachment of seeing fun, attachment of being out of the matter, attachment of the problem having nothing to do with me. I cleansed myself. By holding the hand sign, I found what I had to correct—it was selfishness, validating ego, showing off. I didn’t dissolve into the great Fa-rectification event to access the internet using the computer. Without knowing technical things, I should send righteous thoughts and form an indestructible group of particles of four people. It was right to do. Because of my selfishness and failure to cooperate with the entirety, separation substance was formed and was taken advantage of by the old forces.

Master said: “For Dafa disciples as a whole, in the process of validating the Fa, when you work together in concert, the Fa power is great. Whether you're doing things as a group or doing things individually, what you're doing is the same kind of thing, and that's what we mean by one entity. You're all clarifying the truth, sending righteous thoughts, and studying the Fa, so the specifics of the things you're doing are different but the division of roles is orderly, together there's a form, and separated there are particles.”(Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

Master’s Fa awakened me. When compared with Master’s Fa while waiting for the computer, we didn’t form one entity. Should we do the same thing simultaneously, the power of Fa would be great. I was awakened since then that as long as it was Dafa’s event, two present practitioners are an entity, if three practitioners present, they are also an entity, one should let go of ego and cooperate with the one entity! Where is the one entity? It is right beside you, in front of your eyes, in the three things that Master has asked us to do well.

Master’s Fa brought me from self and into the one entity helping me find out a lot of situations where I failed to dissolve into the one entity. For example, sometimes when I went to the group study to read the weekly journal, fellow practitioners were wrapping the truth materials with plastic bags, but I was busy doing what I had planned—browsing the weekly journal and going home when I finished reading. I recalled how selfish I was!

From then on, I tried hard to dissolve into the one entity. When I went to the group to read the weekly journal again, I wrapped the truth materials with fellow practitioners, and read the weekly journal with fellow practitioners. Fellow practitioners read the journal in turn and if it was my turn I would read, if it was my turn to listen, I would listen. When everyone was practicing, I would do the same; when everyone was studying the Fa I would study the Fa too; when everyone was sending righteous thoughts, I would send them too, when everyone was sharing I would take part. Every time, every thought, I would let go of ego and dissolve into the one entity to cooperate and form an indestructible group of particles!

One night, I went to a fellow practitioners’ home. Three practitioners were preparing plastic bags for the truth-clarifying materials. I helped them do so, too. When they prepared to go out to hand out the materials, I said: “I want to go”. But there wasn’t enough material, everyone had only three pamphlets. It was better not go. I said: “It is not a problem of numbers. It is a big thing to cooperate as an entity, so I must go.” Therefore, we four people divided into two groups, with 2 people in each. A fellow practitioner gave me one pamphlet. When she handed out the material, I would send righteous thoughts and when I handed it out she would send righteous thoughts. We sent righteous thoughts while we handed out the truth materials. In other dimensions we took action and in this one we took action, too. When we returned, fellow practitioners read the journals together and nothing was delayed.

Once I formed a particle group with a fellow practitioner to paste flyers made of adhesive stickers in the night. She finished pasting those in her hand and grabbed all the remaining ones from my hand twice to paste, which made me a little bit unhappy. I didn’t paste one piece in the process. When I looked within I understood, isn’t this fellow practitioner helping me let go of the attachment to amount, the attachment to doing, the attachment to emphasizing ego and the attachment to things that can be seen? As long as the effect of what we wanted to achieve as an entity has been achieved, does it matter what kind of specific things you did being the one entity?

One day, I formed a three people particle group with two other fellow practitioners to clarify the truth in a nearby countryside and save people. They walked on foot and I walked or rode my bike for a short distance. From 10am to 5pm we spent seven or eight hours to paste more than 100 Dafa truth adhesive stickers, sent out several truth clarification materials, several sets of Shen Yun DVDs, and helped 17 people to do the three quits from CCP. In the process, a lot of attachments were eliminated.

That day, the weather was sort of hot. One fellow practitioner said: “Buy icy bottle water when passing by a supermarket.” I said: “Let’s go to a fellow practitioner’s home ahead to drink water. Fellow practitioner said: “Better not disturb fellow practitioner.” The benevolent thought of that fellow practitioner reminded me my thought was selfish, without considering the other fellow practitioner and harbouring the attachment of not spending that small amount of money. After realizing this, I disintegrated the selfishness and the attachment for personal interest immediately.

When we three people walked under a bridge we met a ragman. Then one of us clarified the truth to him and the other two people sent righteous thoughts. The effect was sort of good. That person read the nine-character truth words while listening. At this time, one of us clarified the truth while the other two people handed truth materials to him, and he accepted, saying he once studied in school for six years and would read carefully when going back home. However, he insisted he never wore the red scarf. After we left, I guessed this guy was 58 years old, studied for six years in school, so he definitely once wore the red scarf. So I said to fellow practitioners: “This guy definitely had once worn red scarf, he didn't tell us the truth.”

Fellow practitioners turned back immediately and told this guy to quit the CCP young pioneers. After that we looked within to search for the reason why he didn't want to quit at the beginning. It was because we were moved by the phrase that he read the nine characters true words. We changed from one person clarifying the truth, to two people sending righteous thoughts. The evil in other dimensions were given a handle and they controlled this person to refuse to wipe off his beast stamp. Fortunately, fellow practitioners went back to clarify truth again and this person quit from the CCP young pioneers, otherwise, we would lose the chance to save him.

All the way, I saw the vigor of giving, enduring hardships and putting other people ahead of ego from these two fellow practitioners. I realized from my inner heart that when dissolving into the one entity, a pure and kind mind-set were unalterable.

Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/124608



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