Resisting Temptation

A Chinese Dafa disciple

PureInsight | December 8, 2013

[] There was once a physician named He Chun in China. Mr. He became very famous due to his excellent medical skills. One day, a person named Shun Mianzi fell ill and didn’t get well for quite some time. When Mr. Shun learnt of Mr. He, Mr. Shun asked his wife to go and invite Mr. He to come to see him. Mr. He arrived at Mr. Shun’s house, Mr. Shun’s wife approached and led Mr. He to a secret room and said to Mr. He: “My husband’s been ill for a very long period of time, we’ve already sold almost everything to pay for my husband’s medical bills, and there is nothing more we can afford. I am willing to sell my body to you for your treatment on my husband.” Mr. He solemnly replied: “How can you say such words? You don’t have to worry about it too much; I will try my best to take care of your husband. If I accept what you just uttered, I will become a wicked man forever, you will also lose your chastity. Even if nobody criticizes such an act, how can I avoid the punishment from Heaven?” Mr. Shun’s wife was embarrassed and left the room quietly. Mr. He indeed cured Mr. Shun’s illness.

One night, Mr. He had a dream, in the dream, he felt like he was led by a deity to arrive at a public office room. The person in charge said to Mr. He: “I heard you’d cured Mr. Shun, you didn’t want to take advantage on Mr. Shun’s wife; as a result, you will be rewarded. You are going to become a government official, your salary will be 50,000 Yuan.”

Soon afterwards, the Prince of China became ill. The King of China asked Mr. He to come to the Royal Palace to look after the Prince. With just one prescription of medicines, Mr. He cured the Prince’s illness. The King was very pleased and bestowed a very high ranking official position to Mr. He. Indeed, what happened to Mr. He was exactly like what he had dreamt before.

There is a saying in China which goes: “Lust is the primary source of evil.” When one resists the temptations, one will soon be blessed. Right now, the moral standard in China has degenerated so much under the brutal rule of the Chinese Communist regime, it is high time people started to rethink about their morality. If one indulges in hedonism, one can easily be led to commit crimes by the evil Chinese Communist Party. What follows for such an individual will be very terrible.

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