Good and Evil Are Rewarded

A Dafa practitioner

PureInsight | January 26, 2014

[] In ancient times, there was a story about a handsome and refined man named Tien. Many of the maidens in his town wanted to marry him before he passed the imperial exam. He then hid in the temple of Nanshan to immerse in his studies. However, many other maidens living adjacent to the temple hoped to marry him too. He couldn’t resist his sexual impulses, even though he knew that it was inappropriate. All of a sudden, a fairly tiny celestial being appeared in a dream, but later followed him in broad daylight. The celestial being said to him,” You could have borne fruitful karmic rewards, but you had wasted too much time being promiscuous, which resulted in your losing karmic rewards. A god commended I keep an eye on you. The chance of being an imperial censor will not go amiss and half of your descendants’ karmic rewards will remain, if you amend your actions from now on.” The man woke with a startle. He repented his errors and passed the imperial exam, thereby gaining an imperial censor post.

Both good intentions and bad intentions derive from human thoughts. The man in the story is an instance. If he hadn’t been offered a reminder from the celestial being, he and his descendants would have lost any karmic reward.

It is a precious phase that sentient beings are born into, while Dafa is spread widely. With the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) demonization of Falun Dafa, many sentient beings are contaminated. Unable to distinguish the righteous from the evil, they are assisting the CCP in the persecution of Dafa disciples. Those who are imbued with the idea that Falun Dafa is not good will have no future whatsoever. They must amend their thoughts realizing the alternation of the old and new universes taking place.

Dafa disciples will face violent persecution from the CCP without hesitation, and rationally clarify the truth by every means, awakening sentient beings’ righteous thoughts and conscience. Many of them change their evil thoughts, and come to believe in “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance”. They will quit the Communist Party, Communist Youth League, and Young Pioneers, choosing for themselves and their family a bright future. They will be rewarded with rich blessings, whilst misfortune, either man-made or natural, increases in frequency. On the contrary, those who do not change themselves and follow the CCP’s persecuting Dafa disciples, receive retribution. These relative instances are extensively reported on Minghui website.

Precious fellow Chinese, please take a close look at truth materials delivered to you by Dafa Disciples. Whether to choose “Falsehood, Evil, Combat”, or “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance”, is to make a decision. Choose where there is hope and a future for us and our family. Caution! Caution!

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