Retrieving the Best Cultivation State--Clarifying the Truth in Person Well

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland, China

PureInsight | February 21, 2014

[] In 2004, after considering the situation of my household’s material center, I chose to emphasize clarifying the truth in person because it was efficient and saved time. It also felt very smooth; all I had to do was open my mouth and whether or not the person quit the CCP could immediately be seen. Even if we passed out flyers, we did so in person (because at the time there were few material centers and materials). Without showing off, I did not have any sense of fear at that time. As time passed, I became more experienced, and “the factor that would make you afraid will cease to exist” (Essentials for Further Advancement II: “Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)“).Thus I have been clarifying the truth in person to this day.

Later as the material center flourished, and the materials increased, everyone began to distribute flyers in large-scale. Distributing flyers in person became less frequent. As clarifying the truth over the phone emerged, clarifying the truth in person became even less frequent, if not completely being replaced.

As for myself, even though I have been clarifying the truth in person lately, from a quantitative and qualitative perspective, it has very obviously not been as good as it used to be. Recently, through studying Master’s new article Fa Teaching at the 2013 Western U.S. Fa Conference, and reading “There really isn’t long left on the road of Dafa disciples saving sentient beings and fulfilling their missions”, I realized that the Fa-rectification period is truly about to end, but the number and quality of sentient beings that have been saved are still far from Master’s requirements. Thus, we must quickly save as many sentient beings as possible in this limited time. I think the best way to do this is to follow what Master said in What is a Dafa Disciple: “I hope to see you regaining your enthusiasm and getting back to your best cultivation state.”

Following Master’s Fa’s requirements, I think I should get back to the cultivation state of clarifying the truth in person that I had the years after creating my household’s material center. I should not slack and be more diligent. I should increase my efforts and continue clarifying the truth in person well. This time, saving a rapid and highly efficient method of clarifying the truth, is also something Master wants.

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