Master Is Smiling When We Become More Diligent

A Dafa Disciple from China

PureInsight | February 21, 2014

[] In the morning of October 6 of last year, practitioner A unintentionally found five Udumbara flowers on a thin steel bar of a steel web for theft prevention outside the door of his bedroom. He carefully untangled the steel bar that was tied with thin iron wires and took it down. Then he brought it to the ironworkers who made the theft-prevention web and asked them to cut with big pliers the part where the Udumbara flowers were. He prepared to take photos of the flowers.

When the ironworker was cutting it, the fellow practitioner asked the ironworker, “What is this?” The ironworker said, “They are so pretty. I’ve never seen them so I don’t know.” So the fellow practitioner told the ironworkers, “It’s called the Udumbara flower. According to Buddhist scriptures, it blooms every three thousand years and represents the fact that the Holy King Who Turns the Wheel is spreading the Fa and saving people in the human world. You are so fortunate to see these flowers that bloom every three thousand years. Aren’t you happy? To make your future happier, I want to tell you: Falun Dafa is Buddha Fa. Our Master is tirelessly spreading the Fa and saving people in the human world right now, but the CCP suppresses Falun Dafa. Therefore, they will definitely be punished by the heavens. Dafa disciples clarify the truth to you and deliver flyers and DVDs in order to tell you the truth. After letting you understand the truth, you will be exempt from suffering from disasters with the CCP when the heavens start eliminating it. Right now there is the saying, “Quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations to preserve safety.” After hearing this, the ironworker was very excited and kept saying, “This is so good. I’m so lucky. I will quit the youth league and young pioneer.” So he used a nickname to quit.

The next afternoon, when the fellow practitioner passed by this ironworker’s shop, the ironworker invited him to his house. His wife was there too, so he asked the fellow practitioner to clarify the truth to his wife and help her quit the CCP. The fellow practitioner also showed his wife the photos of the Udumbara flowers that he took and clarified the truth to her. After his wife saw and heard, she kept agreeing and said, “I will quit the CCP!” She also made a nickname to quit the youth league and young pioneer. In this way, two predestined people were saved after the Udumbara flowers bloomed on the steel bar.

While taking pictures at the photo place, the fellow practitioner clarified the truth to three predestined people, and these three people all chose a bright future for themselves by using nicknames to quit all the evil CCP organizations that they had joined. They all kept calling the flowers magical and were extremely lucky to see them with their own eyes. The photographer also took photos very carefully. The photos taken were so clear that people could not stop looking at them. The fellow practitioner placed these precious Udumbara flowers in a porcelain cup. He also wrote “Falun Dafa is Good, Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance is Good” on two small pieces of white paper and placed them next to the holy flowers in the cup. He enlightened that Master was using this method to encourage him to continue doing the three things well.

He gave the photos to two practitioners and discussed with them. The fellow practitioners thought that Master was using this method to encourage them to let go of the attachment to self, cultivate well, and take advantage of the limited time to do the three things well and save more people. At the same time fellow practitioners felt the swift passage of time and the urgency of saving people. After this, fellow practitioner A did face-to-face truth clarification, convincing others to quit the CCP and other Fa-verification activities more diligently. Every time he went out to clarify the truth, he could convince more than ten or twenty people to quit.

On November 13 of last year, fellow practitioner A found another ten Udumbara flowers on a piece of fir on the veranda outside his bedroom. He took down the wooden board and carefully carved out the part with the flowers. Again he took them to the photo place to take photos. At that time several predestined people had a view of the holy flowers, and they all felt that it was magical. Through clarifying the truth, they all quit the evil CCP organizations that they had joined. Fellow practitioner A placed the holy flowers in a foam box and also wrote “Falun Dafa is Good, Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance is Good” on a piece of white paper and placed it next to the flowers.

Now the holy flowers from both the steel bar and the fir board are preserved very well. Fellow practitioner A again gave the photos of the holy flowers blooming on the fir board to those two fellow practitioners and discussed with them. There is only a thirty-nine-day difference between the two times finding the holy flowers. The first time was five flowers, and the second time was ten flowers, which was exactly double. This was telling us to do the three things well with even more effort. There should not be slack or relaxation; instead we should only be more diligent. The three fellow practitioners treated the magnificent compassion and encouragement of venerable Master as a strong momentum on the cultivation path that they should keep working hard, keep being diligent, consistently strictly restrict themselves, improve themselves, and sublime themselves according to Dafa; they should cooperate, help each other complete tasks, help each other become better, and do what they should do well according to their own situations. Fellow practitioner A even incorporates clarifying the truth and saving people into his everyday life; there are no holidays or Sundays when it comes to saving people. Regardless of wind or rain, he persists on doing the three things that he is supposed to do well.

Even though the time difference of the Udumbara flowers blooming in the home of fellow practitioner A was not long, the number of flowers that bloomed increased in multiples. This implies that we, as Dafa disciples, should all do well what Dafa disciples should do with multiple efforts, fulfill our own prehistorical oaths, complete well this historical grand responsibility of saving sentient beings and not fail the mission.

On December 5, 2013, a fellow practitioner told fellow practitioner A that there is a fellow practitioner B who cultivates with the celestial eye open and can often see some phenomena from other dimensions. Fellow practitioner B does face-to-face truth clarification very solidly and effectively. She keeps going out to clarify the truth every day and talks very well. Every time she clarifies the truth to people, most people can understand the truth and gain safety through quitting the CCP. One time when she was clarifying the truth, she suddenly saw Master looking at her and smiling. She was moved to tears and enlightened that this was magnanimous Master’s affirmation and encouragement of her truth clarification to save people. Only through working harder and being more diligent can she not let Master down. Since then she restricted herself more strictly and incorporated clarifying the truth, convincing others to quit the CCP and saving people into every aspect of her own life. She clarifies the truth whenever she meets predestined people regardless of the differences in time, location, area, social class or position. She is truly a fellow practitioner who solidly cultivates. Therefore, Master is gratified and smiles when he sees this.

Fellow practitioners enlightened that this is not merely an affirmation of fellow practitioner B but affirmation and encouragement of all disciples who diligently and solidly cultivate. It is to encourage fellow practitioners that in this time period that flies by, we should be more diligent on the path of cultivation and utilize this time well to save all predestined sentient being. Hopefully all Dafa disciples can clarify the truth and save people with depth, good quality and actual results. As disciples we should actively assist Master in rectifying the Fa, verifying the Fa and saving more sentient beings. Let benevolent and magnanimous Master be more gratified and less worried. This is the only wish disciples have.

Fellow practitioners, the two real and touching stories described above happened recently. They let us feel more of venerable Master’s magnificent compassion. Every moment Master is beside us caring for us, being concerned for us, protecting us and encouraging us. We do not have any reason not to do well what we are supposed to do. In the current situation when the time is tight and saving people is urgent, we cannot conform to regular routines but should break ordinary rules and use supernatural abilities to do the three things with even more effort. Fellow practitioner A enlightened that finding five Udumbara flowers the first time and ten flowers the second time clearly tells us to utilize time well, be more diligent, put down human attachments, let go of self and come out to do face-to-face truth clarification to save people and let the number of people saved multiply. The fact that Master is happy and smiling when he sees fellow practitioner B doing face-to-face truth clarification well is not merely an encouragement to her but also an encouragement to the entire body of Dafa disciples. Master scooped us up from hell, cleansed our full body of karma, saved us and offered us the extremely glorious title of “Dafa Disciples of the Fa-Rectification Period.” We cannot use words to express the compassion of venerable Master. Only through listening to Master’s words and doing the three things well can we give Master a little more gratitude and a little less worry. This is our wish. In the last time period, let us pull our strengths together in one concerted effort, form a strong and indestructible body, become more diligent and wish that venerable Master smiles. At the end let us together review the poem from Hong Yin:

I Smile

I smile—
      sentient beings have awakened
I smile—
      Dafa now spreads
I smile—
      the ferryboat has set sail
I smile—
      for sentient beings there is hope

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