Rectifying My Thoughts and Minding My Speech Saves All Beings

PureInsight | August 29, 2014

[] Recently there have been many situations where my thoughts have resulted in matter becoming good or being destroyed, which truly made me experience the strength behind a Dafa disciple’s thoughts and also urged me to be more diligent, to mind my speech and rectify my every thought and notion.

The first time involved a cell phone/MP3 charger:

My wife’s cell phone, my cell phone, the MP3 we use for doing the exercises and P5 all use the same charger. Each day, we use the charger for seven, eight or even over ten hours. One day I suddenly had a thought: “This wouldn’t break the charger, would it?” That night, the charger malfunctioned, and I immediately knew it was due to my thought. After I rectified my mindset, the charger never malfunctioned again.

The second time involved headphones:

A few days ago, I bought my daughter a new pair of headphones. She isn’t very careful with the headphones, so while listening to music, she accidentally tied a knot in the headphone wires. Without thinking, I began scolding her. The next day, the headphones broke where the knot was. At the time, I thought I knew what to do by cutting the headphone wires with scissors and putting them together again. The next day, the headphones broke in another place. I suddenly realized that I was wrong for not looking inwards. Tying a knot wouldn’t break the headphones; it was my bad thoughts that broke the headphones.

The third time was my battery car charger:

I went to help charge my wife’s battery car charger one night when I noticed that my wife had bent the charger wires ninety degrees. I reminded my wife to be careful next time and to take better care of her belongings. She also agreed to be more careful next time. When I went to charge it, it really did malfunction at the point where the wire was bent. Just as I was going to get it fixed, I realized that it was my fault. The true reason for the malfunction was my notion. Once I fixed my notion, the charger worked (I didn’t even have to get it fixed). It was my thought that caused it to malfunction, and it was again my thought that revived it from death.

Everything has a spirit. In the past, a fellow practitioner whose third eye was open told me that everything was living. Even the central processing unit of a computer has a main consciousness. Every tree had a main consciousness. That practitioner could actually interact with them. As a Dafa disciple, one notion can determine life or death for an object. It is the same for sentient beings. Sentient beings attitudes towards Dafa and Dafa disciples determine whether they can be saved. If we look inwards, we will find that often our attitude towards sentient beings determines their attitudes towards us. Whether sentient beings can be saved is directly influenced by our thoughts and notions.

Only by rectifying our thoughts and notions towards Fa-rectification, sentient beings and all matter can we be a qualified Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.

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