Sentient Beings Can Only Be Saved When Our Notions Are Changed

A Dafa disciple in Jinan

PureInsight | April 29, 2015

[] When fellow practitioners were kidnapped by the CCP in China, we commonly first thought about their safety and release, but not the danger facing those who participated in the persecution. “Aren't even those who carry out the persecution, with the exception of the head of the evil, themselves targeted by the persecution?” (Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference

From the perspective of Fa rectification, such thought is selfish, because we are beings created by Dafa, who have been renewed by the fundamental great law of the universe and conformed completely to the standards of the new universe. As beings living for others, we cannot be restrained by the old law principles in the process of validating the Fa and saving sentient beings or ourselves being persecuted by beings of the old universe. What we can only do is to rectify anything that is not righteous and fulfilling what our Master wants. We can help sentient beings (in the police force and the judicial system) who have been pushed to the opposite side of Dafa by the old forces by clarifying the truth to them first. Then they can select their future and break away from the dangerous situation caused by severe crimes of interfering with Fa Rectification and persecuting Dafa disciples. Therefore getting rid of the arrangements of the old forces for the Fa Rectification is the point we should think first. The compassionate and selfless realm in Fa Rectification should be manifested by us.

If we are not thinking correctly from the angle of Fa Rectification, the old forces will continue to interfere by taking advantage of our selfish loop holes and setting many blocks to stop us from saving people. Such notion of us would also unintentionally add a material field to fellow practitioner who is in tribulations and acknowledge in disguised form the arrangements of the old forces, putting fellow practitioners in the position of being persecuted. “The world’s people who fan the flames of persecution are lost lambs” “Dafa disciples are suffering, but who is ruined are sentient beings.” (Hongyin III)

Therefore in my opinion, those personnel in the police and judicial system who persecute Dafa disciples are actually being persecuted themselves. No matter how well our fellow practitioners cooperate with each other and employ righteous lawyers to advocate innocence in the law court, only when we stand on the point of clarifying truth and saving sentient beings, can Dafa’s power be shown in this world, and the sentient beings can feel the compassion of Dafa.

Just as Master said in Touring North America to Teach the Fa, “When Dafa is persecuted, the first thing Dafa disciples should think of is saving sentient beings and how to validate Dafa. Isn't that magnificent? We don't acknowledge this arrangement by the evil one bit, but after all, the persecution has taken place, and after all, the evil has persecuted so many sentient beings. Shouldn't our first thought be how to make good use of time to save them? To treat it as an ordinary human persecution against other human beings, to think with an ordinary human mind, ‘When will they restore our name? When will it end?’--think about it, are these the thoughts a Dafa disciple should have?”

A few years ago, one fellow practitioner in our area was sent to a court trial and we engaged a defense lawyer. Our focus was only to prevent the practitioner from being persecuted. We did not think about saving those sentient beings in the police force and the judicial departments. We should think about the evil beings in other dimensions, who control the action of these sentient beings. At that time many fellow practitioners put their emphasis only on saving that fellow practitioner, and when they sent forth righteous thoughts, they did it only for disintegrating the persecution imposed upon fellow practitioner by the evil, but not for eliminating the evil factors. There were even some fellow practitioners who formed a mentality of confronting, eluding or hating sentient beings in the police force and the judicial departments. Rarely did our fellow practitioners think about how miserable it would be for them - being exploited by the evil to persecute Dafa disciples. Many Dafa disciples went to the outside of the court to send forth righteous thoughts. Because of the impure base point the sentient beings were not saved, fellow practitioner was not protected, and the lawyer was expelled and some fellow practitioners were kidnapped.

I was really bitter about this outcome as I didn’t study the Fa well; I didn’t have the correct starting point and changed my notion in the process of rescuing the fellow practitioner. The rescue was done for the sake of the rescue; we failed to break down together the persecution imposed by the old forces to fellow practitioner, save sentient beings thoroughly from the tribulation and turn a bad thing to a good thing. We didn’t treat people from the police force and judicial departments as sentient beings as the ones truly being persecuted, but thought they were the persecutors. An improper thought only deteriorated our environment of validating the Fa and make these sentient beings committing crime to Dafa. We didn’t think of saving them, and what we held was only hatred but not compassion toward them. How could our attitude disintegrate the persecution and save more sentient beings!

This January several fellow practitioners in our area were put to a court trial and persecuted. I shed tears when I saw the lawyer who defended the Dafa disciples came out from the court which was encircled by so many cops. Here was an everyday person who can withstand the tremendous pressure and did not fear the brutal force and despotic power of the CCP. He had the courage to speak the truth and safeguard legal rights of Falun Gong practitioners. Facing the judges and police officers who were manipulated, he had the courage to speak the facts of Dafa unperturbed. From an ordinary person I realized my lowliness and selfishness. At that moment, the hostility to sentient beings in the police forces and the judicial system, the hatred and antagonism to the evil CCP, all disappeared from me completely. My compassion emerged for these police when looking at them again. If I only look at the surface where human beings exist without getting rid of the evil behind them, the problem cannot be solved fundamentally. The person in the surface will continue to be manipulated to do bad things, consequently ruining more common people, including themselves.

When writing to this point, I feel the responsibility and mission of saving sentient beings are even greater. Dafa disciples who were in charge of the heaven and the earth and descended to this world must fulfill our solemn promises.

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