Adhere to Master’s Requirements and Save More People

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | May 10, 2015

[] The time of cultivation during Fa-rectification period is near the end. In order for all practitioners to succeed and save more people, benevolent Master is enduring the karma for sentient beings to push back the ending time.

Master clearly told us in “Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference “, “Saving people is a Dafa disciple’s responsibility, and you absolutely cannot shirk it! When the old forces really find you unacceptable, you are in danger! That’s because your life, your being, came here for this.”

All of us are in different cultivation states and levels. Therefore, we all demonstrate very different degrees of diligence. Some practitioners put in all their efforts on projects of saving sentient beings; some use some time every day to go to streets to clarify the truth regardless of the weather conditions; some practitioners who do not realize the importance of the responsibilities of Dafa disciples and show relaxation and apathy; there are also some practitioners who are prevented from moving forward by fear and selfishness.

Because the mind is not used on saving people, some practitioners are interfered by the old forces. Some experienced fetal tests; some are tired by family affairs and children; some are bound by careers; and some faced sickness karma and lost lives in a short period of time. Looking at those painful lessons, the regret cannot be expressed in words. Although we deny the interference from the old forces, we are still going on the path arranged by the old forces if we do not adhere to the standards set by Master.

Master tirelessly tells disciples in every lecture that while cultivating ourselves well, we have to do well on the task of saving people. Master said in “Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference “, “Once Master has brought up something, it has to be adhered to.”

Master has said early in September, 2004, “For a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, personal liberation is not the goal of cultivation: when you came, saving sentient beings was your great aspiration, and that is the responsibility and mission history has bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification. Thus great numbers of beings are to be saved by you. Dafa disciples, don’t forsake the magnificent responsibility that has been bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification, and even less should you disappoint those beings, as you are now their only hope for entering the future. For this reason, all Dafa disciples, students both new and veteran, should get to work and begin comprehensively clarifying the truth. This is especially so for the Dafa disciples in mainland China: each must come out and clarify the truth, bringing it to every field and valley, mountain and hill, not omitting a single area where there are people.” (“Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World’s People” from The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

We have to clarify the truth everywhere and not omit a single area. Master has brought up this requirement ten years ago. How much have we achieved?

Master also said in “Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan”, “The intensity of our clarifying the truth should grow only greater and greater, so you mustn’t let up—you absolutely must not. If humankind really experienced something like what the prophecies have described, it would be too late for regret.”

In order to help to apply what we studied, close the gaps among practitioners, and use the little time we have left well, I wrote this article to share with fellow practitioners.

Next, I will share my personal understanding from several aspects:

1. Compare Some Numbers

During mid-December, three fellow practitioners distributed 10 boxes of Minghui 2015 desk calendars. There were 70 in each box so it totaled to 700.

One day, a team of fellow practitioners convinced 19 people to withdraw from CCP and its affiliated organizations in less than an hour and a half.

Several veteran practitioners constantly go to the countryside to clarify the truth regardless of how harsh the weather is. Sometimes they walk for tens of miles. They have never been interrupted. The number of people who are convinced by them to quit CCP is never lower than 120 weekly. The number is also increasing. They convinced 200 people last week.

Let’s say that we have one hundred million practitioners worldwide. If each person convinces one each day, the daily number of people convinced will be one hundred million. However, the reality is disappointing. All practitioners share one Fa and Master has given us unlimited supernatural abilities. However, some practitioners are not fulfilling their oaths. Some are even scared while distributing a little bit of materials while some never convinced anyone to withdraw from CCP.

2. Sense of Responsibility to Save People Shown through Commitment

There is an eighty year old practitioner who goes out to distribute materials and clarify the truth every day without fear or worry. When she encounters people who are rude or refuse to listen, she would always say compassionately, “It is the predestined relationship that allowed us to meet each other. It is your fortune to gain it. You see, I’m over eighty years old but I’m still this strong. This all comes from Falun Dafa. I came out to tell you these words in this cold weather just to let you gain the fortune and avoid tribulations!” Most people will change their attitudes when they truly feel her compassion. They would accept the truth and express appreciation.

This also motivates people around them to eagerly ask for truth-clarification materials. One time, one person asked for four truth-clarification calendars. The practitioner did not have enough at hand so she went back home to grab some more. The practitioner then clarified the truth in depth to her. The lady was very touched. After that, she would heshi to this fellow practitioner every time she saw her.

There is a team of practitioners who work together to put up banners and tape up signs in places at height. Some were hung at eye-catching locations for over a year and the words on them were still in good condition. Some practitioners work hard on sewing the banners and the bags that contain rocks. All members of the team cooperated very well. This year, when they worked on making Minghui calendars, every practitioner contributed a lot. They did not have the time to eat or sleep because they wanted to make sure that more calendars are distributed this year and people living in the countryside can have them as well. The outcome was very good.

When we see every effort that fellow practitioner takes into saving people, we should be reminding ourselves to do well on this last part of cultivation path. We also have to remember that human hearts cannot save people. Only the mindset of Gods can save people. If Dafa disciples maintain strong righteous thoughts, they can reach the mindset of Gods and save people as they wish. Therefore, do not blindly copy other practitioners on the issue of cultivation. We have to save people in accordance with our own cultivation states and walk our own paths. For people who are afraid to go out, they should first study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. They should not do it forcefully. For practitioners who are doing smoothly, they should also maintain righteous thoughts at all times and always remember to ask Master for support. Our safety ensures the salvation of more people and also makes the strongest attacks on evil beings.

Hopefully we will encourage each other to turn Master’s expectations into reality and bring Master the good news as early as possible.

Above is my personal understanding. If there is anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out.

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