We Helped a Foreigner Learn Falun Dafa in China

Xue Lian, a Dafa Disciple in Northeast China

PureInsight | April 29, 2015

[PureInsight.org] In October last year, a foreigner came to visit us. He had never heard of Falun Gong before as he came from a small town. He was a relative to a fellow Dafa practitioner in my home town, and he was brought to my house by that fellow practitioner. That day, when I opened the door and saw a foreigner, I hurriedly asked my husband to come up to welcome the foreign friend. The fellow practitioner had once been sentenced to 9 years in prison just because of his practice of Falun Gong, the fellow practitioner’s family and friends couldn’t understand why he insisted on practicing Falun Gong. Now, this fellow practitioner wanted me to talk about Falun Gong to this foreign relative. I said ok. Just when I was about to talk about Falun Gong, my husband interrupted me and said he’d like to offer his views first. I didn’t feel comfortable for my husband to talk about Falun Gong because he was not a Falun Gong practitioner, I was afraid that my husband could be controlled by those evil forces in other dimensions and might utter something inappropriate about Falun Gong, as a result, it might create a bad impression on the foreigner. So I tried to turn my husband down; however, my husband simply didn’t want to give up, he just insisted on it. The foreigner must have seen the body gestures that my husband and I showed each other while I was busy trying to calm down my husband. The foreigner then asked his accompanying interpreter what was going on, he then laughed loudly once he realized what had happened.

Finally, my husband and I decided to take turn to speak 5 minutes each. I said to my husband: “You can go first now, but remember, this is your time to place yourself in this universe. You will be judged by what you are going to say, all the deities are watching over you now.” To my surprise, my husband’s speech was marvelous. We talked about Falun Gong from different perspectives so we complemented each other very well. Everything is taken care of by Master; there is no need for us to be afraid. After our talks about Falun Gong, the fellow practitioner who had brought the foreigner asked me to show those Udumbara flowers in my bedroom. I took the foreigner to my room and showed him those blossoming flowers on the glass window. The foreigner took out his camera and took many shots at the flowers. Afterwards, this foreigner asked me for some truth clarification documents in his own language, I then printed some from the internet and gave the website address to him.

Later, I learnt that this foreigner started to learn Chinese at the fellow practitioner’s house, he began to utter in Chinese: “Falun Dafa is good, Master Li, please accept me as your disciple, I also want to learn Falun Dafa.” That same day, this foreigner bought some fruits and presented them to the image of Master Li, he said he would continue to learn Falun Dafa after he returned to his country. What a wonderful experience!

Many thanks to Honorable Master for not letting off a single predestined person.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/141191


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