The Changes I Experienced While Reciting the Fa

Shu Lan, a Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | May 19, 2015

[] I am senior Dafa practitioner; I started to practice Falun Dafa back in the year of 1997. Right after I began to cultivate, I was very eager to study Dafa books; I would spend many hours every day studying the Fa. It seemed I could never read enough of the books. However, I noticed that I was having trouble understanding the connotations of the Fa, I couldn’t understand certain nouns; I couldn’t figure out many other things in the Fa. For more than 10 years, I stayed in such a state. My Xinxing had not improved much; my physical condition didn’t really change either. I then found the cause: I was not assimilating to the Fa even though I was spending lots of time reading the Fa.

Later, I came across an article on the Minghui website written by a fellow practitioner. The practitioner said in the article that one would be able to understand the Fa better once one decided to recite the Fa. I said to myself, “Ok, I’d like to try it out.” I picked up the book of “Zhuan Falun” and got ready to start reciting it. Right then, many human notions popped up in my mind, “Hey, I am already an old person; the book is so thick; how can I memorize it?” I became apprehensive. Master saw my wish to memorize the Fa and then gave me some hints to go ahead with reciting the Fa. So I eventually made up my mind to memorize the Fa.

That was early in the year of 2008. I had planned to complete reciting the book of “Zhuan Falun” in about a year. I wanted to recite one paragraph each day. In a few days, I felt it was very tough to recite the Fa. I would forget one sentence after just finished memorizing another one after finishing a paragraph, I’d try to go back, but I couldn’t remember even a single sentence. I said to myself, “Is it really so tough to recite the Fa? How can fellow practitioners recite the Fa then?” Right then, the phrase in “Zhuan Falun”, “It’s hard to endure, but you can endure it. It’s hard to do, but you can do it” came into my mind. I got rid of my fears and continued to recite the Fa. At the end of the year, I finally finished memorizing the entire book of “Zhuan Falun”. I felt so happy, I realized that the process of reciting the Fa was a process where I wholeheartedly immersed myself into the Fa and assimilated to the Fa. I used to read the Fa quite a lot, but I actually didn’t put my heart into it. Accordingly I wasn’t able to absorb the Fa and the Fa didn’t leave me with any impression, so naturally I wasn’t able to assimilate to the Fa. But it was quite a different story when one starts to recite the Fa. If one doesn’t concentrate and calm one’s mind, one won’t be able to recite the Fa.

After I finished reciting the Fa, I found that I would always immediately see my own problems whenever I ran into issues, as the Fa was in my mind all times. I could use the Fa to cleanse my bad human notions and attachments. I also noticed that I could easily calm down when I was doing the exercises or sending forth my righteous thoughts. Sometimes, my primary soul would leave my physical body and I could see the beautiful scenes in other dimensions; my physical body was also changed quite a lot. I then became very energetic; I felt that my whole body was very light when I was walking. I didn’t feel any fatigue when walking 40 or 50 kilometers to the countryside to save more people there, and the number of people that I saved increased as well.

Alongside the book “Zhuan Falun”, I also finished memorizing the books of “Hong Yin”. I have also memorized some of the new articles by Master. I was constantly able to use the Fa to examine myself and look inwards; I also began to understand the deeper meanings in Master’s new articles.

I have already recited the whole book for 7 years; I clearly know it is not my own capability or wisdom that has helped me complete reciting the Fa. It is the power behind the Fa - it is the protection and power from Master that have opened my mind and allowed me to pull through. I have thus laid a solid foundation for doing the “three things” well and to save more sentient beings. From now on, I will work even harder to adjust myself, to purify myself while I continue to recite the Fa, assimilate myself to the Fa so that I can improve my Xinxing continuously, and then do an even better job of clarifying the truth to the public and saving more people


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