What to Sue without "Being Persecuted"?

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | August 14, 2015

[Pureinsight.org] “Not being persecuted" here means Dafa disciples were not detained, brainwashed, sentenced, died, disabled or suffering economic loss. I am in this situation. Then do we have nothing to sue Jiang Zemin? No.

The key of the complaint is the starting point. If it’s based on personal gain, we don’t have to sue because of no apparent loss; if it’s based on saving every Chinese people, we must sue Jiang Zemin.

Our Dafa disciples lose the normal practice environment because Jiang Zemin exploited the evil CCP to persecute Dafa in the past 16 years. We cannot study the Fa and practice with dignity. Dafa disciples have a raw deal, personality humiliated and psychic damage. Even worse, they may have been arrested, sentenced and have their organs harvested at any time. Some people dare not practice Falun Dafa because of CCP's evil suppression, result in serious illness and death. Isn’t it persecution? The most serious problem is the ruthless persecution of Falun Dafa destroys the human conscience and made people commit crimes without scruples. People become crazy in the face of interests by abandoning the universal values. Unscrupulous promiscuity and sultriness ruin the human relations. Isn’t it a serious persecution of the whole country? The persecution of Dafa destroys our judicial justice and ethics and the world's morality declines day by day.

Did Jiang Zemin only destroy Dafa practitioners? He is tying every citizen to the persecution machine and pulling them into hell!

Suing Jiang Zemin is to return justice and get back to the normal human path. It is Buddha’s benevolence. Even some awakening beings are unwilling to lag behind, how can we be spectators by doing nothing?

Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/146370

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