Some Thoughts on Neglecting

A Dafa disciple in mainland

PureInsight | August 14, 2015

[] One day, I was driving home with my wife and kid. Suddenly, I saw a person lying motionless with face down on the road; I was hesitating to turn back as my car was over 200 meters away. My wife was hesitating also. Then I decided to drive back. Several oncoming cars passed by without stopping. That person was an old lady and was trying to stand up. When I tried to get her up, she told me she was not able to. She said she was living with her daughter in a village not far away. I drove to the village and found her family member with the help of some nice villagers. The villagers and her family member all thanked me and returned to the scene with me. At that time, the police had arrived. Then I left since there was nothing else for me to take care of. All people there said thanks to me.

I was very happy on the way back. I told my wife that I made a good decision of going back. I also found a strong attachment----a selfishness of self-protection. People in those cars might have similar attitude. The only difference was I am a Dafa practitioner and know I shouldn’t leave her because of self-protection.

In the Fa study, we know that selfishness is the biggest obstacle to get to the new universe from the old one; all attachments come from selfishness. Under selfishness, we will hang back in face of major Fa- rectification problems due to fear of suffering and personal interest loss. These years, the selfishness made us miss many good opportunities to save beings in all kinds of projects. The Fa-rectification is very closer to the end and time is irretrievable, all beings who don’t understand the truth and quit Chinese Communist Party will face great danger. Shall our Dafa disciples do nothing to save them? The tide of suing Jiang Zemin might be a great opportunity to save beings. Shouldn’t we actively take this opportunity to save more people by overcoming the barriers such as attachments of fear and selfishness? Otherwise those people will lose their lives forever because of our neglecting.

I haven’t got time to tell the truth to the other people. However, I left Dafa disciples’ kindness with them. To truly save them, I hope I still have opportunity to tell them the truth one day.


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