Why an Elder Sister Who Seemed Diligent Left in a Hurry

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | August 14, 2015

[PureInsight.org] Fellow practitioners, please find your fundamental attachment and get rid of it, cultivate truly and solidly and go well on the path arranged by revered Master!

In our county a fellow practitioner had an elder sister who was more than 60 years old who went out to save people every day. For people who refused to quit the Chinese communist party after being clarified the truth by other practitioners, she could persuade them to quit with just a few sentences. Fellow practitioners thought she cultivated very well. Last October, she suddenly passed away. Why did she leave so hurriedly?

Several months before her death, outsiders and family members saw her becoming thinner and thinner every day. She was sent to hospital by family members and the doctor said it was late stage lung cancer. Family members dared not tell her so she didn’t know.

Fellow practitioners cared about the elder sister and asked her why she was so skinny? She answered, “You say I am too thin and my figure is not good, then I will only go out when I have put on some weight.” For many days she didn’t go out to save people, she could still do some household work at home but she wouldn’t go downstairs every day. In the end she not only didn’t recover but also lost the ability to walk.

In the last minutes of her life, she spoke of the real situation with deep regret. She said she ruined herself. It was when she browsed the minghui.net every day producing materials she would stop to play computer games and somehow became obsessed. She played every day and night and even gave up sleep all through the night. According to her family members, this condition lasted for more than 2 years. When she was sleepy, she would sleep for a while beside the computer and then continue to play when she awoke. During daytime she went out with other practitioners and persuaded quite a few people to quit CCP. Some people were reluctant but after she spoke a few words they quit. On the surface, she appeared very diligent but nobody knew what was in her heart. She was controlled by bad beings in other dimensions and she deviated further and further from Dafa’s requirements. She couldn’t eat and became thinner each day. She followed the old force’s way and taken by her attachments she played a negative role in the end.

Fellow practitioners, cultivation is really serious, the old forces are eyeing every person covetously. We cannot make fun of the revered Master’s compassion. Once you slack off, it could be too late to regret. Now we are in the so called high tech era, nearly everyone has a mobile phone and computer. If there was a little carelessness, the old forces would take advantage and it would be hard to break away. We must change from our inner nature and require of ourselves exact commands, don’t slack off and be sure to meet the standard of the Fa, only then can we walk well on the path arranged by revered Master.

Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/145969




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