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A Dafa Disciple in Australia

PureInsight | December 27, 2015

[] I am a Mainland Chinese Dafa disciple who came to Australia in 2010. I have been fortunate enough to have heard Master lecture in person many times. The 2015 West Coast Fa Conference was the fourth time. I truly appreciate the opportunity given by Master and deeply feel happy to be immersed in Master’s enormous compassion. I feel my attachments are quickly eliminated after the conference and after studying the transcribed lecture several times. I understand that Master is cheering his disciples up and telling us to improve fast. We will be home after crossing the final hurdle. Master is waiting for those disciples who can go back home. Master’s Fa makes me see the final goal. The Fa’s simplicity and solemnness hold immeasurable compassion and Master does not want to leave behind any disciple. However, the Fa has its own standards and time waits for no one. For the disciples’ consummation and for saving more sentient beings, Master continues to extend time with tremendous sacrifices. Other practitioners might have different feelings at this conference. I want to talk about my understandings. Please correct me if there is anything inappropriate.

After the 2015 New York Fa Conference, a global lawsuit against Jiang Zemin was launched. I know that this is one step of the Fa-rectification towards ending the human catastrophe and the old universe’s cycle as well as to save more sentient beings. It is also Master’s calling. Without hindering thoughts, I finished my indictment against Jiang Zemin and helped some fellow practitioners with theirs. I started unconsciously paying more attention to the number of lawsuit participants recorded on the Minghui website. When the growing numbers slowed down, my attachment of pursuit arose.

Master has said in Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference about suing the head demon, “Indeed, it should be sued (enthusiastic applause from the disciples); all of humanity should sue it. It has harmed all Chinese people, as well as many people in other regions all over the world. So many people are going to be dragged into Hell because of its lies.” With a hundred million Dafa disciples, there should be at least a few million lawsuit letters. How come there were only hundreds-of-thousands? I had the same bad feeling as the disciple who had raised the question at the conference.

At the Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference, Master said, “Some of our practitioners feel that this is something they really should do, that it’s something Dafa disciples should do. Others believe that if they don’t make their identity public it will be helpful for the things they do. Still others worry that if they make their identity public they might get arrested someday. And some people simply haven’t given it any thought at all. In cultivation not everyone is in the same realm, they have different understandings of things, and of course their thoughts are different.”

Master’s lecture solved my internal problem. I understood that it was a cultivation problem. We should not obsess over the way the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin is going because this is a human mentality. Master’s lecture allowed me to calmly and peacefully eliminate my stubborn thoughts. I suddenly had a magnificent feeling of melting into the Fa because the blockage in my field was gone.

At the Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference, Master said, "The old cosmos has ended and the new one has begun” I was so shocked because it was too fast! It was ending. What is the standard for the different layers of particles in the new universe? Which level’s standard do I meet? How can I continuously assimilate to a higher level of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” which has such vast meanings? I think that after so many rounds of reincarnation, I have come here accompanying the Great Lord based on predestined ties with Master and beings. In these extremely troubled times of the last havoc, I have heard Master’s calling and have boarded the Fa boat. Assisting Master with the Fa-rectification is incredibly prestigious for Dafa disciples. More than a decade of cultivation that was full of adversity has made the impossible possible under Master's compassionate care, allowing me to witness the supernatural power of Dafa. All hardships will turn glorious; all difficulties and barriers are the paving stones which allow one to ascend from humanness to Godhood.

At the conference, Master repeatedly said, "What’s going to become of …", "What are you going to do…” Master’s heavy hammer made me wake up and rectify my cultivation path by looking back calmly at my journey. My insufficiency really shocked me. I never relaxed in my practice after obtaining the Fa, but numerous attachments including complacency, selfishness and comfort had often come out. Those bad things including stubbornness, self-righteousness and ridicule can still appear although I have gotten rid some of them. Doing the three things has become a formality and a mechanized process, done without a strong will to save beings. I always tell other people that it is the biggest crisis without seeing the crisis that I am going through. I immediately adjusted myself and balanced my time according to my priorities. I increased my Fa study because Master said in Zhuan Falun, “It’s that you can’t cultivate up if you don’t know the Law at high levels”.

By changing my mentality, finding my gaps and eliminating my attachments, I am cultivating my thoughts, words and behavior. To embrace selflessness and altruism without any attachments or loopholes, I am improving the quality of doing the three things, especially Fa study. I hope that by being more diligent, I can make Master less uncomfortable and worried as well as give more hope for saving beings. Then I may fulfil my prehistoric vows.

Some practitioners are worried about being unable to consummate. In response to a question regarding donations from corrupt officials, Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference, “Although the money is not ‘clean’, if it’s used for saving people, then would you still say it’s not ‘clean’? That’s different then, isn’t it? And it will eliminate karma for whoever donated it”.

I realize that as a Dafa disciple, we will leave with Master after consummation, and there will not be a second opportunity. We should put all of our time and energy into doing the three things well and resolutely save more people. Then it will be totally different, and Master will eliminate our Karma. The key point is whether one can firmly cultivate in Dafa, trust Master and trust the Fa. Then nothing is impossible.

I repeatedly tell myself, “Do not fail Master’s repeated callings!” Master has extended this opportunity under great pressure. We must cherish it!


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