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PureInsight | January 27, 2016

[] On January 10, 2016, Shen Yun presented its final show at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. Tickets were easily sold out, as people flocked to see the beautiful show. Shen Yun performed four shows in three days in Philadelphia. Audience members were simply amazed by the outstanding performances. Shen Yun’s unique performance of traditional Chinese dance, together with its colorful costumes and the harmonious combination of Western and Eastern music, makes Shen Yun so appealing both to the eyes and ears. The audience can experience the richness and profundity of traditional Chinese culture, while being transported across different dynasties throughout Chinese history. Shen Yun is able to lead people to find their peaceful inner selves and many gain a sense of great hope from seeing the show. The performances in Philadelphia won the praise of numerous Philadelphians.

Officials Praise Shen Yun’s Educational Value

Three teachers watched the final show. They all praised Shen Yun, especially for its educational values.

Janet Colaianni, the director of a children’s Montessori program, said after the show, “I can clearly see compassion and tolerance in the show; such human characteristics are very important in children’s education… such values are exactly what we need to instill into our children, because they will make this world more friendly and peaceful. I am pretty sure young people will become better persons after watching such a show.”

School principal, Linda Stulz said, “Shen Yun can help students learn about China’s ethnic minority groups, its geography and history, as well as its inherited traditions and belief system. I really hope that people can practice their faiths freely in China; that they can practice mediation without being interrupted by the government. Mediation can help people become more friendly and peaceful; it is a beneficial practice to society.”

Retired teacher Vunny Verbit said, “I know that Falun Gong is still being persecuted in mainland China today. I very much appreciate Falun Gong practitioners’ efforts to let the world realize such an ongoing persecution in China. Shen Yun is so beautiful; it helps me learn about China; it lets me know that religious persecution is still continuing even today. I really hope that Shen Yun will one day be able to perform in mainland China. I hope that the situation in China will change.”

Philanthropist: Shen Yun Takes Me to Heaven

Peter Altringer and his wife Susan are philanthropists. The couple routinely donates money to the local La Salle University. Peter runs an automobile cleaning shop and Susan, a Ph.D. graduate, stays at home taking care of the kids. Peter decided to take the whole family to see Shen Yun as a Christmas present and bought top tickets for each of his 10 family members.

After the show, Peter said, “My daughter likes to sing and play piano. My youngest granddaughter is only seven years old and she is also learning to play the violin. The whole family likes Shen Yun’s dancing and music very much. I’ve been to China before; people there seem to care only for material gains. I’ve learnt quite a lot from Shen Yun; things that I didn’t get to see in mainland China. Shen Yun is beyond culture to me. Shen Yun’s artistic style, its music and its dancing programs are very unique. I can’t see such shows in China, because people there only care about external material and they lack any spiritual aspirations.”

While turning the pages of a Shen Yun brochure, Peter continued, “Look, everything in here is about hope; Shen Yun has taken me to Heaven; it fills me with hope for the future. We humans have divinity within ourselves. We know what is good and evil; within our own businesses we treat our customers nicely; we try our best to be good citizens. Maybe one day we will go to Heaven. What Shen Yun delivers is hope. At least I’ve seen it.”

Federal Official: Story Behind Shen Yun is Very Profound

Lance Newby, a government official, brought his wife to watch the final show of Shen Yun. They had a great view of the dancers.

Mr. Newby said he was amazed by the beauty of Shen Yun. He had decided to sit at the very front so that he could clearly see the dancers’ facial expressions.

“The artists’ facial expressions are very rich. I think I can understand what they try to convey; when they are showing struggles on stage, I can clearly see anguish on their faces,” he said.

While experiencing the beauty and grandiose of the show, Mr. Newby was deeply touched by the programs that showed Falun Gong cultivators in China standing firm and never losing faith in heavenly divine beings. In the story, their faith helped them to escape a great catastrophe.

Mr. Newby said, “China is faced with many social and political issues right now. As an American, I may not want to think too much about those issues. Now, while I am sitting there watching the show and appreciating the arts and colors, I start to think quite a lot as a man. I am a veteran; I had spent 34 years in the military to defend our country. So, I am thinking of those who are still struggling for their lives. In this world, there are countries where people are still fighting hard against their governments to live a better life. Due to governments’ oppression, many people in this world can’t live a way of their own choices; this is what I have been thinking throughout the show.”

Mr. Newby also felt very grateful to Shen Yun for its efforts in showing the stories of Falun Gong practitioners fighting against the government’s persecution.

“The story behind Shen Yun is very profound. Shen Yun’s artistic style is also amazing. As I am not very familiar with Chinese cultures, I have to say, I wouldn’t have learnt so much about China if I didn’t come over to see the show.”


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